Season 14 Episode 8

Coming Home

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Abby and Luka

    Seeing Abby struggling with her drinking was hard to watch but the storyline was awesome writing by the writers it brought Abby and Luka closer together.

  • what aload of old s**t

    tuned in this week in the hope that we would get to see more of the excellent stanley tucci and just when his character was getting more interesting he ends up leaving, so the yawn yawn storyline of abbey and kovac can continue what was the point of that when he is leaving the show after this season for good. morreti and abbey would of been alot more interesting we have seen abbey and kovac before its just so boring and know the old alcoholic story is resurfacing... and gates???? who actually likes him or neela do the producers know that no one gives a s**t if anyone is going to leave or be killed of it should of been them instead the best actor for a while on e.r has left( stanley tucci) so were left with gates, pratt, neela, ginger one there all awful and know kovac will be coming in and out till they kill him off.BRING BACK MORRETI
  • Luka is back...

    Luka is back and to be honest - to see him again, it was the best moment of this episode. It did gave hope that things get better and maybe we will get Abby back but no.. The camerwork of this episode was good. I loved those final shots and the composition of those scenes - they just stress the message and the irony so much.

    And the boy Neela is teaching - he was a pearl of this episode. Ok, first the suit thing.. and Morris taking care of him but more the decision he made - to stay and watching how the kid is doing
  • Luka is back and Abby is ruining her life!

    What is Abyy doing? She's going back to be a drunk again!??! She is ruining her career and especially her marriage. Common, she cheated Luka with Moretti?? He's ugly and annoying! He's Mussolini, nobody changes the prince of croacia for a dictator! Okay, she was drunk!
    Luka is back!! I missed him!! I hope he doesn't leave the show (I hate spoilers, otherwise I could know what happen because I'm late in relation to US schedule ^^)
    Harold is cute (not handsome cute, just nice cute - did it make sense??). I love the students, they're always the best characters!
    Tony/Sarah/the-woman-i-don't-remember-the-name thing was okay, nothing more!
    Morris and Harold = funny! Moretti...this guy must go! He is a version of Romano when he has a crush on Lizzie + daddy issues! I guess I just insulted Romano's memory! Sorry!
  • Luka is back from Croatia and things get awkward for Abby.

    Best story: Poor Abby has a difficult day after having been at home for a few days. First she's facing Moretti, and then Luka turns up at the ER. Understandibly, she can't focus on her work, and at the end of the day we find her crying bitterly in Joe's room after having spilled out her drink of vodka on the floor. A part of me is disappointed with her for letting things go this far. At the same time I feel so sad for her and I really hope things will work out alright for her and Luka eventually. It's nice to see that Neela is worried about Abby. It seemed to me that Neela feels there is something important Abby doesn't tell her. I hope their friendship will last.

    Welcome back: Luka returns, at last, bearing gifts ('licitar' for Abby among other things), and has brought his 'brat Niko' with him from Croatia. Poor Luka, he doesn't know what's been going on in his absence.

    Funniest story: The British cheese rollers and Morris' Solomonic wisdom.

    Best line: Mr Faneca: "You can't unring a bell."

    Good guy: Harold is doing well in this episode. He "saves the day" for the young patient, Marcus Faneca, and instead of going to the prom he stays on at work to keep the boy's father company during the operation.

    Bad guy: Moretti is off to see his son. It seemed to me that he, very conveniently for himself, after having taken advantage of Abby in last week's episode, used his son's problem as an excuse to get out of the situation. Shame on you, Kevin!

    Possible career change(?): Sam is on OR duty, "for intubation experience", she says, but I wonder. Is she's thinking about leaving the ER?

    Laura Innes was directing this episode! And brilliantly so! Yay!!!
  • Abby finally gets to see Luka but she is just so distracted.....

    I'm so glad Luka is back, I just want moretti to leave hopefully now that he left that Abby can actually concentrate on her life and just move on. I really hope she doesn't tell luka what happened he'll be completely destroyed after what they have gone through. The whole gates and sarah thing didn't really catch my attention. As for the cheese thing haha that was funny. Poor neela she shouldn't quit on abby! All my attention right now is just set on Abby's situation. I can't wait for next week's episode! I hope it can get better for abby and luka. This is the reason why I watch the show...
  • Luka comes back and surprises Abby.

