Season 8 Episode 13

Damage Is Done

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on NBC

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  • The tensions within the Greene family explode in this episode with Ella being the innocent victim. Carter's story with his mother and Abby's with her neighbours bounces forward.

    Elizabeth is suffering from stomach flu, and Mark goes to work leaving Ella with Rachel, and Elizabeth in bed.
    A little later Rachel brings a sick Ella to Elizabeth, it turns out she has swallowed a couple of Ecstasy tablets Rachel had in her bag.
    It is harrowing watching Mark and Elizabeth try and treat their own daughter. Kerry takes over as their judgement is impaired.
    We later see Elizabeth in the NICU with Ella. (I find this hard to believe when she is so sick herself, surely she could infect the other patients.)
    It looks unlikely that she will forgive Rachel for the drugs. Mark is clearly torn between his two children's needs.

    Abby helps treat a drunk mother and 14 year old daughter who have been in a car crash. She finds out that in fact the daughter was driving, as it was better than her mother driving, even though she is underage.
    Abby clearly recognises the situation as being similar to her own childhood and does not reveal the truth to the police. The mother will go into rehab and Abby considers it will not help having the daughter prosecuted for the accident.
    It seems hard to believe that she can get away with such a decision, but it shows us a little more of how Abby spent her youth, and explains how she can be hard with those who are ungrateful for their 'easier' childhood - especially Carter.
    We also see Abby letting her neighbour, JOyce, into the house in advance of Brian banging on the door and shouting for her to come out. Clearly that situation is not resolved positively yet.

    Carter's mother takes an interest in a young orphan with leukemia, who was at a Carter Foundation Centre photo shoot, and is taken ill. Carter feels she is trying to atone for her failings with his brother, but still supports her and the boy.