Season 12 Episode 6

Dream House

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • I liked the plot the first time I saw it... when Dr. Romano brought his dog in for medical care.

    After several episodes to start this season that indicated the show was improving a bit after some off-kilter seasons, they then opened the November sweeps period with this stink-bomb of an episode. And now not only are the ER writers recycling plots, like the much-hyped giant catastrophe coming up this month, but they're also recycling bad plots.
    For the love of God, an animal brought to the hospital for medical care once again? It was barely tolerable/believable the first time, but now it stretches all credibility beyond the breaking point. Seeing them work together on a chimpanzee, you actually feel embarassed for Maura Tierney and Parminder Nagra, imagining they were doing their lines while at the same time thinking of frantically calling their agents to find some way off the sinking ship before ER drowns their careers. And then having the chimp-healthcare montage with "Coconut" playing on the soundtrack? That may have been the worst moment in the history of the show.
    Again this season, the plotline alluded to by the episode title gets nearly dropped in the final act, never coming to any real, definitive conclusion. Instead, it falls by the wayside as we're expected to believe a medical doctor is too stupid to knowing he's sleeping with a 14-year-old, and see more on Pratt's absentee father, which feels more and more like trying to use Danny Glover's name to get viewers than an effort to create an interesting plot.
    Hopefully the show will return to its early season form quickly, because episodes like this are what I fear have already driven many viewers into the arms of Without a Trace.
  • They did not do this? They did.. really?

    Oh.. quite nothing episode as most of the time there is monkey on the focus - ok, it was quite a lot of fun first, so it saved much of that episode for me and turned the monkey (sorry.. not monkey) storyline enjoyable. But there were other things I did not liked - like Eve and Sam. They really did, after 12 years (I think she had worked there before.. so even more years) just fire her? She and Malice have been the only characters from the first season we have left and now one of them is gone. Lately with Eve and Clemente - it looks like again - new winds are blowing and weird, I never like that. There have been quite big changes before... and they have never been to the good.. always to the other side.
  • Minkey bussnes in the ER.

    I love how at first, Abby didn't like the idea of the baby monkey like Neela, but at the end but of them were very hook with him.

    I can't believe that Ray was having all the sex with a 14 years old girl!!, ok i admit she look older but anyway poor him, and then to find out she wasn't only having sex with him but with other guys!!!

    Poor Sam having to fired Haleh, when Haleh have help so much to Sam and the reason they gave her because she was working to much hours that was insane. But it was all of Eve evil plan. Hate her soo much.

    I think that Pratt while make up woth his dad, but no, now he's don't only angry with him but wurh his mother too.
  • pretty good

    I liked this better the second time around as well , the story of the guy, building the dream house, the firing off Haleh, the little monkey, was really sad me being an animal lover I felt bad for the mother Chimp so bad, Clemente endeared himself to me in this episode, so I tend to more lenient to his plight in later ones, only thing missing Luka!
  • Just average

    An average episode.

    The chimpanse storyline was a bit much. Too cute, too odd. Frankly if I were a patient at that hospital I would be furious if I found out that I had to wait so much longer for treatment because they had a monkey in there. A monkey which belongs with a vet. Just a stupid storyline IMO.

    And I honestly don't get why Haleh is mad at Sam. She made it sound as if Sam took the job to earn money from firing Haleh. She took the job for other reasons, even if money was one of them, but she didn't exactly sell Haleh out. I'll be sad to see Haleh leave though, I hope she finds her way back. But in all honesty, I like Eve. She's got working morals, she's not afraid of being the bad guy when she needs to be and I enjoy seeing her put herself in respect even with the docs. They seem to do as she tells them to do.

    Oh, and Dubenko-the-robot was a fun touch. Especially when Clemente locked the robot in. Too bad I don't like Leland Orser...

  • A lot of monkey lines in this episode, so I'll save you the joy of my own and just let you read the review :)

    I couldn't help smiling at that chimp story-line, though the whole time I was thinking "NO! This is a blatant in-your-face technique to get us all to love Clemente, do. not. give. in.!" Of course, a few smiles were smiled at the general cutness (as brain wondered if the whole chimp in a filming studio was ethical) yet my feelings either way for Clemente remained unchanged. But please, sanitary conditions - health and safety - it's a hospital!!!! Why does the chimp need to be treated there?????

