Season 1 Episode 5

Chicago Heat

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 1994 on NBC

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  • The Beginning of the Greene Father-Daughter Relationship

    Although "Love's Labor Lost" gets the most attention from season one, "Chicago Heat" is probably one of my favorite episodes. It is the first episode that highlights the relationship between Dr. Greene and his five-year-old daughter, Rachel. The episode really has no flashy, high drama cases, but it packs a lot of heartfelt drama all the same. From Rachel talking to the five-year-old overdose patient to Dr. Ross' final talk with the young girl's father, the episode emotionally delivers. The one scene that makes this episode, however, is the final scene between Dr. Greene and his daughter. Her asking him if he would "fix her" if she were to get sick and his answer will never not get to me. A beautiful moment that comes full circle during his last season.
  • There is never day off in ER...

    This episode had everything we expected but nothing more- not too strong plot nor much action. Just some conclusions and some new cases. Doug is still not over Carol and makes her and his life miserable. Also Doug has to treat a young girl who has serious breathing problems, then it comes out she had cocaine overdose and Doug suspects the father but in the end it comes out that it was the girl who tries to kill herself (if I get that right). Anyway, it looks like promising and continuing case.

    On any other things... there was other cases, other people around but nothing catching. oh, and Lewis sister Chloe who seems to have some problems visited ER and then stole many things from Susan.
  • A great episode, never a dull moment in the ER.

    In this episode Chicago is experiencing an Indian summer. The staff has no air cons=conditioning. It is Mark's day off, but he must cover for another doctor. Mark takes his daughter to work with him.

    Susan's chaotic sister Chloe shows up for the first time. She asks Susan if she can stay with her and takes one of Susan's credit cards.

    Doug deals with a little girl who o.d.'s on her older sisters drugs.

    Tag asks Carol to move in with him. She tells him she needs sometime to think about it.

    Rachel, Marks daughter, questions Dr. Benton about a teen aged boy she saw him working on earlier in the day.

    This was a great episode. Very exciting, a lot going on, It was very touching as well.
  • This is a very hectic episode of ER. Greene has to bring Rachel to work with him, a five year old girl suffers from accidental poisoning, and Lewis' sister shows up.

    While watching this episode, we see Greene's five year old daughter introduced to what her father must deal with on a daily basis: the hectic nature of the ER. It is the hottest day of the month, and Greene has to come in to cover a shift while his wife is out of town. A young girl comes in with heart problems, a boy is shot by a panicky store owner, and Lewis's sister drops by to see her. Rachel is still innocent and is not burdened with the same hardships that the other doctors have to carry. We also see a tradition among the nurses and office staff: betting on what a drunk's blood alcohol level will be.
  • Still growing it's roots

    This is an important episode for Susan, as this is the one that introduces her sister, Chloe. If you ever needed an example of yin and yang, Susan and Chloe would be it.

    Chloe promises to be good, as she begs Susan to let her stay. Famous last words. In that day alone, Chloe steals Susan's credit cards, steals her tv, leaves her fridge open, leaves the stove on, let the cat out of the apartment, and raided the doctors' lounge fridge. And this is before we know of Chloe's real problems, which is coming up in the next few episodes. This sets the stage for upcoming conflict in Susan's life.

    The story line that really stands out to me is Ivan, the liquor store owner. The previous two episodes set up this dramatic conclusion. Previously, on ER, Ivan is shot twice in two different episodes by a young robber. In this episode, a fed up and scared Ivan has bought a gun to protect himself. When his robber returns again, Ivan takes action.

    Problem is, the boy was unarmed, and was running away when Ivan shot him. Benton and the rest of the doctors try their best to save him, but are unsuccessful. What sticks out, is that when they first wheel in the boy, Ivan is almost proud of what he did. He defended himself, and showed his would-be robber that he won't back down.

    Then we see a progression from pride, to worry, to regret and remorse. Carter is suturing a cut on Ivan's head. And Ivan defends himself to Carter, but he's really defending himself, to himself. What would you do? But you start to see where he's second guessing the actions.

    He sees them wheel the boy into an elevator, and he now is worried about the boy. When the boy dies, he's truly remorseful. I love the transition in this episode.

    We also see Rachel used much more than in past episodes. Mark and Rachel are alone while Jennifer is in Milwaukee looking for a new home. Mark is forced to bring Rachel to work because he has no one to look after her. Mark has Rachel visit a six year old girl that overdosed on cocaine.

    During her stay, Rachel sees the GSW patient being worked on in the trauma room. Rachel is starting to see the ugly side of the world. There are some very precious moments in this episode with Rachel, and it makes me miss the Yvonne Zima version of this character.

    The series is still sprouting it's roots. The Mark and Jennifer story line is slowly starting to develop, and the Susan/Chloe story has just begun. We also introduce Linda Farrell in this episode, who will be a big influence on Doug during season one.