Season 2 Episode 6

Days Like This

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 1995 on NBC

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  • Carter is angry with Harper and Doug as Mark tries to figure out what to do with Doug's attitude. Benton faces Jeanie once again which doesn't make him happy!

    It was to be expected that the Jeanie/Benton issue wasn't closed yet so putting Jeanie on the County ER was a thing that could be suspected. It is nice to see what happens from here especially with Peter Benton's cranky moods! Very enjoyable imo.

    Then Mark faces a dilemma when it comes to Doug's behaviour when he annoys the Pediatric chief residence with wanting a kid to be observed when it is not necessary and to top that Doug slept with med student Harper, which doesn't help either. I can imagine how difficult it must be for Mark to figure out what to do especially since Doug is a close friend of his.

    On the other side you can be mad at Doug for sleeping with Harper and doing this to Carter, because you just gotta love Carter and he doesn't deserve it. But on the ohter hand you also sympathise for Doug when he is being yelled at and doesn't know what to do with his life anymore. So you kind of hate and sympathize for him at the same time. I like how the writers put that into the story.

    And Carter, he's just the victim in this ep. He bumps into Harper a few times and faces Doug too. What else can you do but feel sorry for the guy, they expect him to forgive and forget but all he wants is time. Sounds reasonable to me, you can't expect him to forget about this after a few hours...

    Overall nice episode, with good story lines. I enjoyed it a lot!