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Season 4 Episode 10

Do You See What I See?

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 1997 on NBC

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    George Eads, who plays EMT Greg Powell in this episode, went on to become a star on the CBS series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Eads is not the first CSI cast member to appear on ER before CSI premiered: Marg Helgenberger had a recurring role in Season 2 as Karen Hines, Ray Ross's business partner and Doug Ross's love interest; and Jorja Fox portrayed Dr. Maggie Doyle in Seasons 3–5.
    recurring role in Season 2 as Karen Hines, Ray Ross's business partner and Doug Ross's love interest; and Jorja Fox portrayed Dr. Maggie Doyle in Seasons 3–5.
    Maggie Doyle in Seasons 3–5.
  • Christmas episode with all needed - big tree, presents and miracle.

    Beautiful episode, very moving and touching. The episode starts really promising with fantastic case - a blind man regains seeing after Benton touches him. Benton ofcourse does not believe that but some other people come just to him to get better. But in the end - that man lose his vision and then it comes out that he has cancer and could not have been seen. But he had his little Christmas miracle, he saw his dog, snow.. and he is so contempt with it.

    The other storyline, more serious ones,... Mark treats an older lady who has been victim of assault. And Mark is more and more thinking that the only way to left what happened with him behind is to forgive. And so he takes the courage and goes to apologize. It does not go so well but I think it helped him and the family, in the end.

    Carter - ofcourse... And Henry.. they almost made serious mistake.. but managed to cover it.. and before you die - don't only say the message but for who it is.. funny part with that. And the Carter's grandmother - I love that she liked what Carol does because I was quite sure after Jeanie convincing a patience for HIV test.. her conservative world view got little damage. But the outcome was beautiful and in the end.. it was super.. sining.. that tree.. Henry getting is paper...
  • ...

    Although this isn't my favourite Christmas episode, and doesn't stand out in my mind as an amazing one either, I really did enjoy this episode. I mostly just liked the general business of the ER. There was a lot going on for many characters, and the writers managed that well.

    Benton was once again a bit of a prick, in his treatment of the blind man. He only grumpily guesses the world is beautiful???? What a ridiculous thing to say to a blind man!!! Sometimes I wonder why he chose medicine at all.

    Danger bells are starting to ring with Cynthia; how can she borrow so much money only to spend it immediately again???

    Doug's proposal to Carol was cute, and the nurses response to Carol's announcement was a traditional ER one.

    It was nice to see Henry pass, at least he did try this time.

    The end was saddening though, because we always know that nothing will stay happy, Kerry's just being used for example. And hey, 150 grand isn't very generous from a billionaire! Oh, and did the driver hear Carter and Chase's discussion?
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