Season 13 Episode 16

Crisis of Conscience

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Moral dilemmas

    I adored the storyline with Gates and the family where mother is brought in with liver damage and she is dying. Gates treats her and starts to suspect that this might be suicide. After taking with one of her sons he starts to understand the reasons behind her act and why and so when she is crashing, he is not rushing to save her and he has some talking with Luka to do. And the ending.. when Luka goes and changes the paper as he feels something to the case too. What was right? What was wrong.. and when we think this is solved the last talk with Gates and the son change everything again.

    And then ofcourse the donor transplant the money involved. The choice Dubenko makes and what Neela does.

    I love the writing of this episode - those cases, the questions risen.
  • Stories on moral dilemmas.

    Most tragic story: Anna Hayes, the patient with acute liver failure. Seeing her older son being so indifferent is creepy! Gates finds out that Anna's condition is caused by a suicide attempt. Later when Anna crashes Gates is going through the motions very slowly. I can see his dilemma, but I still find that unethical.
    Sweetest scene: Abby and Luka discussing Abby's "ring policy" and their secret engagement. Great to see Luka being "as good as new" again, after the injuries he got two episodes ago. 2nd sweetest scene: The Wiccans scene.
    Funny scene: Abby's epileptic patient can see into the future and asks Abby to invite her dad to the wedding!
    Good scene: Luka telling off Gates for not telling the truth. (But at the end of the day he changes the death certificate himself..... "Do as I say, not as I do", right?)
    Most upsetting story: The cheerleader with ruptured spleen caused by her "friends" kicking her.
    Sad scene: Alex has been stealing money from a laundromat. Sam is in tears after telling off Alex.
    Difficult story: Manish selling his kidney for $50 000. Neela faces a dilemma and tries to do the right thing, but Dubenko doesn't want to know.
  • Conscience.

    Conscience played the stimulus for this episode with both Neela and Gates facing dilemas.

    Gates arrogance of making that second decisions double-crossed him with the deceit of the oldest brother having helped his mother on the road to suicide.A development that entangled Luka who became a hypocrite after reprimanding Gates about lying on the Medical records only to go and do so himself.

    Neela faced a similar dilema after discovering the Nature of Neesh's decision to donate his kidney.Money.Neela's cry for help to Ray somewhat cemented the possible future of a relationship between the two.However despite Neela's best efforts to prove the illegal action of selling body parts the surgery went ahead and both Gates and Neela were shown in the elevator in dismay at the latter incidents. Alex continues to cause chaos and emotional strain on Sam's life; scenes of her pleading with Alex implied uncertainty in her future with Alex.

    Scenes with Abby and Luka showed the giddy full of love feeling between the two after the proposal.The pair are finally in a place where it is all smiles and they communicate which was absent previously.I particularly enjoyed Luka telling wiccans they were getting married much to Abby's humourous dismay.
  • A good episode, but not memorable.

    'Crisis of Conscience' was a good episode, dealing with the necessary ER themes, moral dilemmas, and conflicts between life in- and outside of the ER...but there was nothing in this episode that you would think about a season later, or even a few episodes later, and think "Hey, remember that...?"

    My thoughts? Actually I have really few. I mean, the end credits just rolled up and less than a minute later I had already forgotten everything that happened in this episode, save the Jane and Crenshaw scenes that made me shudder, Andy Dick the epileptic psychic (strange,yes, but it was comic relief), Sam feeling nostalgic for classic Alex, and somehow believing that her son would have needed a baking soda-and-vinegar volcano in kindergarten, and Sarah trying to replace Megan in Tony's life (again, slightly creepy).

    Oh, and for some reason I kept noticing how tall Linda Cardellini isn't. Alex is taller than she is, and he hasn't even hit that growth-spurty age yet, and also especially when she was standing on a stool to assist a patient in a bed...not that I think anything negative of it, I had just never noticed it before (Besides, I just checked, and she's half an inch taller than I am).

    Shining quote of the day?
    Abby Lockhart: Did I mention that I hate cheerleaders?
  • Neela and Ray?

    I'm sensing that there's still a chance for Ray and Neela and I really really wish it's gonna happen. Let's face it: there's no place for her in Tony's life right now and she needs to be with someone who truly cares. And Ray does. He always did.
    I also liked Neela's struggle with her conscience when she found out the donor was actually getting money for donating his liver. I think she did the right thing and I'm really wondering how she's keeping up with her colleagues. IMO they are so difficult.
    Anyway, Luka and Abby should anounce their engagement, otherwise it seems like they don't really wanna do that step. Btw I thought Abby really wanted to tell everyone, but he was not sure... is he backing out? Hope not!
  • Yet another episode that takes me back to the "old days"...

