Season 13 Episode 16

Crisis of Conscience

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Stories on moral dilemmas.

    Most tragic story: Anna Hayes, the patient with acute liver failure. Seeing her older son being so indifferent is creepy! Gates finds out that Anna's condition is caused by a suicide attempt. Later when Anna crashes Gates is going through the motions very slowly. I can see his dilemma, but I still find that unethical.
    Sweetest scene: Abby and Luka discussing Abby's "ring policy" and their secret engagement. Great to see Luka being "as good as new" again, after the injuries he got two episodes ago. 2nd sweetest scene: The Wiccans scene.
    Funny scene: Abby's epileptic patient can see into the future and asks Abby to invite her dad to the wedding!
    Good scene: Luka telling off Gates for not telling the truth. (But at the end of the day he changes the death certificate himself..... "Do as I say, not as I do", right?)
    Most upsetting story: The cheerleader with ruptured spleen caused by her "friends" kicking her.
    Sad scene: Alex has been stealing money from a laundromat. Sam is in tears after telling off Alex.
    Difficult story: Manish selling his kidney for $50 000. Neela faces a dilemma and tries to do the right thing, but Dubenko doesn't want to know.
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