Season 8 Episode 13

Damage Is Done

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on NBC

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  • Painful to watch in an emotional way...not because the episode was bad!

    In this installment, Dr. Corday is sick with the stomach flu. While Dr. Greene works, his daughter Rachel watches baby Ella. Ella gets into some Ecstasy pills in Rachel's backpack, and swallows 2 of them. It is terrifying to watch the chaos that ensues.

    Alex Kingston was phenomenal in this episode. Dr. Corday's terror and sorrow are palpable.

    Dr. Greene is called to the ER and told his daughter is being brought in by ambulance with an Ecstasy overdose. He naturally assumes it is his teenager, Rachel, who has overdosed. When he walks into the trauma room and sees his infant being worked on....well, his face just says it all. Mark and Elizabeth have been under enormous stress leading up to this episode, and this incident is the spark that ignites the powder keg in future episodes. As the show ends, we do not know whether Ella will survive. Very sad to see. You definitely feel like you're on a violent roller coaster ride in this one!
  • Heart stopping

    They say that when you're experiencing a traumatic moment, time slows down. The directing in this episode captured that feeling well, when Greene walked into trauma expecting Rachel, and it was Ella. I was able to hear my heartbeat.

    This episode also featured a very heavy battle between Chen and Weaver. Chen was successful in using leaverage to get her job back, and her record clean. It looked like the two would never be able to work well together again. But Chen was wise to get Weaver involved, when Ella's parents were trying to run the trauma.

    Greene had just that same day, told another doctor it was not a good idea for her to watch her daughter's surgery. Now he's on the other end of the table, with his own daughter's life and future on the line. Weaver did a fabulous job in taking control of the situation, versus two very strong willed doctors. The sequence of events was very powerful. The drama was intense.

    The make up in this episode was also very well done. Elizabeth was sick in this episode, and she looked like the walking dead.

    This is a very fine episode. Well Done.
  • trouble for the Greenes

    Just when we thought it was ok to trust Rachel with Ella, she leaves ecstasy where Ella can get it. Dr Greene gets the shock of his life when he finds that Ella has OD'ed on ecstasy. We can almost feel his pain and fear. It must have been tough to be angry about what happened to Ella, but still love Rachel. I thought that scene where he walks into the trauma room and sees Ella is very well done. The other great storyline was the guy and his daughter who opened a letter bomb intended for his wife. I can only imagine how guilty the wife must have felt, even though it wasn't her fault.
  • Every parent's nightmare

    The dynamic of this episode.. the way it was cleverly plotted - the way it went. Rachel seems to be acting so fine again and talking care of Ella and being quite good again but her try ends badly when she swallows Rachel's ecstasy. Sick Elizabeth rushes to ER and Mark, who is called by Abby and first think it is Rachel.. the moment when he walk in.. the way it was filmed and the motion there.. it was superb.. Mark tries everything but has to step back and let others to do their job. And like the title of the episode says - even if they try not to do unnecessary things with baby, the damage is already done. Rachel is feeling so down and so sorry but does anyone care? And Elizabeth.. she stays with her and is so sure it will end badly. The pain of the parents - so well portrayed. And the scene where the doctor, who she believes is "angle of death" comes in.. and Romano - one of those good Romano moments. When things are hard, he seems to be acting so much different than usual.

    And the other storyline with Carter and her mother - the pain she and he is going trough. Carter do not want to see it again as he has made his peace but she needs that - to make her piece.
  • The tensions within the Greene family explode in this episode with Ella being the innocent victim. Carter's story with his mother and Abby's with her neighbours bounces forward.

    Elizabeth is suffering from stomach flu, and Mark goes to work leaving Ella with Rachel, and Elizabeth in bed.
    A little later Rachel brings a sick Ella to Elizabeth, it turns out she has swallowed a couple of Ecstasy tablets Rachel had in her bag.
    It is harrowing watching Mark and Elizabeth try and treat their own daughter. Kerry takes over as their judgement is impaired.
    We later see Elizabeth in the NICU with Ella. (I find this hard to believe when she is so sick herself, surely she could infect the other patients.)
    It looks unlikely that she will forgive Rachel for the drugs. Mark is clearly torn between his two children's needs.

    Abby helps treat a drunk mother and 14 year old daughter who have been in a car crash. She finds out that in fact the daughter was driving, as it was better than her mother driving, even though she is underage.
    Abby clearly recognises the situation as being similar to her own childhood and does not reveal the truth to the police. The mother will go into rehab and Abby considers it will not help having the daughter prosecuted for the accident.
    It seems hard to believe that she can get away with such a decision, but it shows us a little more of how Abby spent her youth, and explains how she can be hard with those who are ungrateful for their 'easier' childhood - especially Carter.
    We also see Abby letting her neighbour, JOyce, into the house in advance of Brian banging on the door and shouting for her to come out. Clearly that situation is not resolved positively yet.

    Carter's mother takes an interest in a young orphan with leukemia, who was at a Carter Foundation Centre photo shoot, and is taken ill. Carter feels she is trying to atone for her failings with his brother, but still supports her and the boy.