Season 11 Episode 21

Carter Est Amoureux

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 12, 2005 on NBC

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  • Carter is not giving up

    Oh, that was one very beautiful episode. First the Paris views.. I love the city.. and that ride on the metro in the early hours of morning - it was beautiful. And the way it was done - from little steps to the final moment when Carter, like mad, runs into Kem's apartment and says what we all know he has felt. It was so beautiful.

    Sam and Luka's therapy was fun to watch - those two are just hopeless. And the way Sam only talked and Luka did as she said. It was fun to watch. I am really looking what comes out of those two.
  • a very special episode.

    This was a very special episode to me. I always loved the character luka. He does not talk too much and he does not want to show his feelings and these features make him a very special character because watching such kind of a character is really great. Also in this episode, Carter goes to Paris and sees Kim's mother and finally Carter and Kims reunit. The scenes in Paris were really good and the scene when Carter sees Eiffel Tower was a good one,too. Pratt is a good doctor and i saw that in this episode. With emotional scenes this was a great episode.
  • Carter and Kem are reunited in symbolic Paris.

    I'll focus on the main point of the episode the rendez-vous of Carter and Kem.
    The pain of losing Joshua was still evident between the two and Kem was obviously still struggling with the grief.The writers however balanced the storyline against a beautiful background; that of Paris.Symbolic of Love the scenery fitted the true love between carter and kem and the images of sun rise were magnificent.
    Carter appeared to have given up after no response from Kem and even some harsh words from her mother made no difference.It appeared all was lost until Carter snapped back into focus and rushed to Kem's appartment.
    Carter: I'm not leaving without you and I'm not living without you
    What a line and with a smile for a response it worked.Many say that you grow apart but i believe it is possible to grow together, commitment was all it took.

    Ray, Neela and Abby all made rookie mistakes, i really didn't like Pratt and Morris's responses did they really think they were helping?The i feel like rubbish looks on their faces, everyone makes mistakes give them a break.They will be ready for residency what kills you only makes you stronger.
  • In this episode Dr.Carter reunites with his love Kem in Paris. This is a very special epsode. This episode shows how Dr.Carter feels about Kem ,and what he would do for her.

    I loved this episode every second. I loved the way Dr.Carter,who is played by Noah Wyle, ends up meeting his love Kem, who is played by Thadi Newton, in the love capital of the world, which is Paris. I loved all the scenery in the episode. I love ER because it is not just about medicine,but ER is also about regular people and how their life goes on. ER has the exciting edge towards all the viewers. I wish ER will go on forever, but the show won\'t. ER is loosing a very prestigious character, who is Dr. Joahn Truman Carter, M.D; who is Noah Wyle. I hope this review showed how much I like this TV show. Thank You.