Season 3 Episode 1

Dr. Carter, I Presume

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 1996 on NBC

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  • Not the easiest day for dr. Carter

    Pilot of the season.

    We have a look into dr. Carter's first shift and it is not easy. As he said in the end of the last season after he graduated, that he does not feel different, so it is - in one moment, being a med student and now running around and trying to act as a doctor and nurses are not giving him easy time.

    It is always hard at the beginning and the tempo, the way this is shown here, is very catching and sympathizing. Also there is more about Jeanie and Benton and the story continues where it was left, only this time they have their test results and for Jeanie, there is a decision to make.

    Also we can see that Shep is not so lonely anymore and that - he moving on so quickly, hurt Carol, I think, even more. And she is back, I am happy for that even there is nothing said about that
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