Season 13 Episode 15

Dying Is Easy...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on NBC

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  • Aftermaths

    I do not know. This episode did not have magic for me. The best part for Brat and the hearing and the way he manage to come out quite ok. That was good and show the spirit of those people who he helped.

    The whole thing with Gates.. I still love that little girl and maybe the truth Gates is getting.. Anyway, maybe something interesting can come from this storyline as I see it has most potential at the moment.

    Abby and Luka.. I was expecting something more. The ending.. to be honest, I did not even remember that they are not married. I am sure Abby said last episode when he called police that her husband was threaten.. ok.. it look like they are going to make it official.
  • Great episode with a very happy end!

    Best story: Simon, the struggling comedian/leukemia patient. He may not always be as funny as he thinks he is, but his story is so tragic that it breaks my heart. His dream to be a stand-up comedian isn't to be, as it turns out that he has only weeks to live. Abby tries to get him well enough to be able to go on stage, but in the end Simon has to give up his dream. His line "I should have killed tonight, but instead I'm dying" is just so sad....
    Most unbelivable story: Pratt goes before a medical board and could face a jail sentence, but he ends up "only" being on probation for a year. He seems to be saved by the Asian doctor on the board, who is helping out in a free clinic himself and can relate to Pratt's situation. That seemed too good to be true, and when the whole congregation (and Hope) comes in to support Pratt, it just became a little too melodramatic for my taste.
    Sam's granny Gracie goes on a cruise with Timmy. That's so "soap-opera-ish"!
    Sweetest scene: Neela's kidney transplant recipient wanting to see the donor of her new kidney. Even Crenshaw seemed to be touched by it!
    And saving the best for last –--- Best scene: Abby coming home from work and asking Luka "Could you ask me again?" - Is this a LOVELY scene or what!!! And long overdue in my opinion... Abby's patient Simon made her think about what's important in her life and led to her change of heart regarding marriage. At last...
  • After treating a dying comedian Abby comes to a surprising conclusion.Pratt must face the consequences of his actions and Morris leads the ER.

    I liked the dynamic of Abby and Sam's interaction with Simon the dying Comedian.I think his desperation of wanting something so much but being unable to reach it got to both of them.His jokes weren't particularly funny until the end but it was a clever tactic to move the seriousness away from his impending death.

    Pratt had to attend a hearing following a fatal accident as a result of the illegal drug programme.Stubborness came across from Pratt representing his resentment at for once trying to do something worthwhile and having it slap him in the face?Without That priest guy he would of come off with a harsher punishment i'm glad he didn't lose his license he's an awesome doctor with his heart in the right place!

    The final montage was awesome, the music was perfect for the scenes and they were merged together well.Of course i couldn't write this without mentioning Abby and Luka.
    Simon obviously really got to Abby unintentionally;She quoted him with "have you ever wanted something so much but it scares the hell out of you?".The proposal wasn't cheesy it was just right for what their relationship has been moving up to.Abby didn't ask him she asked him to ask her again defining tradition but giving the viewer what they wanted.It truly was perfect!The scenes of Luka kneeling dow truly made my day!
  • me gusta algo q le dice simon a abby You know what the best thing about getting leukemia is? Everybody comes to see you The guys from the plant came My ex-soccer coach came Even Father Dunleavy came It took 3 orderlies to get him out of the Peds Ward

    me gusto en relida fue inteso dice mucho este cap la musica de fondo lequeda muy encato eso de Dying is Easy la frase

    The episode title is drawn from the old addage "dying is easy, comedy is hard." These might be characterized as the original "famous last words" having been variously attributed to the death-bed wisdom of actors Edmund Keen or David Garrick and playwright Oscar Wilde. Regardless of their origin, they suggest the easy part of life is to simply give up; the hard part is to keep living no matter what happens esta nota fue lo q mas me llamo la antencio por ers verda lo q dice
  • A proposal, a proposal. Yeah yeah