    This was one of Maura Tierney's best episodes, the scene when Abby is in Joe's room and spills her soda and vodca, and is trying to clean it up was amazing. It was like she is trying to clean up the mess she made with the soda and she is trying to clean up the mess she made with the Moretti. Morris had the comedy role in this episode, with the cheeze rollers, the best line was, "I am the keeper of the cheeze!" Neela knows there is something up with Abby but is not sure cause she has never seen her like this.
  • Dr. Kovac returns and Abby is slipping away.

    Another great installment of ER finally after 2 months of wondering wether Luka is ever returning he arrives admid the chaos that is always the er. Abby sees him and leaves a paient she is helping with to greet him but right then you knew something was amiss. In fact hrough out the whole episode she seems to be in another world. Before Luka's return I could understand this worrying about him, Joey and herself, but now at the triumphant return she isn't acting the loving Abby anymore. Then the bottom falls out in Joey's room where she spills the vodka that she replaced the coke with all over the floor and she looks even spacier. It'll be intersesting to see how this develops.
  • Morris takes a special interest in Neela's eager intern, who thanks him by ruining a rented tux while saving a patient's life. Sam and Neela express frustration over Abby's attitude-of-late. Gates gets Sarah back. Luka comes home, causing Abby stress.

    I liked this episode. I've read a lot of negative feedback from others, but it wasn't bad. Ok, I could have done without the Gates storyline, but that is always true. It wasn't exactly rocket science to figure out they'd send Sarah back eventually. But I do appreciate Laura Innes as a director and I think she did a pretty good job. It was fun watching Morris get so excited about Harold's homecoming...I think he was more excited than Harold was. The cheese-rolling thing was just kind of odd though. Didn't get why they threw that in...and it was weird than Harold and Morris both knew what cheese-rolling is. I would imagine most people don't. Pratt really didn't do that much. He tried to talk to Abby, but good luck there. She is a completely closed book and always has been. I think it is hard for her to be such good friends with Neela. Neela wants to be close and included, and gets upset when Abby won't talk to her. Abby also gets upset; she's on the verge of tears when she walks away from their conversation. Interesting, because Abby really hasn't had many close friends, unless you count Carter and look what happened there. So it was nice to see someone reaching out, but sad to see her normal reaction of avoiding the issue. I think the real reason I liked this episode so much is Maura's performance. With Laura Innes as her director, they went far. Abby's emotion and anguish was palpable; it made my stomach hurt just watching how much emotional pain she was in. At the end, it was heart-wrenching to watch her clean up her coke-and-vodka spill, so symbolic of her life right now. I can handle people crying, but when someone is sobbing, their heart breaking in front of you, it is impossible not to be moved. Another fantastic performance by Maura. I also enjoyed seeing Luka, even though it was pretty short. I did not think he looked unhappy to be there at all; he was so excited to see Abby and to share his brother with her, although clueless to the fact that when a wife hasn't seen her husband in 4 months, the last thing she needs is a house guest (especially one who is wont to have discussions with her husband in another language, leaving her out completely). Also enjoyed the tension between Moretti and Abby, and throw Luka into the mix; it's no wonder why Abby vomited. The tension was so strong I am surprised Luka didn't catch on. I am also of the opinion that Moretti didn't actually leave because of his son; I don't think he could handle what happened with Abby and leaving seemed the best option. Maybe I am wrong, but I think he actually liked her, and maybe he was hoping something would happen. Total conjecture, but an interesting thought. All in all I thought the episode was good; well directed and acted.
  • A sad, sad shell of a once great show

    They continue to flog ER for ratings and a time slot, only because its on the 4th rated network on TV. How people can rate this latest episodes as anything other than terrible is beyond me. A few of the folks that do the reviews are a little too wrapped up in ER and fail to see just how poor these episode are. In this continueing saga, Goran makes his 5 minute appearance and looks like he's in pain doing it. Of course NBC made this episode all about him coming back. Strike one. Secondly, repetitive and uninteresting story lines continue. Haven't we seen the story arc of an ER doc having a child taken away and given to grandparents (for a few episodes only) then having the child returned? Yes, Weavers kid, and now Gates. Strike two. Morris-Strike three. Abby's drinking , while making for an interesting contrast of her usual self, can only carry so much weight, and there is far too much riding on her small shoulders. They are in danger of going over the line and making her downright unlikable, then they would have lost about the only thing the show has going for it. I watch now only to see how much worse it can get, and with this episode they continue to hit new lows. And I didn't mention Harold...
  • Its long past time to end ER.

