Season 10 Episode 3

Dear Abby

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2003 on NBC

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  • carter and abby are over...:( noo! i dont like this, but it happens! on the other hand... abby: well change is good ,right?/ now she thinks like that? now? i'm sorry but this really upset me...and is abby now cosidering to get back to med-school? yeah!!

    i dont have so much to say... i already did... i think carter and abby were a great couple and i love them! i dont know why the writers did this, the audience loved them...i think maybe, i'm not sure...this had sth to do with the fact that noah wyle requested 3 months off from the show in order to enjoy his son...and then the writers would bring abby and carter back together but then noah wyle decided that season 11 would be his last one so... i dont kwow but i think that everybody wanted them to be together without their families screwing everything up!
    i'm peruvian and i started watching the series this year, from season 7, and i instantly loved it! now i'm buying the dvds so i can watch er from the very first season!! my favorite character is john carter, noah wyle is just GREAT! although i know noah left er after its eleveth season i'm glad to know he returned in guest appearances inseason 12 and he will in season 14!
  • This isn't a review, but there's no other way to add info to this page. PLEASE fix this website so the "edit" buttons actually WORK. Otherwise, mistakes are here forever, carved in virtual stone...which is very frustrating to us serious E.R. fans.

    Under "Allusions", the only entry needs editting, but the edit button doesn't work. The claim is that the episode title, "Dear Abby", refers to a "Dear John letter" (that much is accurate ) as a letter "written usually by a BOYFRIEND to break up with a GIRLFRIEND". WRONG.

    Well, totally BACKWARD anyway, and therefore in need of correcting, but unfortunately the "edit" button only takes me to the homepage. (And yes, I'm signed in.) The term "Dear John Letter" became well-known in World War 2, and referred to a serviceman, usually an actual MAN, getting dumped via a letter that typically began with a cool, unemotional "Dear John" (or "George" or whatever); a MAN, & unless "Dear John" was gay the letter wasn't from a man.

    Fix it, wouldja?
  • Misery ends?!

    So, Luka is brought back and Abby hardly gets a change to visit him and then learns that he has someone - that girl from Congo follows him.

    Abby also gets a letter from Carter who dumps her - I thought she already did it but, now it is over - am I happy about that? Maybe, but I think they were great together but I am glad to know that Carter will find someone else.

    On the any other point - Romano acts terrible and turns nurses life miserable and it was really.. oh, he is miserable and you should have seen the look he has when Cordey walked away with that other doctor.

    It was good and great character development but...
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