    I was hoping Abby would change her mind after the events of the previous episode and she did. I knew it from the moment that comedian asked her if she had ever been so scared of something she wanted so badly. And it was just so cute when she sat there and said "ask me again" and at first, Luka didn't even know what she meant, but when he did, his smile was so cool. I knew they were meant for something huge!
    I was also wondering about Tony being Sarah's father. Is he really? Shouldn't he like do a test or something? Or maybe he doesn't want to confuse her more than she already is at the moment. Anyway, with the kid who doesn't like her in Tony's life, there's no chance for him and Neela, I think. So, I hope it'll come down to Ray in the end!!!
  • Pratt's situation, the Comedian doing his last show and A PROPOSAL!!!!!!!

    This episode was all around Pratt and I like it that way, because his actions should have consequences and with the Medical Board and all of that it was natural to have an episode "old fashioned".

    Finally she got it right!!! Because yelling "I want to marry you" or "Let's get married" weren't any woman's dream for a proposal.

    I think TPTB have done a great job in this scene, even if the episode was kind of good, the last moments were great. Luka and Abby transmitted all the emotions of a big step like that.

    As usual Luka was clueless at first and when he got it, the expression of his face was priceless, as for Abby she expressed her emotion in a very classy way.
  • Pratt is on the cusp of make or break in terms of his career. Morris gets a chance to shine...and Abby turns her life around.

    Finally a chance for Morris to shine, and truly show us what he is made of. He got to prove his worth, and everyone - with the exception of Abby (but when will she ever?) took him seriously. It was good to see, because it still came with some humour that is nice to associate with his character.

    Pratt's story was fundamental in the sense that it's political undertones were very disticnt, and I didn't think all that subtle. A well played out storyline, and a happy outcome, or at least a fair outcome.

    As for Luby? Well what can we really say about Luby? It's about time! I think this was wonderfully scripted, and such a good idea in terms of highlighting character development. Although it did make me laugh when Abby said 'if we ca get through this, we can get through anything.' Like the Ames incident was the only bad thing to happen to them!
    Reguardless of that though, Abby has come so far, and for her to be that open and honest about the fact that she knows what she wants, it just scares her, was amazing to see. I have read reviews were people have slated Simon the comedian,saying he wasn'f funny, but I think that he was simply a device. You could clearly see Abby looking at him and seeing Joe...the possibility that had they not had Luka, Joe would end up like Simon. A really well thoughout storyline, and that character added huge amounts of wonderfully acted out emotional depth.

    And also it was good to see Sam taking on the responsibility of her son, and the implications of that. I like her character.

    Overall it was a quiet episode in terms of drama, but to look beyond that, to character development and other undertones, a really wonderful episode that told many stories. Wonderfully acted out too.
  • A fine episode, with a funny guy and a proposal. I just say this is a goodie :)

    Ok, I liked this episode but it had a bit of slow start. You really get the story. My favorite parts was the proposal, of course, and also Simon moments. This comidian really wanted to be funny, and he was, but I felt so sorry for him. I mean, young people don't need to die, or have to be dying.I am a Luby-fan and had just been waiting for this. The expretions on Abby's and Luka's faces was just adorible! The eppie titel fited in perfect! And I agree, Dying is easy, comedy is hard. Now I can't wait 'til next weeks eppie :)
  • An aspiring comedian lives out the final moments of his life, Luka and Abby finally reach a milestone and Pratt is saved frojm imprisonment.

    This show was definitely understated in its presentation. The writers were not trying to be overt and often there is a lot to be said of subtlety and with that said I was expecting more especially after Murmurs of the Heart and the fact that it is February Sweeps.

    Pratt was disappointing and I found him uninteresting once again, I rather enjoyed the previous storyline with his father but TPTB chose not to resolve it leaving it to rot away when I felt like it had potential.

    Morris, Abby and Sam worked wonderfully though quietly, in a certain respect, on Simon and there was hope there though it was not completely realized.

    The brief Ray and Neela scene was still one of praise because in this can be seen potential and a re-emergence of a relationship that is meaningful, IMO. A lot can be said of this scene which I and others have already done on the forum, suffice it to say there is comfort, hope and excitement between them, that which should not be wasted or rendered useless.

