Season 13 Episode 11

City of Mercy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • Christmas episode

    So, it is Christmas again and everyone is on the mood. Abby is elf and Luka is raindeer and Abby is worried what the whole thing is doing for Luka and them. But they talk it through.

    Those streetkids are back and I most say I have always liked their storyline and this one is very good too. How Gates (surprise) does not respect his promise even when Ray, when he made it did not approved it, was shocked too.

    Neela got really sweet moment with Dubenko and I think she really appriciated the gift and the belief he has on her.

    And Morris. So nice to see one of his kids again and the way she turned that med student down.. Not the best Christmas episode we have had but good enough.
  • A good and emotional episode.

    Best scene: Abby & Luka opening their hearts to each other and Luka telling her: "I wasn't running away from anything. I was running to you." Awwww .... How sweet is that?
    And eventually we get to know a bit more about the time when he left Croatia, which must be about 15 years ago by now. In this scene Luka is mixing up the names of Jasna and Danijela, and my theory on that is that his memory of what happened in Croatia is somehow starting to fade, temporarily at least. At this moment he is opening up his heart to Abby and is caught up in the moment. There is also the recent Curtis Ames issue here, and Luka's mind is probably filled with worry about protecting Abby and Joe from him. So I think that it's only natural for Luka to mix up the names of his Croatian family members.
    I also noticed that when Abby is touching Luka's face in this scene, it mirrors the "One is all we need"-scene in "Bloodline". So sweet!
    Silliest scene: Abby & Luka dressed as elf and reindeer. They look just ridiculous!
    Funniest line: Morris: "I'm going to go with humility this time." Pratt: "Humili- what?" Just hilarious!
    Saddest story: The street kids from "Reason to believe" are coming back and the girl is giving birth to a her baby in an alley.
    Sweet stories/scenes: 1: Sam helping the homeless patient, Lenore, to get back to her family in Indiana.
    2: Neela sending for the crystal meth patient's kids.
    3: Dubenko giving Neela the spectacles. Hmmm... I wonder if there's a hidden meaning behind this gift?
  • Everyone feels a little Christmas cheer when the time is right...

    This episode was extremely touching...and I have to say that I loved the costumes that Luka, Abby, and Morris donned in this episode...feels so Christmas-y and sweet. :)

    I really liked Morris in this episode...well, except for the end, I mean--he saw santa flying in the sky??!! I'm hoping that its just a little corny add-in and not an opening to something like a brain tumour plotline.

    But anyways--Hope decides that chastity is overrated and offers herself to Morris, and he declines? Good job, Morris, you've discovered a previously foreign concept: morality. How does it feel?

    I'm just poking fun. I really love how Morris is developing this season. I appreciate him so much more now than when he first began on the show.

    Also, the story with Dubenko and his sister was very sweet...

    Loved this episode. A few petty things to mention:
    1) McCreamy: Firstly "riiiiight". Secondly "eww".
    2) Did no one sing carols this year? :(
    3) Crenshaw is the only person in existence who can make Christmas cheer feel uncomfortable.
  • It’s Christmas in the ER again. Luka and Abby as Rudolph and his elf, visit pediatrics, while Morris learns the meaning of Christmas when he plays Santa to a special girl.

    Great episode! So much people work on christmas eve! I mean alot!!! And some on christmas!!! I so would not work on those days. How could that girl not know she was pregnant after all this time?? Its not that hard. Finale the homeless kids will be able to live somewhere besides outside in the dirt. Morris is so funny when he plays Santa. Next episode sounds great!!
  • A very tender episode. Nice for a Christmas episode.

    Luka and Abby seem to have a bit of a problem when Abby finds out that Luka might be a little too obsessed with Ames, but the tenderness and care they have for each other relaxes the situation. Very cute scenes for both of them :) Morris turns out to be quite the good guy by refusing Hope's intent to be together with him on Christmas Eve, and apparently that makes him worthy of watching something incredible. Gates and Barnett make teamwork by helping some homeless kids, and one of them is quite familiar. Sam reunites a family for Christmas thanks to her strong character and determination, and Neela does the same for a remorseful father and his kids. This is what Christmas is all about.
  • Abby as an Elf and Luka in antlers ..classic christmas episode.

