Season 10 Episode 7

Death and Taxes

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • Not all can be saved

    The beauty of this episode was defenetly Susan's storyline - the way from the beginning of the episode we got those little clips of that old man, she has trying to help, preparing for their meal and how, from step to step he started to realize and that drown him into the point he pulled the trigger. Great camera work and very emotional.

    Also, Gallant and his try to save that girl with cancer - again, very emotional and sad but well done.

    I start to like Sam's son more and more even thought Sam's char leaves me totally cold. And Kovac and Elizabeth confronting each other - that was rather good either.

    I think a great episode.
  • Abby begins her ER rotation whilst Susan has a bad day that ends in tradgedy.

    Watching these episodes something seems refreshing about them; Er's acclaimed good writting and skill of dealing a harsh storyline without mellow-dramatics.

    Susan's day goes from bad to worse after a less than encouraging proposal from Chuck to have Kids,by the look on her face it was evident she wasn't impressed.In the same fashion a surplus amount of patients caused her to miss her appointment with an Auditor and to cap it off Ben Hollander died after a suicide attempt.There are those day when you know it's going to be dire and if i were her i would of stayed in Bed.(But then the prospect of staying with Chuck on other thoughts maybe not)

    Abby began her ER rotation that was doomed for failure after she overlooked an apparent skull fracture on a portable CT.Susan then deciphered that the injury had infact been incurred after the babies visit to the hospital.Leaving Abby with a satisfactory first day but the boyfriend with charges of child abuse.Neela asked Abby if she would like to study together after a momentary pause Abby accepted.Signs of a friendship or familarising with the enemy..?
  • Bob Newhart guest stars and brings phenominal acting along with him. His character, along with Sherry Stringfield's was a brilliant mix.

    This episode stands out to me for a few reasons: 1.) Bob Newhart's unforgettable and touching performance as Ben Hollander, a suicidal man slowly going blind. 2.) Abby beginning on her ER rotation. 4.) The growing tensions between Luka and Sam...And of course 3.) Romano's groping mechanical hand. This episode was a fabulous example of how the writters of ER can convey several conflicting emotions to the viewer, all in a single episode. The beginning of the episode had me in tears--laughing--while the ending of the episode left me in tears--empty and utterly depressed. The Romano-Sam-Susan confrontation over Romano's "naughty" hand at the beginning of the episode was much needed comedic relief to an otherwise down episode. Abby had a fullfilling and successful first day in her ER rotation, fresh off her surgical rotation. Newcomer Nurse Sam Taggart again isn't impressed with Luka's charm on Alex. And as for Ben Hollander, it was a terrible ending to a memorable and touching character. Overall, a fabulous installment of ER.
  • Lewis has a bad day .

    Poor Dr. Lewis had a very bad day. I think she really feel guilty about the death of Ben, but she don't have to feel that way, like she said it he want it that way.

    I think that Neela and Abby hate each other, and with this thing of "studing" together is just a way of getting to know a little better.

    I feel very bad about the poor baby and the guy with Aids. He felt so gay, becase we don't have to culture to understand that rape is not only for girls or women but guys it happen to guys too. And the baby, the boyfriend of the mom, wan't even his father so he could beat him. But not only because he is hes father he had the right to beat him, it was sooo sad.
  • A very bad day for Dr Lewis

    This was not a good day for Dr Lewis between being audited by the IRS and seeing her friend commit suicide to some difficult patients. I thought Bob Newhart did a great job on the show and it was sad to see his character die. Another important part of this episode is Abby and Neela continuing to develop into doctors. Abby thinks she has missed a diagnosis, but unfortunately it turns into one of the most disturbing storylines ever. I hope that boyfriend who beat the baby goes to jail, he deserves it. Gallant is forced to make a difficult decision and it does not work out well. The whole Romano thing really bothered me in this episode. He continues to be a huge jerk, and if it weren't for that storyline I would give it a higher ranking.
  • This episode is one of those that was personality very shocking and upsetting, having been a fan of Bob Newhart since I was a child; to see him do what he did is going to stay with me for quite some time.

    I have watched ER since the tv movie, and have been a fan of the show even before it was a show, and was just a novel by Michael Crighton. (Five Patients, for those who are wondering what book I was referring to).

    ***** SPOILERS ALERT!!!******

    Having watched the show for many years, I had come to expect shocking and touching episodes- Mark having to do the nightmare delivery during the first season; Carter and Lucy's attack; the dismemberment (and later death) of the Dr. Romano (WOW..WOW..WOW); the death of Mark Green.

    But for me, more that another other episode, this one was the most painful for me to watch. Not because it was a bad episode, but because Bob Newhart ends up killing himself. Having grown up in a house where Bob Newhart was a part of daily life (my parents watched the show in the 70's and 80's with me, and my Dad and I would listen to the Bob Newhart albums during long car drives), to me, he was a part of the family. But, to see him put a gun to his head and then pull the trigger- talk about an image that stayed with me for days afterwards. It was like watching a close uncle kill himself. It is not often that an episode of ER will stay with me after the show is over, but this one has. And will continue to do so for quite sometime, I am sure.
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