    The ending was very well done, in relation to the rest of the episode, from Neela walking to Ray seeing the photo and finally to Luka proposing however silent it may have been!
  • Abby diagnosis a comic with end stage leukemia. Tony begins his new relationship with his possible daughter. Pratt goes in front of a review board. The Sam Alex Grandma trilogy continues to be painful.

    A very touchy ending when Abby realizes that she wants to marry Luka. By caring for an end stage leukemia patient she learns from him and allows him to give one last performance before he dies. That was classic ER writing and reminded me of the 4th episode of the show Into That Good Night Seaon 1, where a man awaits a heart transplant that doesnt happen and is allowed to say goodbye to his child. When you stick to TRAUMA in the ER, you get a quality show. And last nights episode was quality. Finally!
  • "Dying Is Easy"...well, maybe not so easy, when you watch this well written episode that finally took us fans back to the old fashioned ER we used to love so well. I was certainly not complaining this time around.

    Lately, the season of the ER has been somewhat less than amusing. After a terrific season 13 opener, the epsiodes were becoming too much like all other shows, and dealing with more of the doctors personal lives, than how they were treating the patients. I am obliged to say that this episode was more along the traditional way of Er, as the staff must treat a dying stand up comedian who is desperate to make his last performance a good one. He knows he will not make this performance, so he brings down the ER with laughs while charming Abby, Sam, Morris, and Neela. At the end of the episode, we final had a personal moment shared between Luka and Abby about their future together, thus ending the episode. That's the kind of episode that I like to see from this show. This certainly restored my faith in the rest of this season. One thing I do feel should be altere a little, was the kidney transplant the Neela worked on. We should have seen more of Neela perofrming the surgery. However, the aftermath of the trashplant, and how Neela was doing favors for her patient, was good enough, and more like "old school" ER. This was a good episode.
  • Rather dull soap opera like episode

    Pratt broke the law but got a slap on the wrist due to an army of supporters who clogged the hearing room. This would NOT happen in real life not to mention the likelihood of him being sued by the family of the guy who died.

    Luka and Abby are getting married? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. They sure got over that Ames suicide pretty quickly - its like it never happened.

    The subplot with Sams firebug kid is going nowhere fast. Unless he totally goes nuts and starts burning down Chicago or something.

    The rest of the episode was about a dying guy who wanted to die laughing - literally.

    It wasnt a total waste of time but ER is getting more stale by the week. I cant even remember half the names of the cast any more.

    Now that the one armed ER surgeon who was killed by a falling helicopter was suffocated by his own father on "24" maybe he can go back to the ER. He may have been irritating but at least he added zest to the show. Ok, so he died on ER, maybe it can be his long lost twin brother? I watch ER more out of habit than anything else these days.
  • Morris in charge of the ER....Pratt realizes he is not alone....Neela realizes she IS alone....Sam realizes she WANTS to be alone....Abby and Luka are...well....