    When Abby and Luka entered the ER wearing costumes I was laughing along side was so funny and yeah she should have gotten her camera! The cop walking in on Abby and Luka making out was almost funny until we realised why he was there.
    Ames putting a restraining order on Luka was a sign of things to come..this was not over and Abby still had no real idea what was transpiring between Luka & Ames.
    The heartfelt confession from Luka to Abby that upon reflection he realised that he was was not running away from things in Croatia...that he was infact running towards something...her...was emotional and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.
    Oh and Morris playing santa daddy was so nice and showed us some more growth on his part.
    It was nice to end the episode with a lovely montage a little bit different from last years ending!
  • Another priceless ER Christmas...

    This episode was another one of those classic ER Christmas episodes that we traditionally see every year...but this episode was different than all the past ER episodes, City of Mercy was a very heart-warming episode, that truthfully, put me in the Christmas spirit. I found that the beginning of the episode was a bit uneventful, but by the second half of the episode, we saw the woman who had been left on the street, with no where to go. The very last minutes of the episode nearly brought my to tears, when they show the homeless women from Mercy being driven to her parent's home. With the final moments of the show, it also warmed my heart with Morris dressing up as Santa with his daughter. All in all, a very well written, and classic holiday episode.
  • Abby and Luka hit another bump in the road after she discovers he threatened Ames. Gates and Ray together to save a group of kids. Sam stands up for a patient.

    I liked the writing of this episode. The characters really did an amazing job portraying what was necessary.

    Luka/Abby had once again reached a crossroads but they recovered nicely. I understood Abby's frustration with Luka but I disliked how quickly she let his threat go in the end. It was a simple kiss and make up situation whereas I found his death threat to be more prominent than she made it out to be in the end. I guess her forgiving him was to progess the story and for them to work past their problems but the Ames story is not over yet as far as I am concerned and this will come back to effect both Luka and Abby.

    I <b>really</b> enjoyed Ray in this episode. He finally got the screentime he deserves as a regular. He presented himself as not just a rocker or immature resident but a doctor with morals and something to teach others. And he did just that with Gates. He helped Gates as well as the children and taught Gates something along the way. It wasn't just about keeping one's word but about being committed to one's actions and responsibility as an individual. Gates lied and tricked the children in order to get the end he desired and Ray offered a look at reality that Gates wasn't willing accept.

    I appreciate Ray's role in this episode, though many feel he doesn't make a considerable contribution to the show, I think when he is given the time he makes incredible use of it and does more than we wish to credit him for. He is wonderful with his nuances and expressions and gives a lot of emotion away with them which is difficult as an actor, from my perspective as a viewer. I also have to say how much I enjoyed Ray telling Gates that if he wasn't going to keep the promises he made then he should cut loose and minimize the damage. This was a direct reference to Gates' relationship to Neela and the fact that he is not being entirely truthful or committed to her. This showed how much Ray really does care and therefore isn't just another doctor but will hopefully be developed into an important part of the show which I believe he has the potential to be.
  • Christmas in the ER. Santa really does exsist!

    I'm a sucker for a Christmas episode of any show, but this was a great one. Morris totally surprised me, I'm liking where his character is going. Luka and Abby were so cute together. I really like Neela with, Dubenko. I think Tony was just a fling, and lust, and Ray may still be a little immature. Loved how Sam stood up for the homeless lady, and like her interest in Ben, though I'm still not sure I trust him. What was up with Crenshaw? It's like holidays make him happy, but every other day he's the grumpiest man on earth. Loved the end song. I love Christmas songs. And finally, Santa Does exist! Morris saw him, and that makes it true.
  • Didn't stand out to me.