    This episode and recent ones are better than the last couple of seasons which included numerous awkward ham fisted shots at the US government and Iraq, but its clearly running out of gas. Abby with the alcohol problem, doctors doing the same old things over and over is getting stale. The Doogie Howser MD character has been done before on another show of that name. Luka came back, but it was anti-climatic and very awkward. He looked like he didnt even want to be there - alot like Noah Wyle in his finally season. After 14 years ER is tired and needs to exit before it becomes ridiculously bad. I watch it now more out of habit than anything - even then I often change channels to see what else is on.

    ER, when it began was a superb show with a stellar cast - now they are all gone. The series peaked in Season 8 when Dr. Greene died. The new ER supervisor is attempt to recreate Dr. Greene but just doesnt work. They should have ended the show when it was still pretty good when Noah Wyle left the show. This is supposedly the final season, but with the writers strike they may extend the show for a partial season to wrap up the series next fall.
  • Luka is back and all's right with her world......maybe not.

    Laura Innes directed this episode. I wasn't watching the credits as I usually do and that fact slipped by me till the end. Surprising because I can usually smell her direction from the get go. She is that good. Tonight though, something was slightly off. Not with her Abby/Luka scenes. Those were done with usual. The episode teaser was all Gates, Julia...and Sarah. Similar issues intercut and played out completely in a teaser that made me want them to just go away. After last week's powerful and emotionally draining episode all I really cared about was Abby. I did notice that they recast Grandma and Grandpa in an attempt to make them more old fashioned and 'countrified'. It was a contrived and totally unnecessary move that probably cost them more money in the long run as I recognized grandma from other things. (Six Feet Under maybe?) The old grandparents would have been just fine and the change not been so distracting. Harold and his Homecoming dance arc has been played out for too long over too many episodes but it was kind of charming tonight. I like that Morris has taken him under his wing. Two nincompoops are always more fun than one. Add Frank's biting coments and we get the Three Stooges. (The whole cheese wheel thing?? 5th graders channeling the writers again. It was just there so Morris could say something about 'cutting the cheese'.) And they are writing Harold as they have Morris. Something stupid and silly like the rotating tuxes...followed effetively with something touching to help us forgive the nincompoopiness. Loved when they had him sit with the very nervous dad during the little boy's surgery. Just wish someone could get him to close his mouth during those scenes. I guess I was so anxious for the big reunion that I really didn't get that Abby was doing something so different that she was angering the others to the point of Sam wanting to belt her with a colostomy bag. (Writer's beware...there are people out there that are getting a little testy about colostomy bags being the cause of jokes on the show so frequently - me being one. A close family member deals with that on a daily basis. A little more respect, please) I think I was caught up in wanting - heh NEEDING - to see how the Moretti thing was going to play out. And play out it did. They were uncomfortable with one another. Rightly so. It WOULD be her that stepped into the lounge in time to see/hear his son's rant on the web cam. Wonder if she caught the bi-polar vibe? And when Abby looked up disbelievingly to see Luka in the corridor, LEAVES the trauma room and runs to him.... Ahhhh. I SO needed that after 'Blackout'. Not a word needed to pass. The looks on their faces, the hug...sigh. Perfection. It was too short. Maura was in good form...again. I could actually feel the bile building in her after the encounter with Moretti and Luka..together in close proximity. And then the subsequent heartbreaking scenes with Neela wondering if they are really friends...and with the paraplegic parent talking about mistakes that can't be fixed. Bells that have rung. Could NOT believe she would go home and fill a coke can with vodka and then go into Joe's room with it. My heart was breaking for her as she cried and tried to soak the spilled drink from the nursery rug at the end. Another perfectly directed scene. The best thing?? Goodbye Kevin Moretti. I was thrilled to see you come but am even more so to see you leave. You've done your damage. Go back to your movie career. Be gone.