Season 13 Episode 11

City of Mercy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on NBC
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Ames takes action that creates tension between Luka and Abby. Teller returns, sending Gates and Ray on a mission. Neela oversees an unusual kidney transplant case. Sam and Ben take a stand when a patient from Mercy Hospital ends up at County. Morris learns the true meaning of Christmas when he plays Santa to a special girl.moreless

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  • Christmas episode

    So, it is Christmas again and everyone is on the mood. Abby is elf and Luka is raindeer and Abby is worried what the whole thing is doing for Luka and them. But they talk it through.

    Those streetkids are back and I most say I have always liked their storyline and this one is very good too. How Gates (surprise) does not respect his promise even when Ray, when he made it did not approved it, was shocked too.

    Neela got really sweet moment with Dubenko and I think she really appriciated the gift and the belief he has on her.

    And Morris. So nice to see one of his kids again and the way she turned that med student down.. Not the best Christmas episode we have had but good enough.moreless
  • A good and emotional episode.

    Best scene: Abby & Luka opening their hearts to each other and Luka telling her: "I wasn't running away from anything. I was running to you." Awwww .... How sweet is that?

    And eventually we get to know a bit more about the time when he left Croatia, which must be about 15 years ago by now. In this scene Luka is mixing up the names of Jasna and Danijela, and my theory on that is that his memory of what happened in Croatia is somehow starting to fade, temporarily at least. At this moment he is opening up his heart to Abby and is caught up in the moment. There is also the recent Curtis Ames issue here, and Luka's mind is probably filled with worry about protecting Abby and Joe from him. So I think that it's only natural for Luka to mix up the names of his Croatian family members.

    I also noticed that when Abby is touching Luka's face in this scene, it mirrors the "One is all we need"-scene in "Bloodline". So sweet!

    Silliest scene: Abby & Luka dressed as elf and reindeer. They look just ridiculous!

    Funniest line: Morris: "I'm going to go with humility this time." Pratt: "Humili- what?" Just hilarious!

    Saddest story: The street kids from "Reason to believe" are coming back and the girl is giving birth to a her baby in an alley.

    Sweet stories/scenes: 1: Sam helping the homeless patient, Lenore, to get back to her family in Indiana.

    2: Neela sending for the crystal meth patient's kids.

    3: Dubenko giving Neela the spectacles. Hmmm... I wonder if there's a hidden meaning behind this gift?moreless
  • Everyone feels a little Christmas cheer when the time is right...

    This episode was extremely touching...and I have to say that I loved the costumes that Luka, Abby, and Morris donned in this episode...feels so Christmas-y and sweet. :)

    I really liked Morris in this episode...well, except for the end, I mean--he saw santa flying in the sky??!! I'm hoping that its just a little corny add-in and not an opening to something like a brain tumour plotline.

    But anyways--Hope decides that chastity is overrated and offers herself to Morris, and he declines? Good job, Morris, you've discovered a previously foreign concept: morality. How does it feel?

    I'm just poking fun. I really love how Morris is developing this season. I appreciate him so much more now than when he first began on the show.

    Also, the story with Dubenko and his sister was very sweet...

    Loved this episode. A few petty things to mention:

    1) McCreamy: Firstly "riiiiight". Secondly "eww".

    2) Did no one sing carols this year? :(

    3) Crenshaw is the only person in existence who can make Christmas cheer feel uncomfortable.moreless
  • It’s Christmas in the ER again. Luka and Abby as Rudolph and his elf, visit pediatrics, while Morris learns the meaning of Christmas when he plays Santa to a special girl.moreless

    Great episode! So much people work on christmas eve! I mean alot!!! And some on christmas!!! I so would not work on those days. How could that girl not know she was pregnant after all this time?? Its not that hard. Finale the homeless kids will be able to live somewhere besides outside in the dirt. Morris is so funny when he plays Santa. Next episode sounds great!!
  • A very tender episode. Nice for a Christmas episode.