    The nice, relatively quiet after last week, episode was super charged with character development. First up, Morris. With Luka gone and Pratt defending himself, Morris takes over as the lone attending for the day. He has come a very long way since his first appearance on the show. In charge and on top of things he even sends an injured Luka back home. Too bad we didn't get to see more of him. Didn't like Abby ordering him to use the balls he says he has. He was doing aLOT without her attitude. Greg Pratt is placed in the opsiotion of defending himself with the Medical Board regarding his actions dispensing medicine at the church clinic. He'd resisted the attmepts of Reverand Watkins to join him at the hearing and then squirmed all alone before the panel. It surprised (and maybe pleased) him when the good Reverand showed up with some of the congregation - and Hope - to support him. With Gates just back from Wisconsin and Meg's funeral, Neela attempts to share her news about helping in an actual transplant surgery. (During the course which crusty Dusty Crenshaw showed his own character changes. Wierd.) Instead Gates is called to school to pick up a greiving Sarah. Neela turns to Ray, who walks with her to get coffee and listens as she goes on and on about her excitement. Later, Neela goes to Tony's apartment where he tells her Meg told him Sarah is his.....and that the information might be true. Neela leaves when he needs to attend to Sarah and ends up walking the street alone. At the same time we see Ray reaching into his frideg for something and stoppping to look at a picture hanging there. A picture of him and Neela. Sam tells Ben that the counselor thinks she should enroll Alex in an academy for troubled teens. Ben offers to help her look aat a couple and Sam tells him she needs to do it alone. He tells her that he understands that her kid comes first and to take as much time as she needs. Abby has been treating the 'patient of the week', Simon, an aspiring comic with leukemia and a deadly infection. With his cancer treatments chances dwindled out, the surgery cannot be done. He is desperate to get to a gig at a high end comedy club. He asks her if she has ever wanted something so bad....but it scares you to death to get it. Light bulb we didn't see THAT coming. Abby's attempts to buff him up to be 'released against medical advice' aren't working. Instead he does his routine there, from his bed, to anyone available. I wish he'd been funny. The crowded trauma room with Morris and Sam and available aides seemed to be getting better stuff from him than we did. Not that the show was without funny moments. Sam's Grandma Gracie taking off for a healing cruise to give Sam and Alex time to bond....with Timmy! What a hoot they are!! And Gates' deadpan announcement to a patient that she is examining that Neela 'is into S&M and to say 'mayday' if she wants her to stop.' Laughed like crazy when the patient said 'Mayday! Mayday!' immediately. But the biggest character leap of faith came from Abby. Like we didn't see THAT one coming. This gal has been doing flip flops since last season's announcement that she was pregnant. She flies into the apartment after her shift to find Luka adding their CDs to the ipod. She sits in front of him and tells him they need to talk. She talks about her fears while he was on the roof - of raising Joe without a dad...and of the two of them without each other. She is tearing up as she asks if he has ever wanted something SO much....but is scared to death? She tells him that she has changed her mind so would he please ask her again. He is confused and so she asks him to ask her to marry him again. Wow. Who would have thought that Our Girl Abby would have ever been able to relinquish control like that? Who would have thought she would ever actually ASK for something as girly as a proposal? HUGE sigh as our guy Luka obliges her and draws her to her feet and then slowly slips to his knee in front of her. Aww.....I want a 'Luka' in MY life! DANG those writers once again!!! The credits started and we didn't get to actually hear his proposal. Oh well....I can hear those fan fiction pens a scratchin' now! Off to read 'em.... Nice job cast and crew.....but after a week without a 'song of the week'....I really didn't miss it last time. Why not go against the flow and drop it altogether?
  • Okay, They've redeemed themselves slightly...

    After last week's dismal episode I was glad to see this one was at least better. The central theme seemed to be "breaking the rules." Just about everybody did. Firstly Alex, who we didn't see in the episode, but as a result of his breaking the rules he's gonna be sent to military school. Could not have come much sooner. Next, Abby tried to break the rules and allow a comedian to play on stage, except, he didn't say anything particularly funny the entire episode. Lastly, you had Pratt who broke every rule in the book but comes out with no major consequences. On the Reela front, there's good news. It seems Sarah might be Tony's and Neela didn't seem too happy about it. I'm really pulling for Reela, hoping it'll happen in sweeps! Overall, the medical stories weren't super compelling but at least there was some good character development. Oh, and Abby and Kovac are finally going to get married. They kinda have to now that there are two recent engagements on Grey's.
  • Quiet, slow pace, but effective episode.

    A real low compared to last week's dramatic episode. Nothing really happened. But I guess nothing could match the drama of last week. Freddy Rodriguez was pretty good. The Abby/Luka ending was very touching. It will interesting to see how Gates and Sarah's situation turns out. I am glad Pratt's troubles are finally over. It was not very dramatic and was also pretty predictable. Neela and Ray situation was very dissapointing. The episode discription made it seem like more than it was. NeeRay fans must be very dissapointed. It will be interesting to see how the rest of ER plays out this season.
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