Season 12 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the scene where Carter and Dakarai are in the Jeep looking for the rape victim's husband and the police stop them, two camera angles are used, and a continuity error is revealed; all the shots from the camera filming behind Carter show him holding up his ID badge, but the shots from the camera shooting Carter's front show the same hand resting on the door of the Jeep.

  • Quotes

    • Clemente: So, what have you got for me?
      Kovac: Good to see you, Vic, but you're not on the schedule today.
      Clemente: Yeah, well, Weaver said I could come back.
      Kovac: I'm head of the ER, not Weaver, and I don't think you're ready.
      Clemente: So what are you doing, man? Giving me the slow walk to the door?
      Kovac: I'm looking out for you.
      Clemente: Well, I can take care of myself, thank you.
      Kovac: More importantly, I'm looking out for every patient in here.
      Clemente: Patients don't need to be protected from me.
      Chuny: (entering the room) Dr. Kovac, we've got a fourteen-year-old auto vs. peds coming in.
      Kovac: Go home, Vic.
      Clemente: I am home.
      Kovac: (following Chuny out) You're not working today!

    • (Kerry comes by and congratulates Abby on her pregnancy)
      Abby: Thank you. It was supposed to be a secret. (she glares at Morris)
      Morris: What?! Everybody was saying you were getting puffy. I had to defend you!
      Abby: (turning to Luka) Am I getting puffy?!
      Luka: You're not getting puffy!

    • (there's a gift basket on the Admit desk)
      Abby: Hey, what's this?
      Frank: Ah! That's for you and the little bastard.
      Abby: (with eyebrows raised) Thanks, Frank.

    • Carter: The Janjaweed have turned this place into the wild wild west.

    • Weaver: Dr. Clemente is an excellent physician with some personal issues. That's certainly nothing new around here.

    • (Luka and Abby in the ambulance bay, discussing baby names)
      Luka: How about Celine, or Jewel?
      Abby: Have you been going though your CD collection again?
      Luka: I love Jewel!
      Abby: Well, yeah, so do I, but not for a name. (pauses) How about Charo? (pauses again, then adds laughingly) Or Liberace?
      Luka: (gives Abby a dirty look) How about we give him the name of the first person who walks though the door?
      Abby: Seriously?
      Luka: Sure.
      Abby: Okay.
      (a moment later Clemente walks through the ambulance bay doors)
      Luka: Or, maybe not.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Luka: How about Celine? Or Jewel?
      Abby: Have you been going through your CD collection again?
      Luka's ideas for baby names are inspired by singers Celine Dion and Jewel Kilcher.

    • Dakarai: It does not matter whether it is Somalia, Rwanda, Darfur or New Orleans. When the faces are black, the world moves slow.
      The New Orleans part of this quote is a reference to the U.S. government's slow and disastrous response to the people of that city following Hurricane Katrina's devastating damage in 2005.

    • Carter: What happens in Darfur stays in Darfur.
      This is a twist on the catchy "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" phrase commonly associated with the phenomenally successful 2003 Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority ad slogan of "What happens here stays here."

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