Season 13 Episode 16

Crisis of Conscience

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Conscience.

    Conscience played the stimulus for this episode with both Neela and Gates facing dilemas.

    Gates arrogance of making that second decisions double-crossed him with the deceit of the oldest brother having helped his mother on the road to suicide.A development that entangled Luka who became a hypocrite after reprimanding Gates about lying on the Medical records only to go and do so himself.

    Neela faced a similar dilema after discovering the Nature of Neesh's decision to donate his kidney.Money.Neela's cry for help to Ray somewhat cemented the possible future of a relationship between the two.However despite Neela's best efforts to prove the illegal action of selling body parts the surgery went ahead and both Gates and Neela were shown in the elevator in dismay at the latter incidents. Alex continues to cause chaos and emotional strain on Sam's life; scenes of her pleading with Alex implied uncertainty in her future with Alex.

    Scenes with Abby and Luka showed the giddy full of love feeling between the two after the proposal.The pair are finally in a place where it is all smiles and they communicate which was absent previously.I particularly enjoyed Luka telling wiccans they were getting married much to Abby's humourous dismay.