Season 5 Episode 1

Day for Knight

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 1998 on NBC

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  • Lucy Knight enters!!!

    I think this episode has an enormous weight on the story of the show, because of the giant mark that Lucy made on ER. It simply is really nostalgic for every little thing that happens on the espiode. One of the most, let's say, stirring plots is the one of the bond that here borns, beetween Carter and Knight... Oh, just thinking of how this character ends makes me want to watch all the episodes! The way the staff was watched from an external point of view, more or less Lucy's, was, I think, very well achieved, even in the position the cameras were, it fits exactly the way it was intended to be. Very good episode, with good plots too.
  • Nothing special. A first day of new med student

    Yes, this episode was nothing special. There was not so much concentration on the cases rather than new character. I am sad Anna left but Lucy looks fine. She wants to be perfect and I am not sure she will not burn out soon, but there is something in her.

    So, it is her first day in ER and it does not look good. She may have theoretical knowledges but the practical part - she comes in trauma room with hopeless case. She also becomes emotional with fireman who is in brain death. But I think she managed her first day quite well. Adored the little similarity with Carter when he was his first days... and it was Carter she ended working with.
  • The over-zealous, over-enthusiastic and ultimately overwhelmed Lucy Knight is a determined medical student, but doesn't make a great impression her first day in the ER.

    As a relative newcomer to the series, I definitely recommend this episode as an introduction to those who don't have access to the earlier seasons - if you are, like me, so broke you can't afford ten dollars to rent it from the video store. Luckily this season was in my dad's collection, so I haven't been totally deprived, and despite the tragedy of season five, I will forever cling to the notion of Carter and Lucy together in some alternate universe, because as much as I like Abby, I still tear up every time I see Kelly Martin. I have, since watching this episode, advanced in my mission to see every episode of ER ever made, but I still haven't managed to see the pilot. Sigh.
    The episode emphasizes the disconcerting, fast paced atmosphere of the ER from an outsider's perspective. Lucy is quirky, funny and just the right amount of annoying to be funny and endearing, unlike Romano, who deserved to have something a lot bigger than a helicopter dropped on his head. Carter is hilarious as her reluctant mentor, but my personal favourite? Jerry, the desk clerk. He's the man who brought in the dancing chimp.
  • New students come to the ER

    New students come to the ER and I really enjoyed watching them take Kerry Weaver's "Tour on Tape." Very funny!
    Lucy seems very keen but very green. She has a lot to learn so I guess we will see her grow over the coming episodes.
    It was funny when Lucy got stuck on the roof, a fine way to begin!
    Carter will need a lot of help adjusting to teaching. I didn't like his cocky attitude.
    Lucy seems very young and a high achiever but she needs to get away from her computer and get some hands on experience. I can't wait to see her grow
  • wow! How cool is Lucy! She Rocks!

    In this episode we met Lucy Knight a 3rd year medical student! The whole episode was based around her and it was extremely funny! I think that Lucy could possible be a new love interest for Carter. She reminds ma a bit of him because he was clumsy and really funny when he first came to county just like Lucy is! I thought it was hilarious when she got locked out on the roof! I realy don't like Carters new beard! I think it makes him look really old! Which is sad because Carter is really hot! I also think Doug was looking kinda old! It was quite sad that geanie wasn't in this episode!
  • You see some new faces which is what the show actually needed. A new love intrest for Carter.

    This episode was well written not perfect, they could have done better. We did need some new characters to livin up the show and we got exactly what we needed. CArter had a beard which i think needed to go. Lucy Knight is a nwe character and also i think a new love interest for Carter. Or maybe just a good friend.
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