    I think it would have been better if Weaver had found out about the chimp rather than Eve. When Clemente arrived Weaver and he had that great scene where she demanded that he gets authorisation from her for EVERYTHING. It would have been great to see her reaction to this incident!

    The episode, to me, only really seemed to have a small handful of plots, unlike most episodes.
    There was the chimp, Pratt's dad, Ray and the 14-year-old and Eve's nursing issues. I don't count the one trauma as it didn't register to me as an important factor in the episode.

    Concerning Greg: I enjoyed the story-line, some really good acting, not sure if this is the end or not...Seemed a little like too much squeezed into a short space, but better than the story-line dragging. A little predicatable...

    Regarding Ray's 14-year-old: My initial feelings were just "Why, oh why, must we be subject to this?" it really is disgusting when you think about it! Though amazing that I never took her for 14, and as soon as she announced it I could suddenly see her age just in her face! (Though the fact I never got it does not mean Ray is excused - I saw her for 1 minute, he had a relationship with her, as Neela said, he's better start talking to his dates). Anyway I wonder why they can never just let Ray steadily improve, instead they constantly drag him backwards. But then maybe that’s the whole point of the character - that he's stuck in this cycle and not going anywhere.

    I enjoyed the nursing issues, though they really aren't trying in the least to make Eve likeable, or at least understandable. I mean, I do like her, though I'm not sure why...but must she really take such glee in firing a good nurse???? And Haleh - a link from day she really gone>? That's very sad!!!!! I think the decision to introduce Eve is great all round, she's there to improve nursing which means we get to see more of it! It's fantastic seeing the different responses to her as well - Innez, all fresh and new, just following her, Haleh rebelling, Sam, stuck. I'm glad Sam got the job, she is a good nurse, though I do always wonder why? Surely she can't have been a nurse for that young, yet we're always informed she's better than all the practised professionals!!!
    I thought Sam running after her to apologise was ridiculous "I feel so bad!" Obviously Haleh feels worse and knowing that Sam is in inner turmoil really isn't going to help her! I know it was in character for Sam, but I felt that the character was being rather too much wrapped up in herself. She wanted and expected forgiveness, or to be yelled at just so she could make herself feel hard done by. She should have just left it alone.

    I actually enjoyed Morris, seems like more of a scripted character. He was good with the child, patronising perhaps but at least he was trying and helping the kid to focus on something else.

    All in all, quite a light-hearted episode, if we ignore Greg's part, the overall tone seemed light with serious bits added on top rather than taking over the episode. Maybe a filler, but an enjoyable one at that. Special only in that we really haven't had this kind of mood in seasons now.

    OH! I LOVED Dubenko!!! LOL!!!! Can you not just imagine Corday working on a patient, Dubenko in robot form and her getting really annoyed! One can only wish...
  • A chimp? Come on!

    This week featured Sam finally joining management but firing poor Haleh in the process. Seeing Haleh's crushed face when she learned she was being fired was tear jerking and it was good to see her this week for more than 10 seconds. What bothers me is that back when Carol was nurse manager she was frequently faced with letting people go but found money saving solutions so why couldn't Sam? The chimp storyline was just so bizarre that I can't even review it. How can Clemente, an attending, spend all day with it? Finally the statutory rape with Ray and Zoe did nothing for this episode.
  • And by out of character, I mean the ER as a whole.

    This episode was very different to me, in that the main client was a monkey, and the main annoyance was a robot.

    The monkey storyline was very sad. Not to say that it devalued the show in any way, but mainly on how it ended. Abby and Neela were very interesting around the monkey. Very disgusted at first, and then attached in the end.

    Okay, who else thinks it is quite funny that Ray was dating a 14-year-old! Who claimed to have been with multiple other partners ('I didn't think we were being monogamous'), which makes the whole where did I get this rash story even worse.

    I truly enjoyed Dr. Clemente taking out that Dr. Dubenko robot and throwing him in a closet. Well done doctor.
  • Pratt and his dad come to terms and there's monkey business going on.

