Season 10 Episode 22


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 13, 2004 on NBC

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  • ggghh

    Have bhs grin hunch
  • Random shots..

    It was quite random episode. I cannot say it was bad but.. something was still missing - it is not on the level it used to be on the old good times.

    The story itself is catching - first the accident what Luka saws - it was so shocking and even thought everyone survived, it really showed how irresponsible can man be. But some moments on trauma.. the motion. Carter, not giving up. Great moments

    Oh.. and Sam - I am so tired of her char and I hope she will be gone, but no.. I know she will come back. how, I do not have idea.

    And the end - another really shocking moment.. and the way it ended.. cliffhanger.
  • Never let Pratt drive.

    i don't really like this episode because it was season finale and nothing exciting happen, only at the end when you don't know what happe to Pratt, and Chen.

    Well maybe it wasn't that boring, a little bit of sentimental when the woman lost her legs, but thanks gog the kid was alright.

    I don't think it was worthing showing the parts of Neela, the great student that always have done what her parents have told her to do and now she is lost, it was very out of point.

    Then when Abby call the school where the old math teacher teach was very good acticon of her because nobody deserve to die all alone.
  • Abby steals the show with her caring for a dying teacher.

    Maybe it's because I am a teacher with 20+ years in the profession, but this has to be one of my favorite episodes. I LOVE the interchanges between Abby and mean old Mr. Gould. It is totally in character for her to recognize his loneliness and lack of self worth....and to do something about it. I also loved watching her chasing down her Board results and loved her reaction at the end when she read that she has passed.
    Luka and Sam....not as much fun to watch as Luka and Alex. Neela\'s agony at being unsure of herself in her chosen profession was right on. Paraminder Nagra has that character nailed.
  • This is one of the best TV shows, but this wasn't ER at its best.

    Although I liked some of the plots and character development that happened, I did not think this was season finale worthy. It seemed like everything was predictable.

    The thing I really liked about this episode was how it showed everyone "driving" towards or away from something:

    Neela, who has an internship at a very prestigious hospital, seems to be running from herself not knowing what she wants. She seems to want to stay in Chicago, yet is pushed to get out of there, to get higher up.

    Sam is running away from her ex and from her fears that Luka might actually care about her and Alex, something that she's not used to. She would rather just go back to her old and familiar way. Luka chases after her because he cares, but Sam doesn't want to get hurt, so she uses the Steve thing.

    Pratt seems to want to be there for Jing-Mae, but she doesn't reciprocate. He knows what is really going on yet can't do anything about it.

    Abby is so close to being a doctor. We anxiously awaited as we found out the results of her boards, which she passed. Carter summed it all up when he tld her he "never had a doubt" about it. Now all Abby has to do is gain more confidence in herself. She is a great doctor, and everyone knows it but her. I especially liked the end when she told the colon patient that she would not be taking care of him tomorrow, but she would be there, and to ask for Dr. Lockhart. That was a huge step up for her.

    I would have liked to see this episode maybe more towards halfway through the season, and seen a little more plot with this than it just be partially referred to in the next season premiere.
  • I wish it would have been better ... :(

    What do you say to this season finale? I can't find too many words to describe what happened. To me, not to much. Nothing excited me. Except for the lady with the son and the car and how she lost her legs. But thank god she and her son were okay. The look on the husbands face when he found out about her having to take of her legs was unforgetable. Makes me sad to think about anyone I know having to chop off two very important body parts.

    Congrats to Abby, who passed her boards and is OFFICIALLY going to become an intern! WOOHOO... Dr. Lockhart! Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it!

    Does anyone know what is happening to Chen, are these injuries like the black eye from her father, or are they from a boyfriend? She mentions something about her father, but the episode never clarifies what happened... Pratt to the rescue with his concern, he is so sweet.

    What in the world is Neela thinking, not taking the internship? Well, I guess all in all she has made a cood decision because we want her to stay at County General!! But man, it seems that she is throwing her medical career away, 8 years of hard work flushed down the drain.

    OOOO... I hate Steve, how could he do this! He made Sam and Alex leave, not cool. No matter what Luka does or says, Sam still leaves. How can you pass up Luka????

    I hope Kerry gets custody of her son! She deserves it hands down.

    Oh, I should hurt that shooter, what is up with that, whats the motive? Was he pissed that his car wasn't as cool as Pratt's?? Most likly! ... errr

    NOT my favorite season finale... disipointing almost :(