Season 12 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Poorly written and over-sensationalised

    A return to Africa and a visit to our favourite ER doc in 'Darfur' is ruined by terrible writing. Noah Wyle's and viewers' time is wasted in a storyline that could easily be a cheap action movie. This episode does little to convince viewers of the real depravity in Darfur (apparently kids have access to pen and paper) and deprives us of catching up with Carter's life. How is his relationship? How is he really doing? The distracting scenes in Chicago are completely unrelated and make this episode a bit of a mess. It's a shame to waste Noah Wyle's return on this episode. It should have been saved to shine insight on the man himself - rather than dropping him into Darfur with an unconvincing tragic action story.
  • What if a former favorite character came back and no one cared? We find out in this mostly stand-alone episode that wastes Noah Wyle's return.

    The handful of "all-Africa" episodes, while "very special," have had the weakness of no Chicago-set action. This episode, featuring the return of Dr. Carter, actually made it worse by having about a third of the episode take place in Chicago. The end result is that having action set in Chicago only serves to highlight all the more how little we care what Carter's up to in Africa. We're not seeing him act and react with the rest of the cast, just dealing with things like intense poverty, civil unrest, and drought in Africa that most people have read about on, and have already been touched upon in the other Africa-set episodes, to the point that it feels like most of the episode is a rerun.
    The end result is a waste of one of Noah Wyle's handful of appearances this year in a stand-alone storyline that advances no plot, or even reveals what is going on with his marriage. Even the expected good performance by Oz's Eamonn Walker does little to save the episode. Hopefully, we'll see Dr. Carter back in Chicago at some point this season, because otherwise it's just a waste of money, and the viewers' time, to bring him back.
  • Noah Wyle is back and we see Carter in Africa.

    Unlike everyone else whos written a review, I really liked this episode. Carter came back which was good enough and being back in Africa made the episode more than just the usual hospital stuff. The episodes in Africa (including the ones from previous seasons) i think are amazing. They really disturb me becasue of all the awful things which are going on. The way reactions to these things are acted and the fact that these things really do happen make it all the more powerful.
    I like Carter and i like the way hes acted by Noah Wyle. Ok so hes a bit of a gung-ho, act now,think later kinda guy but i love the way hes willing to risk his own life to save someone else and after his ridiculous departure im glad hes back(not the fact he left but the way he left. Walking round a corner? What is that?)
  • Out of place in a season of perfection.

    Carter in Africa: This is what really dragged the episode down. I wouldn't have minded if this episode had aired, let's say, in Season 9. However, this season has been consistent with fantastic episodes and this one felt quite out of place.

    I also find it very hard to believe that Carter didn't know what the sign of shaming is. The cheek of him asking "how was I supposed to know?" was quite alarming. He's been around Africa since last May, and seems to know all about the Jan Ja Wee yet can't seem to pick up on the sign of rape? I also thought he was incredibly stupid to go out of the camp and find the rape victim's husband, and also think it's stupid that he married Kem.

    I also thought the Darfur doctors were vaguely selfish. There goes Debbie complaining about how people are drinking sand while she shoves a bottle of Coke in a nurse's face.

    Clemente: I was quite glad that Jodie woke up in order to prevent Clemente's personal dilemna from dragging on, and also felt sorry for him amid everyone's suspicions of him. And Bobby really is a vile, creepy and nasty piece of work. It's easy to see that, amid all the naughty stuff of their relationship, Clemente and Jodie are two people who are hopelessly in love with each other and I think it's quite sweet.

    Neela/Pratt/Albright/Darnell: I hope this is the last we see of Darnell, this plotline has dragged in a bit. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I think the plotline has highlighted what black people think of the way they are treated, particularly those who are similar to Darnell. I also liked the way Pratt and KJ's "friendship" ended, and liked that KJ acknowledged the part that Pratt has tried to play in his life and help his father out, even if it has resulted in him doing the wrong thing.

    I think Neela's advice was well given, even after Pratt's behaviour in the trauma. And also: is it wrong to love Albright? Sure, she may be a bit of a cow but I'm all for some more surgery scenes and her rapport with Morris is hilarious and "out for herself" attitude is quite interesting.

    No Sam though, which is always a shame
  • Important things...

    We have somehow split episode.. We have one major storyline concentrating on Carter and his doings on Darfur - the things are not good there and looks even more dangerous than Kongo and ofcourse.. Carter has to take things too seriously, again... and gets him and one other person there almost killed. But that's he.. and it is great to see him again...

    So.. on Chicago.. Pratt and his friend.. this time he hits a kid and Pratt makes him to turn himself in and has some doubts later... And Jodie wakes up.. and she can say that Clemente was right.. looking little brighter on that side...
  • I hope that we continue to see epsiodes with Carter in it.

    I am so glad to see Carter again, ER has not been the same since he left. I hope that ER continue to have special guest episodes with him in them.

    I would have liked to see Kem with him but I am glad that they did make reference to her and the fact that they had gotten married.

    A good storyline that was easy to follow and that showed Carters passion for saving lives.

    It was a different ER but one I would like to see more often and maybe move into with some other cast members going over. I can see a spinoff happening.
  • Great to see Carter return, but the plot was a bit disappointing.

    I was really looking forward to seeing Dr Carter back again, but I was rather disappointed with the storyline he was in. It was boring and rather strange. But the fact that Carter was back on our screens scored bonus points from me.

    I enjoyed the storyline back at the ER. I felt sorry for Neela, with everyone against her decisions like that. She was trying her best. Pratt is seriously getting on my nerves. His storyline's are getting boring, and he is acting like a know it all.

