Season 2 Episode 3

Do One, Teach One, Kill One

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 1995 on NBC

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  • All this in one episode?!

    The liver in the bar...fat rabbit man...guy on an ambulance...Shep hitting on Carol...Carter showing off...Chloe taking off....

    Turns out this episode contains many of the scenes and exchanges I remember most vividly from ER\'s early days on TV. I\'d have to rank this one among the best I\'ve seen so far in terms of everything: Writing (the little quips and jibes are priceless); Acting (just watch Carol\'s face when she peeks under the stall door); Character development (Carter learns a great lesson, Benton forcing his hand, Kerry pushing the line, Mark torn in every direction, Susan saddled with little Susie for good, it would seem, Carol moving forward in romance...that oughta cover it).

    Every ER fan should see this episode to really get a feel of what this strong, enduring show was like at its early best; it\'s episodes like this one that helped \"set the tone\" for the show\'s long success.
  • I enjoyed this one

    I always liked this episode because it had some many great things happening. It has both serious and humorous storylines blended seamlessly into one episode. I have to admit that after I watched this episode I had that song that Mitchell sings in my head for a long time. That along with Carol's patient who stands on the ambulance provide plenty of comic relief to the episode, even though Mitchell dies. This is in contrast to Carter's serious storyline with his patient Ed. You can almost feel Carter's frustration at losing his first patient and then his relieve that he isn't going to lose his career as a result.
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