Season 1 Episode 1

Day One

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 1994 on NBC

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  • Carter first day...

    Carter has it's first full day and it goes as it goes - not very bad to be honest. Susan on the same time is having harder time with her patience. She wants her to be committed to psychiatry but the man there does not want him. So Susan has no choice but when the man is brought back wondering around naked, she takes the liberty and commits him herself and makes the psychiatrist mad.

    Greene has some problem with his wife as she discovers that Mark is not leaving hospital. Doug feels guilty about Carol and does not know how to overcome that. Mark sends him to visit Carol... he takes the courage and goes...
  • Old people are cute

    An excellent first step into the season. Although it lacks of character-interactions, it manages to pass in the 'writing' section.

    Like I said, the characters were a bit bland. John Carter did have a few great moments which makes him my favorite character of the episode. Again. Mark Green's love story and his Wife doesn't do much for me. Although them getting caught in the bathroom was definitely chuckle-worthy.

    Susan Lewis is still a neat character, she got to save a baby. I do not like her boyfriend however, he's a plain jackass. Ross' love for Carol doesn't work that well yet. It's too early to start a love storyline anyway. Still, nice to see Carol alive and well... alive. Nice episode, the old guy crying over his terminal wife was definitely the most memorable part of the episode.
  • Great episode, from beginning to the end!!!

    Opening in Exam 8, Dr. Susan Lewis is sleeping. Wendy goes there to wake her up because there is a baby brought to the ER, who swallowed her mother`s earring...
    Wendy: Susan, Susan, you have to get up!
    Susan: What time is it?
    Wendy: It’s a baby!
    Susan: A baby?
    Wendy: In respiratory arrest!
    On the other hand, the newbie Carter is not called in to the trauma...
    Carter: You had an infant in respiratory distress and you didn't wake me up?
    Lydia: You got an extra hour's sleep. You should be thanking me.
    Carter: I know, but...
    Lydia: We didn't need you for the baby. Now, we need you.
    Greene and Benton cracks me up in this episode:D
    Benton: (as Carter gives him an H&P on a patient) Mother's maiden name?(Carter looks at notes with a confused look.)
    Haleh: He's kidding.
    Poor Carter, nothing is enough to make Peter Benton satisfied...
    Benton: (to Carter) Congratulations. You just cost this hospital a two million dollar malpractice lawsuit!
    Doug is feeling guilty for Carol`s suicide attempt and not visiting her, still. Mark is trying to convince him to do so. Oh, and the quote of the episode, Doug`s comment on Mark being caught with Jenn in the restroom...
    Ross: I thought you were some kind of saint. I was going to start calling you Mahatma.
    Excellent episode!!
  • A continued view of how ER was originally written. TRAUMA in the ER. John Carter's classic first life save and Dr Benton's diagnosis proves to be correct, even though the patient's own physician thinks otherwise.

    Its 3AM and this time its Susan Lewis awoken by the night nurse. A baby is in arrest. Lewis gets up and proceeds to pull an earing out of the babies airway. When Dr Carter is monitoring a patient awaiting cardiac enzymes, the patient flatlines. Unable to find anyone to assist him, Carter grabs a crash cart in the hallway and shocks the patient back to life. Carter's face is priceless when he realizes he saved the man's life. THis is what ER is all about, the music, the trauma, and the work ER doctors do.
  • With open with Doctor Lewis saving the life of a baby who has swallowed their mother's earring.

    Doug tells Mark he hasn't seen Carol since she tried to kill herself, Mark urges him to go see her.

    A drunk driver hits a family of 3 killing the mother and causing the daughter to require surgery.

    Doctor Lewis can't find a floor to admit an elderly patient of hers suffering from dementia.

    Mark's wife passes the bar exam.
    Half the ER walks him on his wife being intimate in the bathroom when they accidentally hit the emergency button.

    A wedding reception sends 60 people to the ER with food poisoning.

    An elderly man doesn't want his wife to die, and asks for her to be put on a respirator, she wakes up and declines the respirator.

    Doug goes to see Carol.

  • Most of the episode is set ups for things to come. An important episode to develop the tings that make us fall in love with ER.

    The new sets are built, and the shooting moves from the abandoned hospital to the studio. The hallways are wider, but not as long. The exam and trauma rooms are more centralized.

    This episode showcases a writing style that is what I feel a trademark of the series. A yen and yang style of emotions. In one episode, an impromptu wedding reception is taking place in the waiting area. The next scene, an elderly man comes to terms that his wife will die, and he says goodbye. An excellent example, as we see a marriage on opposite ends of their progression.

    Jennifer passes the bar exam, and she and Mark get caught "celebrating" in the bathroom. Later in the episode, things bottom out when they deal with Mark's career, and his reluctance to find a better environment for him.

    There were some things that were a little out of character. One, Carter says he lives with his folks. This may be true, but I have my doubts. With the family money, Carter is able to live on his own. His folks are more than likely, not in town anymore. Two, Benton consoles a man after he tells him that his wife will die. This is out of character of the Benton we eventually know. Not because he doesn't care, but that kind of human contact makes Benton feel uncomfortable.

    This episode also starts to develop the strain on the Greene's marriage, and the relationship with Carol and Doug. Both are story lines that will take years to run their course. We also see the beginning of Susan and Vic's story line.

    All in all, it was an ok episode. Since the series is new, this is more of a set up episode. We don't any leftovers from a previous year. The writers are using this time to get many story lines off of the ground.