Season 8 Episode 13

Damage Is Done

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on NBC

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  • Heart stopping

    They say that when you're experiencing a traumatic moment, time slows down. The directing in this episode captured that feeling well, when Greene walked into trauma expecting Rachel, and it was Ella. I was able to hear my heartbeat.

    This episode also featured a very heavy battle between Chen and Weaver. Chen was successful in using leaverage to get her job back, and her record clean. It looked like the two would never be able to work well together again. But Chen was wise to get Weaver involved, when Ella's parents were trying to run the trauma.

    Greene had just that same day, told another doctor it was not a good idea for her to watch her daughter's surgery. Now he's on the other end of the table, with his own daughter's life and future on the line. Weaver did a fabulous job in taking control of the situation, versus two very strong willed doctors. The sequence of events was very powerful. The drama was intense.

    The make up in this episode was also very well done. Elizabeth was sick in this episode, and she looked like the walking dead.

    This is a very fine episode. Well Done.
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