    The first thing I enjoyed about this episode would have to be the Abby-Luka coversation on if they should keep their engagement a secret to the staff and let it trickle-out or to tell them all together. I've really grown on Luka and Abby over the course of this season! I also liked the storyline with Abby and the future-telling person (Andy Dick). Gates with the suicidal-liver damaged woman wasn't a storyline I was that fond of...On a different note, I liked the involvement of the OR, not just in this episode, but over the course of a few past episodes in this season. It seems as if the OR is getting more of the time it hasn't seen since the Corday-Romano days, which brings me to Neela and Dubenko. I've really enjoyed watching their friendship (if you would call it that) develop over the past year. And, I liked to finally see RAY in a storyline this episode! It's been quite a while. Very nice storyline with the injured cheerleader and the cheerleading squad.
  • The underlying concept of this episode was the strength of one's convictions ...

    Neela's convictions were strong enough to go against the mercenary and unethical world of selling body parts, which no doubt will have a knock-on effect upon her future relationship with Dubenko ... who up until now had been portrayed as a decent human being but I guess when it comes right down to it ... ethics do not play a part of his life ... a character change! Even the annoying Crenshaw has ethics ... and a bed problem ... not to mention a fetish for being controlled ... is this why he is so controlling to other people ... a definite character development ... who'd have thought?

    Gates is as arrogant as usual in thinking he knows everything ... can change the world ... but wasn't he caught out? He didn't pick up on what the world and his wife knew ... that the eldest son had him fooled! Hopefully that will develop Gate's character into questioning more and not making instant decisions without knowing all the facts ... will he own up to Kovac?

    Has Gates lost Neela to Ray [who has strong convictions and got that disgraceful coach arrested] ... and more importantly is Gates going to let that child manipulate him? Surely he has to find out if she is really his or not? Hopefully not! She looks like she has evil on her mind ... there is no way she will share Gates with Neela! I can see a bunny boiler in the making!

    Still a happy ending ... Kovac and Abby getting engaged ... about time! And Figler getting a new bed with Crenshaw ... about time!
  • Good eppie with many special patients.

    I really enjoyed the Luby scens, they where really cute. I liked it when Luka let the secret slip, that was just funny. Then Gates and his patient Anna. Actually, I skipped those parts, leave it to later. And I was surprised over Sarah, she's getting so... friendly. With that dinner, if I didn't knew better I would think she has a crush on Tony. Do I know better? This eppie had many Neela scens, both with Gates and with Ray. I don't know what o think about that. The Sam-Alex thing was only depressing. He's going the same way as his father. I mean come on! Please! Spare me this! I just can't take another bad guy at ER.
  • A study in dilemmas and the patients keep rolling on in.

    To tell the truth or not to tell the truth....seems like everyone had their fingers in the moral dilemma pie this week. Gates and Luka dealing with a liver failure patient that may or may not have been suicide. What to include on her death certificate? Neela needing to choose between the issue of reporting Manish for actually selling one of his kidneys and maybe jeopardizing the paired organ exchange program. A cheerleader with a secret about how her injuries were sustained. Alex getting deeper and deeper into trouble. About the only people having any kind of 'fun' were Crenshaw and Jane....hee...KINKY kind of fun. His facial expressions throughout the epi were hysterical. Oh...and Abby and Luka. Engaged and keeping it a secret....for now. How refreshing to see that it was Luka that wanted it that way. Abby even seemed a little disappointed. And once again let him be in control. Heh. Maura Tierney is just peeling away layers and layers of 'Abby armor' in the most recent episodes. It's so much fun to see the radiant butterfly that is emerging. Been a long time coming. Loved the 'girlfriends' exchange btween Abby, Neela and Dawn. Hate cheerleaders. Hate clowns. Gates is afraid of folk singers? Too funny. Dubenko was actually HOT in his yoga gear...but back to being a geek in his doctor duds. What's with that? LOVED seeing Andy Dick as a patient. Forget what a good dramatic actor he can be, even though his character wasn't really so deep this time around. Too bad he is such in real life. Yippee...we are bound to see Eddie again...maybe. Loved that Ray told Neela that she has a 'finely honed moral alarm hard wired to her brain that makes her a self righteous pain in the ass...but that's what we like about you'...Just do the right thing. It's wonder alarms are blaring when she is with Gates. Gates continues to disturb me. His entire persona is based on lying. So obvious this week that Ray is her counterpart in 'doing the right thing.' Maybe there is hope for them after all?? No hope for Alex and Sam however. They never seem to be on the same wave length when it comes to communicating. But then...that is the nature of an adolescent and parent. Wish they could give Linda Cardellinni a good story line. She can make it pop if it's done right.
  • Mixed bag, but overall much better than last weeks episode.