    I wasn't really looking forward to this one seeming how I knew in advance Kerry wasn't in it. But the opening scene with Luka and Abby dressed up like an elf and reindeer really made me think twice about liking it. It made me laugh. The hope/morris thing is confusing me. Are they, aren't they? So I am not as interested in that as I could be. I feel like they are making it too obvious that Luka and Abby is the good couple. The ones that will live happily ever after. But on the other end it is irritating to watch Neela struggle with two losers. Well, they make each other look like losers. If one stepped back the other would shine. Someone needs to decide. If Neela doesn't they will. And I am not sure how.
  • Abby and Luka celebrate Christmas. After Ray and Gates nearly come to blows in the ER, they go and save a homeless lady who is giving birth. Morris is asked out by Hope and he declines.

    This episode was not one of the best. Comparing it to other Christmas episodes it was probably 13 out of 13. Neela, Gates, and Ray do not have the ability to carry an episode. The homeless boy storyline was weak and redundant. The only bright spot was Scott Grimes (Morris) who continues to improve each week. The guy is hilarious!
  • The heart and soul of this series comes through in this episode...

    While many may say this episode was a bit of a cliche, I would go so far as to say they'd be wrong. The story lines might have come around a time or two, either on this show or another, but the people behind this show really know how to spin it, thus making me want to tune in every time. This episode was no different and I wasn't disappointed.

    I see great things happening with Neela as a surgeon. To have the support of one of the most respected ones on staff is big kudos. And I thought the way Dubenko shared his opinion with her was cool.

    I thought Sam's story line on this episode was great, as usual. Been done, but it's real. I think it was necesary in this holiday episode. I am very excited about where she is going on this show. She's been through a lot and she is our next good girl that you wanna root for all the way, through the good times and the bad. The last good girl I rooted for on ER was Abby and I wasn't wrong there. Sam's got grit and spunk. She's got a great personality and there's a lot of depth to her. I really did like her with Luka and was sad to see that end, but on the other hand I have always thought...

    ...that the chemistry he shared with Abby was strong and I'm glad to see that it turned out to be the right story for them. I don't think I'm too far off track by saying that they are right where they need to be. Through thick and through thin, I hope the powers that be keep going in this direction. I also hope this does not signify any departures by these two any time soon. Any time we get something going with our favorite cast members, they go bye-bye. Nu-uh. No way. This show would not be the same without these two talented actors!
    Now that I've got my opinion on LUBY out there, lemme talk about this episode. They were very cute. I thought it was very moving when Luka told her that he loved her and Joe and wasn't going to let anything happen to them. Later, I was confused about the slip with his deceased wife's name, but didn't dwell on it too much, as other people have. Big goof that should have been caught, but I cannot see them fitting that into a story line later on and making it into an emotional thing for Luka. Throughout his years on the show, his character has gone through some tough times whenever the subject comes up, but it hasn't been a driving force, by any means. So I just can't see that happening. The end sequence while Sarah's song, "River", was playing was a very emotional one. I thought Abby was so cute in her little Santa lingerie. Although their bit (scene) was so small as to be a bit, it touched me. love love love those two!

    Ah, Gates. I do like him. His tough boy thing can be a bit strong at times, like in this episode. But I think he's going to go far in this show, given half a chance. Go, Gates!

    Morris was too funny on this episode. I see him growing and possibly maturing. We've been given peeks here and there and I am excited about the many possibilities for his character. I think he's a real good guy. Geeky, but one of the good ones.
  • I haven't had a lot of holiday spirit where I am right now but seeing how these wacky people spend the holidays is just what I need!

