Season 10 Episode 3

Dear Abby

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2003 on NBC

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  • This isn't a review, but there's no other way to add info to this page. PLEASE fix this website so the "edit" buttons actually WORK. Otherwise, mistakes are here forever, carved in virtual stone...which is very frustrating to us serious E.R. fans.

    Under "Allusions", the only entry needs editting, but the edit button doesn't work. The claim is that the episode title, "Dear Abby", refers to a "Dear John letter" (that much is accurate ) as a letter "written usually by a BOYFRIEND to break up with a GIRLFRIEND". WRONG.

    Well, totally BACKWARD anyway, and therefore in need of correcting, but unfortunately the "edit" button only takes me to the homepage. (And yes, I'm signed in.) The term "Dear John Letter" became well-known in World War 2, and referred to a serviceman, usually an actual MAN, getting dumped via a letter that typically began with a cool, unemotional "Dear John" (or "George" or whatever); a MAN, & unless "Dear John" was gay the letter wasn't from a man.

    Fix it, wouldja?
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