Season 11 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2004 on NBC

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  • Very emotional

    This episode was really emotional - first Carter and his downfall as he cannot accept that Kem is gone and their child is dead and the nightmares.. then hard case in Er.. and drinking. Like it will be a solution.

    And ofcourse Abby's case - that young girl, who first seems just like another patient but when story comes out - and it does come, it is very moving and sad, all the things she has gone trough.

    And Abby, who sends her back to her home.. and Neela. She dealing with her parents who do not understand that and then the girl.. but she did very well. She did not left her alone.
  • Carter is distraught whilst Abby treats a "damaged" girl.

    So Neela dropped out of Michigan..? I understand her parents confusion, Neela is really talented maybe it's all become too much for her and she's overwhelmed by having more involvment with patients.

    Abby put her foot in it with Haleh and faced the wrath of the Nurses united! Give the girl some slack it was an easy mistake to make it's as if as soon as you become an intern no matter of your past you get on the wrong side of Nurses instantly.She also treated a "Damaged" girl who was confused and frightened after being ilegally imported from Mexico? Glad Abby broke the rules and sent her home , I think Neela got some thinking time by going with her.

    Kerry's comment on Ray's appearance was great; It appears we've hired the love child of Ozzy Osbourne.Classic.
  • Kem is gone and Carter desaperate.

    Now that Kem is gone, poor Carter have to deal with this all by himself. And that really sucks because it would be more easy if Kem was there and both can give mutual support and now that they are apart Carter really don't know how Kem is felling and how shes doin and that make it all worst.

    Abby treats this "damage girl" and i really like she wants to help so much that she buys the ticket and sends her back to home, this is one of those episode where i relly things poor mexican that are over there and have to sopport all this just to be on ·the other side" and have some money to send to theire poors familly.

    Hate one of the finall parts when Carter all drunk go to the kid that have let her fiance and tell him to call hher because that what he needs to do, but he don't want.
  • Damaged

    This was an interesting episode, it was average, but good. Poor Carter, he isn't taking the fact that Kem is gone too well and he wakes up with a sweat from a bad dream about Kem and his son. He hasn't picked up his feelings and he shows up at the hospital drunk and Luka has to tell him to go home. He tells a patient that was hurt over in Iraq just to call his ex-girlfriend when he knows that is what he himself should be doing, calling Kem.

    Luka and Sam tell eachother that they love each other, makes me sick, they arn't a good match, but I do hope that Sam and Alex move in with Luka, they would be safe from Steve and Steve wouldn't know where Luka lives. It's be good for Alex.

    Neela is still up in the air about what she wants to do with her life, makes me upset, we all know what she needs to do, she just isnt taking the inititive to do it. Her parents come into town and a pretty much pissed that she wants to drop out.

    Poor Abby, the nurses should get credit for everything they do, they are the back bone to the ER, but they shouldn't treat Abby like this. Abby did a great thing for the "damage girl," makes me proud.

    Good times.