Season 2 Episode 11

Dead of Winter

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 1996 on NBC

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  • I expected better from John Wells.

    This episode felt pretty average for ER. I expected better for an episode written by John Wells himself.

    The best storyline was definitely Carter and Ruby. Having seen the final chapters of that recurring storyline, it's very interesting to see how it all began, as well as Carter forming himself as the "compassionate" one of the bunch.

    And Benton is truly his polar opposite. We see here he tries real hard to have a little bedside manner, but only after a major confrontation with Boulet. Up to this point in the series, the writers and LaSalle have done nothing to make him a likable character. The only less likable character ever was Paul McCrane's Dr. Romano.

    The kids picked up from the apartment in the slums was a decent story and provided a good impetus for conflict between Hathaway's fireman boyfriend and some of the black ER staff.

    Overall, this episode seemed to drag and it doesn't have the punch that John Wells episodes usually have.
  • well done episode

    This episode is a bit shocking to see the 22 kids living in a small appartment in horrible conditions. I don't think I'd say that Shep was racist, but he should not have said what he did or he should have chosen his words more carefully. The scenes with the kids in the ER was painful to watch because of the horrible conditions they were in. In other storylines, I don't like the way Carol handled the situation with Jeanie. She wasn't at all understanding of her situation and didn't even really know what it took to be a physician's assistant.