    The ending of this episode is what impressed me by oe heck of a whole lot. What we were expecting was a big make up scene between Pratt and his father. What we got was Pratt not letting his father off the hook. I wasn't expecting that.

    Neela and Abby's reaction to the monkey was both heart warming and sad.
  • Morris was my favorite character this episode. No, I’m serious.

    I’m not a fan of monkey business, but I liked the way that Darwin brought Clemente and Abby closer, and that it gave a little chance for Neela and Abby to play pediatricians. At least we got a little bit of character interaction that was genuine and over a patient. It’s not every episode that that seems to happen anymore. Of course little Darwin was also a lot of comic relief during “Coconut,” and shed a little bit of cuteness in the otherwise dull episode.

    I know it’s a horrible thing to say, but I always hate it when we get sucked into the ennui of a character’s life. And hate it a little more when we’re stuck dealing with issues that they’ve been dealing with for twenty years. I didn’t like Greene’s parents as we first met them, most of the storylines centering on the Carters, Sam’s ex Steve, or the protracted Weisinski melodrama. If a family member gets sick and the doc/nurse has to take care of them like the Reese Benton storyline, fine. If it affects the doctor’s work, even better… have another character help them, like Carter asking for Anna’s help with his cousin Chase. That storyline was excellent in that it defined both Carter and Anna, and then later on her ex from Philly. Frankly, I like my characters either in their homes, or in the hospital interacting with each other. You know, stuff that directly has to do with the ER. So why in an episode that basically ends a career at County General and elevates another, are we pounding on this poor dead horse of a storyline that Pratt’s got Daddy issues? Poor Haleh, see you again in two weeks.

    I like the idea of an Eve, and even more that Sam is rising in the ranks. She’s the clear choice to be their next Carol candidate. And to an extent, I even see why her first action would be to fire one of her friends. But why would she keep it to herself? Shouldn’t Sam go to someone who might be able to help her figure out what to do, like Luka or the entirely absent Weaver? And firing Haleh? That’s just wrong. Obviously, it’s not going to be a permanent solution, as Kristen Johnston is only in a few more episodes, but did we ever really find out why the ER needed a nurse manager in the first place? Or why they didn’t just hire from within if somebody left?

    Ugh, and don’t get me started on Ray’s new girlfriend. I could see him not realizing she’s 17 and still in high school, but 14? And in middle school!? There is a level of wrong that can be considered benign miscalculation or ignorance, but then there’s criminal negligence: Ray was as old as Zoe is now when she was born. That’s a sobering thought. Neela should be offended by this, too, and not haughty and jokey. If I found out my roommate was sleeping with a middle-schooler I’d kick him out. Even if he didn’t know how young she was, that apartment is now the scene of a crime. Talk about cleaning it for Gallant to come home to. There isn’t enough disinfectant to wipe out the wrongness of that. I like that Ray gets his ass kicked next week. A lot.

    That said, I like that we saw Abby as maternal, because I often forget that she was a maternity nurse before coming down to the ER, I enjoy Parminder Nagra’s deadpanning – she truly is a wonderful comedienne, and I continue to appreciate Morris more and more each week this season as he grows into a regular position and away from being the comic relief. Watch, soon he'll be adult enough to pair with Sam.
  • Unbelievable, She Can't Be Gone?

    This was a fairly random episode, with John Leguizamo providing some comic relief along with Neela and Aby whilst looking after a Chimpanzee, although its not the first time an animal has been taken care of in the ER.

    The pivotal point to this episode was Eve promoting Sam to Nursing Admin and then forcing her to sack Haleh. I was utterly shocked when this came to light. Haleh has been in the series since episode 1, shes almost like a fixture in the ER and shes gone. Sad.

    Pratts storyline with Charlie was initially annoying but is starting to get moving and emotional.

    I thought they could have handled the revelation that Ray slept with a 14 year old a bit more seriously, but nothing seems to be done about it.

    Overall a moving episode that has changed the shape of ER yet again.
  • Nothing like Monkey Business........