    Luka and Abby seem to have a bit of a problem when Abby finds out that Luka might be a little too obsessed with Ames, but the tenderness and care they have for each other relaxes the situation. Very cute scenes for both of them :) Morris turns out to be quite the good guy by refusing Hope's intent to be together with him on Christmas Eve, and apparently that makes him worthy of watching something incredible. Gates and Barnett make teamwork by helping some homeless kids, and one of them is quite familiar. Sam reunites a family for Christmas thanks to her strong character and determination, and Neela does the same for a remorseful father and his kids. This is what Christmas is all about.moreless
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Masam Holden


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Chase Wilmot


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Danielle Larracuente


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Leland Orser

Leland Orser

Dr. Lucien Dubenko

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J. P. Manoux

J. P. Manoux

Dr. Dustin Crenshaw

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Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps

Hope Bobeck

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the second time in the series a character has suspected that Santa Claus was real. The first time was in Season 2's "A Miracle Happens Here," when Nurse Carol Hathaway has a patient who looks like Santa Claus. She later finds he has disappeared and hears Santa's laugh as she looks out the window.

    • Goof: In the fourth act, Luka refers to "Jasna and the kids" dying, but Jasna was the name of Luka's daughter; his wife's name was Danijela.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Morris: Honey, Melia, it is so good to see you. Wh-What are you doing here?
      Melia: I ran away.
      Morris: Why, sweetie?
      Melia: Because of Donald, Mom's new husband. He won't let me celebrate Christmas. He says there's no such thing as Santa.
      Morris: No, he didn't.
      Melia: He says there's no elves, no reindeer, and Christmas is just made up so people will spend money.
      Hope: No, that's crazy.
      Melia: So I decided I would spend the holiday with my real dad. (to Morris) That's you.

    • Morris: Melia? What...? What are you doing here?
      Melia: Daddy.
      Hope: Daddy?
      (Morris walks to Melia and they hug each other)
      Ray: Great. Another one of Morris's petri dish kids.
      Ben: Wait, Morris has kids?
      Ray: Four, that we know of.

    • Frank: You waiting for Weaver?
      Sam: Yeah.
      Morris: Well, don't hit her. She's crippled.

    • Morris: It is like some dorky angel has taken control of my mouth.

    • Ray: (to Gates) If you're making promises you have no intention of keeping, just cut loose, minimize the damage okay.
      Gates: This isn't just about the kids is it?
      Ray: No, it's not.

    • Morris: (To a patient) Hi Leonore, I'm Dr. Morris. I would wish you a Merry Christmas but as an employee of the County, I'm duty bound to respect the seperation of church and state.

    • (Luka and Abby are dressed as Rudolph and his elf, and Luka starts kissing Abby in her neck)
      Abby: (Smiles) Back off, Rudolph.
      Luka: Be nice.
      Abby: You be nice... Or you're not gonna get your special present.
      Luka: What kind of present?
      Abby: Mmm, a slightly naughty one.
      (They start giggling)
      Luka: My favorite kind.

    • Morris: (To himself, on turning down Hope who asked him out) Idiot!... Moron!... Aahhh... (Takes off his hat) She-She was right there! Right there for the fondling, and y-you just let her go! Why!? Why!? (Scratches his head) W-why'd you had to be such a good Christian? Hah... There's no... There's no God, There's no... Christmas. (Looks up and screams) There's no freakin' Santa Claus! (And it starts snowing).

    • Sam: Come on. Everyone deserves a little bit of happiness at Christmas time.

    • Pratt: What's goin' on Morris?
      Morris (Dressed as a Santa) Oh, we did okay Greg.
      Pratt: Just okay? Did we rock the house, or we were closed to patients?
      Morris: No, we just moved people through.
      Pratt: All right, all right. Go ahead, you can gloat now. Tell me all about what a great manager you are: I saved Jerry, I diagnosed DID, yada yada.
      Morris: You know what? I'm going to go with humility this time. (Gives Pratt a tap on his shoulder). For real.
      Pratt: (Pauses and gives him a look) Humili-what?

    • Morris: At the end of the day, it's just us in the mirror. We're the ones who determine our own moral value. And to me, that's what Christmas is all about.

    • Luka: When Jasna and the kids died, I needed to make a change and decided to move here. It made my brother really angry. He said I was a coward, that I was running away. It's only recently I've come to know he was wrong. I wasn't running away from anything, I was running to you. I'll never let anything take this away!

    • Abby: Did I mention how hot you look in antlers? (Luka sighs)

    • (Angrily, explaining to Abby why he threatened Curtis Ames.)
      Luka: I did it because I love you and I love Joe, and I wasn't going to let that a**hole keep threatening us!

    • Neela: (to Ray and Tony) Why don't you either slap each other silly, or kiss now and get it over with.

  • NOTES (2)