    It seems like everyone got a thing for Neela, I mean just about everyone seems to be dying to get in bed with her! I mean yes she is very acttrvie. Gates I don't know I really don't like he style. The guy is a stud yes but his style isn't so hot. The action between Morris and all of his "kids" Its cute. I know he kicking himself for not taking Hope up but it shows he is growing as a person. Luka and Abby very cool. The homeless kids did more then a number on the show they did quite a number in my head last night! I love this and can't wait for more!
  • Christmas Time...

    well I guess that they have had Christmas episodes of ER in the past but I have not seen any of them. This is my first one. luka finds out that Curtis Aimes has filed a restraining order against him. Gates That other guy have to deliver a baby in an alley at the request of that homeless kid, Teller. All the people that were on the streets that tellar knew went to a group home. morris sees that santa Clause is real...I think. I don't know about you guys but I think that the Holiday episodes are always good unless you count the smallville one when lex luthor got shot, Sucker.
  • Another Christmas in the ER! Luka, Abby & Joe spend their first family Christmas together, while everyone else but Pratt & Weaver hold down the ER on Christmas. Gates & Ray deliver the Christmas baby. Sam does a good deed & Morris finds S

    I loved this Christmas episode, although last year's music & end shocker was hard to beat! My rating is solely based on LUBY! Although very little time was given to them, the few scenes were the most poignant and heartfelt of the entire episode. Despite the confusing name jumble, which was def. distracting, GV & MT are amazing & I just love this couple! After 13 years of ER & several of Luka & Abby & the distractions along the way, we are finally getting what we wanted! Keep it coming!

    Gates-- I've always liked JS & I'm glad to see him successfully back on primetime, but not really connecting to the Neela union. He's interesting though. Saw a different, more ruthless side of him in how he handled the homeless kids but the caring side still prevailed.

    Ray-- too distracted by the new facial hair. He's usually one of my fave characters, but didn't enjoy him this week. And can't stand him with the skanky intern!

    Neela-- trying to bond with fellow surgeons at the party was entertaining, especially her great mentor/student chemistry with Dubenko. Ending alluded to something building for this character.

    Sam-- I like her, but don't have much of a stake in her character. She's tough though which gives her great potential. Even though it's been done, I was touched by her helping the homeless woman. Glad to see her with a love prospect, maybe it'll turn out something interesting.

    Morris-- still too funny. His Santa thing was cute & I enjoyed the ending. Loved the Sarah McLachlan song at the end, it was perfect. Can't wait until January!
  • Umm.....can we all spell the word C-L-I-C-H-E??

    The opening scene with Abby and Luka in elf/reindeer get up and dead pan faces was hysterical and got the Christmas epi off to a nice start. Abby lobbing a cookie at Ray for calling her a 'dwarf' was inspired. The Luby scene in the lounge was yummy....and long awaited. Luka's later revelation of his 'running away' from Croatia actually being a means of 'running toward her' was sweet. Could have had more with Joe though. Morris encountering and administering to the needs of his sperm donation daughter was very sweet and mostly enjoyable. Dubenko's bits revealing his relationship with his sister was very nice. The rest of this ding dang episode was SO chock full of cliches and 'been there done that' moments. Neela brings in the estranged children of an accident victim?...the homeless kids have a baby (just so there can be a baby for the Christmas show??? Come on people...we have JOE!).....Sam forcing Mercy to reunite a homeless woman with her estranged parents? (took too much time from the Luby IMO). Katey and her sexual innuendos? YUCK. "McCreamy"??? Double yuck! Give it up, ER. The press inspired competition between Grey's Anatomy and you doesn't need to be alluded to....especially when it's not funny. Overall this epi was disappointing. Not nearly as much fun as last year's holiday show.....which had me chomping at the bit till the new epis started four weeks later. I missed Haleh tonight....and her holiday songs. I missed Pratt. I missed Kerry. I even missed Alex. And WHAT is with the hair??? Linda Cardinelli's bangs have GOT to GO! Ray and Gates are gonna be playing dueling facial hair? And as much as I hate to say it, Gates is winning...eeeewww. And why does he have his eyes half closed most of the time?? He looks sleep deprived and a little drugged. Sigh. I am also a little worried about the scripted slip of Luka referring to his lost family as 'Jasna and the kids'. That was a HUGE mistake. His wife, Danijela, has been the core of several Luka centric episodes over the years. I cannot believe the producers, writers AND actors would have allowed this to slip by....unless it's an indication of something deeper looming for Luka's emotional state of mind??? Oh....the drama.........