Season 4 Episode 13

Carter's Choice

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 1998 on NBC

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  • Beautiful episode with dilemmas, conclusions and endings

    Maybe most of all, this episode had many conclusions, endings - first the elder lady assault case found its end as they caught the bad guy - he was just a kid. Maybe we will find out why he did what he did but... at least it is over.. and I do not imagine about the reaction most of the staff there had if they heard they have to treat him. It build a perfect ground for very moving and deep dilemma what Carter has to work out. He is human after all... and I do understand Anna too and that he later admitted that what he did - it was just what she wanted - to make him understand what he did.. not because maybe she taught the same.. but because he had to understand that himself and not lie to himself.

    Another conclusion was in Benton and Carla's relationship. That had not had so much attention lately and I thought they are ok but it seems nothing will come out of that and she has moved on. Maybe it is better as I have never enjoyed that storyline and when they drop it - maybe it is better.

    It seemed almost that Carol's and Doug's relationship has found it's end too but Doug has some sense to try to work it out. I am so sad about it as I do enjoyed it.. And I hope they manage to find peace...

    Also Mark's things are not going to best... i was quite sure about it.. as they are just so different.. looking different things.. but I am sorry about her.. I am sure we will find out how the outcome of this will be...
  • Carter gives us a show!

    After many episodes, the disgusting rapist is finally caught and brought to the ER.

    The character's feelings were in everything. How slowly his gurney was moved, the nurses' comentaries and refusals, and finally Carter making decisions to save the life of a man who certainly did not deserve it.

    Noah Wyle was great in this episode. You could see the disgust in his face and the whole speech in the end of the episode, when he tells Anna that he wanted the bastard to die, was so powerful.

    I didn't get Anna in this episode, mad with Carter because he didn't want to save the guy, but I guess she got it in the end. I love Carter and Anna, they have so much chemistry without actually being together.

    Great episode.