    I love seeing Abby and Luka together. Their so cute. I thought the part where they were discussing baby names was hilarious. And I really laughed when a child bit Morris.

    I was also kind of relieved when Jodie woke up and cleared Clemente. As Weaver said: "Despite his personal problems, Dr Clemente is a good physchian"(not sure about the spelling).

    Over all, this episode wasn't all that bad. But the storyline in Darfur had me confused and bored.
  • trully special

    ER remains one of the best shows on tv.I love the new plotline between Luka a nd Abby!!I just wonder How Abby is gonna deal with motherhood?I read somewhere that she is gonna go trought post partum depresion? if so ,that would add more energy to the show! I haven't seen the Darful epidode yet,cause I live In Brazil.But I "am really loking for it!!!
  • ok....

    this episode really dissapointed me. Well, who needs Carter now?

    the only part i really enjoyed was when Abby and Luka went outside and discussed baby names...

    Clemente, I really do not enjoy his story line. I think that it is truly a pointless story. He should not be a regular. I love the cast the way it is.
  • Noah Wiley is back for his first guest star role on ER, where he takes us back to Africa to Darfur. Back at the hospital Pratt realizes that he made a mistake.

    This was a mediocre episode which was Carter-centric. We find out that he is still with Kem, they are now married. He finds himself in Darfur, where he is naieve to the traditions and daily occurances. He accidentally leads a man to death when he allows him to see his wife, whom had been attacked and raped. He sees the sign of rape on her leg, and runs off into the desert to get the men that did that to her. This was a slow moving story too similar to those we have already seen.

    Other than the first episodes where Luka went to the Congo, I have never enjoyed the episodes based out of Africa. I do love Dr. Carter, and wish that he was still a regular, but this was totally unfulfilling. I would ahve much rather seen him make a visit to Chicago, and see what is happnening in the ER. There are many ways in which they could have brought him back into the mix without having an episode like this.

    I was also disapointed in the goings on of the ER. It seems that Morris has let everyone know that Abby is pregnant, and all we get is a basket for her and Carrie ofhandedly saying congratulations. I wish that they would have embraced this and done something really special.

    Clemente is wanted t go back to work, and Luka is finally acting like the head to the ER and denying him until he has drug, psych and other tests done to make sure that he is actually okay. We see him by Jodies bedside hoping that she will wake up - and she does eventually. Hopefully she will tell the cops that it was her husband soon so that we can be done with this terrible storyline. We also see that her husband is lurking around Chicago, following Clemente and calling him. It seems that his fellow officers have told the Chicago PD that he was working the day of the shooting, therefore he couldn't have done it. I hate to see police officers portreyed like that, but I guess it happens in real life too.

    Then there is Pratt, who realizes that his friend has been drinking again, and though he denies it at fist, admits that he was drinking and driving and has hit a kid, had to have surgery. Pratt tells him to turn himself in, and he actually does in the end. The mans son then thanks Pratt for actually helping his father, unlike other friends who just try to cover up for him.

    We also see Neela as a surgon again, clashing with docs in the ER.

    Overall probably the worst episode in a while, although there are much worse things on TV that this.
  • not that good

    I was so dissapointed in the episode the Africa parts came off as a political statement, more than a storyline, It was alright but not great, the County parts disapointed me not because they were bad, they weren't but nowhere up to par with this season, next week looks great though
  • So Carter does his thing in Africa, the doctors in Chicago do their thing and uh.. the only action is with Clemnte that covers 10 minutes of airtime.

    The clips with Carter in Africa are a blatant brick upside the head political statement. Some people at the ER writing staff and the admin got together and said "This is horrible, we must bring it to the people." And it is horrible, and awareness is a good thing, but .. what does it have to do with ER?

    It didn't tell us anything about Carter that we didn't already know. It didn't bring us any information about his wife. And while it did introduce us to the interesting Dr. Dakarai, its not like he'll be a regular, or probably even a recurring, character.

    So, let's see what's going on in Chicago. Abby and Luka's pregnancy becomes common knowledge - nothing surprising or particularly character advancing there. Kerry and Luka disagree - wow, like they never do that. And uh.. Pratt's drunken friend turns himself in and off he goes. I suppose it would be more interesting if there was some humanity to the drunken father to be sympathetic to.

    So - that leaves Clemente and Jody. There was some plot advancement with Jody waking up, with the ex-husband making threats and still being in Chicago while the cops claim he's in NJ, and not all is out of the woods.

    So, the only plot relevant, character developing parts of the episode .. was about 10 minutes of airtime.

    Kind of a waste of watching, really.
  • I thought this would have been better after being off the air for two weeks.

    I really dont miss Carter that much, and thankfully this whole episode was not about him. Back in Chicago, it looks like the cat is out of the bag for Luka & Abby thanks to Morris. Frank certainly has a way with words and lucky for Clemente his girlfriend is out of the coma and tell what really happened, but it doesnt look like the trouble is over for the 2.
  • Carter Returns, Not important. Luka and Abbey barely appear and Sam and Ray don't appear at all. All in all, This episode was not so good:(

    This episode was not good. Waiting two weeks for ER to return is torture enough and then for the episode to be boring that's just mean! Carter's return is unimportant and a waste of the episode. I feel bad about what is going on in Darfur, but it wasn't neccessary for Carter to be in it. No serious traumas occur. The next episode's preview looked a lot more interesting. Looking foward to see that one.
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