    Even though they have already done something liket was one of my favorite episodes so far this season. I really enjoyed this one and was glued to the TV the whole time. C'mon, who didn't shed a tear when the baby chimp passed away and how cute was it's mother watching her baby as Abby made him more comfortable. If you have humanly feelings, then you shed a tear. I was really upset by the firing of Haleh, she is a great character on the show. Leave it up to that Nazi nurse to be wanting to get rid of her, but have Sam do it....what a woman! Then just drop the bomb on her cause Sam didn't have the heart to do it. I hope she gets her job back!!
  • Just when you think that you know all that you can about a character, the writers give you something more, and the actors make it come alive.

    Pratt receives cold hard proof that his father for whom he longed for so many years tried to come back several times, but his mother did not allow it. By his father’s words, perhaps she thought it was for Pratt’s own good. But our fine Dr. Pratt will have none of it. It’s too late he says. Hopefully this thread has not yet reached it’s end, and that they further develop Dr. Pratt and allow for forgiveness.

    Another character development that has been at times uncomfortable to watch is Abby’s. What a fine doctor she is turning out to be. She was a fine person and nurse to begin with, so how could she be anything else?

    Speaking of uncomfortable characters, Eve is definitely tops on my list. Is she secretly related to Kerry Weaver? Recruiting Sam by enticing her with more money so that Sam could serve as the heavy was sneaky and underhanded.

    What does that say about Sam, who gave no second thought to the scope of what she was agreeing to, and the lives it would affect other than her own? She clearly was torn up when they fired Haleh, and was just then realizing the implications of a hasty decision.

    As decisions go, apparently Dr. Rockstar Barnett doesn’t think so deeply either. Well, he does, but with…never mind. Thank goodness he has Neela as the voice of his conscience - should I say she’s helping him to develop one.

    My favorite lines of this episode:

    Dr. Grimes upon seeing the baby chimp: “What in the name of all that is good and holy have you done with that baby?!”

    Abby: "You're the one who started this monkey business...pause...I didn't mean to say that1"

  • Haleh? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    This review is not much of one, but if they fired Haleh, what a way to go. I don't know if Yvette Freeman was leaving the show, you'd think's updates would let a person know that. Yvette's character was a strong one that lasted 11 and a half years. She was great for ER. The way she left the show, if true that she REALLY was fired, was horrible, and says "you were on the show for this long, so we're gonna send you off by having you fired".

    Not the best storyline concerning Haleh. I'm really anxious to find out if she gets her job back or if she truly was fired from County. Most of the regular cast members, even non main credits cast members tend to be written out of the show horribly. Drs. Carter and Greene were the only ones whose send offs were memorable. Two recent write outs had one taking a job offer elsewhere, with no goodbyes, and a firing after so many years of dedicated service. Very sad indeed.
  • It's monkey business!

    Just when you thought you'd seen it all, Dr Clemente treats a monkey. This was the episode that made me like Clemente more, and made me hate Eve a lot more. I can't believe they would actually fire Haleh, but I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of her. She is one of only two characters to be in all 12 seasons, Malik is the other. I feel bad for Sam, because she was put in a very bad situation. The last thing she wanted to do was to fire Haleh. I feel bad for the kid in the construction accident, but at least his father survived.
  • They fired.... May contain spoilers

    They fired heleh? What? The only person left on the show from the beginning? This was a horrible episode. Ray dating a 15 year old? Not funny just very very creepy. Monkey baby? Can we say run out of storylines? And isn’t Kristen Johnson’s character essentially Weaver? We don’t need a substitute Weaver. I believe she is still on the show so why not dump Johnson and oh I don’t know show Weaver once and a while. Pratt storyline is getting stale. For the past few episodes it’s been the same thing. Danny Glover comes and begs Pratt to forgive him, Pratt refuses and says go away. Glover comes back. Begs some more. The sweet half brother begs. Greg pouts. Tearful exchange….awkward hug and just when you think Greg’s daddy issue are over he says go away agian. I understand that he feels abandoned and wants to be loyal to his mother, but come on. The man wants to be a dad. You want a dad. So, let him be a dad. Besides its Danny Glover….how can you say no to Danny Glover? Next week doctor may be in mortal danger. Haven’t done that before. Paging Dr. Lucy Knight? Oh, in two weeks the yearly unbelievable disaster that they play off as new. Oooo Luka and Abby back together. Can’t wait for that train wreck to start anew.
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