    First off, I agree 100% with the person here who said Andy Dick is annoying - Ill drink to that!

    I had to ding the episode a half point for blatant goofy plugging of HEROES with the "Save the cheerleader save the world" - it looked like someone was pointing a gun at his head as he said it. I could almost here him groan under his breath....while thinking "Ok, Im getting paid mega bucks to say corny lines like its okayyyyyyyyy"

    Though, as someone else noted, it did show how evil and twisted cheerleaders are. Anyone who knew a cheerleader in highschool knows the sordid tales associated with cheerleaders (particularly football); and that was back in the 80s, Im sure its worse now. Sure they look all pretty and nice on the outside, but behind the scenes?. Im suprised there hasnt been a cheerleader tell-all book out. Not even street gang members dared mess with cheerleaders...

    The debate about paying for organs and Neela saying then only the rich would get them? You could solve this problem by charging recipients based on their net worth. Say 10%. If they are worth only $10,000 they pay only $1,000. If theyre worth $10,000,000 then they pay $1,000,000. The money then goes into a government run fund that would pay the donors (or families) a certain amount per organ, say $50,000 for a kidney, which would increase available supplies of organs encouraging people to donate (if its a heart than obviously the money would go to the family). If you get just one guy worth $1 billion who needs a kidney, he has to pay $100,000,000. Transaction directly between donors and recipients would still be banned.
  • I hate, I hate, I hate Andy Dick!

    Okay, so this episode was actually a fairly good one, except for the annoying Andy Dick character. Is the show in such a slump that they couldn't find anybody else to play that part, of did they actually chose him for some unfathomable reason? Either way it definitely disrupted my viewing experience. I don't know what is going on with Jane and Dr. Crenshaw and frankly I don't want to know. That was just a little too much information for my taste. I loved the bit about the cheerleader, poor girl. It does, however, fit in nicely with my theory that all cheerleaders are pure evil. The kidney thing was just all right. They made a good point but then didn’t bother to stand by it at the end, and as usual Gates tries to be a cowboy but just comes off as being a slightly annoying brat with puppy dog eyes. Over all it was a fair episode, not great, not horrible, but it won't make my list of favorites anytime soon.
  • The neela and ray saga continues, hooray for them....Plus the "Save the cheerleader, save the world" line was hilarious!

    This was a great episode especially w/ luka and abby engaged, then we see crenshaw talking on his phone and then Figler sits up and starts 2 tie Crenshaw's hands together and blindfolds him(Neela and Gates-each walk up to Crenshaw and Figler being together-they look at Crenshaw and Figler weird but they just walk off). Neela and Ray help a cheearleader who was hurt by the other cheerleaders-Dubenko says "Save the Cheerleader, save the world," which i thought was hilarious. Gates comes home with dinner already on the table-which sara fixed. later Ray asks Neela if she would like to go out for a beer...declines the offer but later on we see Ray at the bar pay for his beer and then we see Neela come in and he looks at her and then at the bartender and says two beers and thats where they leave off for us to wait for them to get together---we all know that Neela can't resist Ray...the attraction is mounting again for Ray lets just hope that Neela will dump Gates for Ray. although Gates has toned down his attitude.
  • Neela and Ray!!! It is inevitable!

    As you guys saw at the end NeeRay is going to happen. It is just a formality now. So cute! Anyway, enough about the obvious, let's get to tonight's episode. It was pretty good. I have noticed a great maturity and change in Gates. Even though Luka rightfully disagreed with him and there is still some signs of wrecklessness, I sense Gates is becoming a new man(mainly because of Sarah). Ironically, this change will also affect he and Neela's relationship negatively and eventually they will call it quits. Sam's last scene with Alex was very touching. I hope that works out. I think that Neela made a very responsible and ethical decision by not doing the operation on Manish. Crenshaw's S&M,lol,relationship with Sarah Gilbert's character is hilarious to say the least.
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