Season 13 Episode 15

Dying Is Easy...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on NBC

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  • After treating a dying comedian Abby comes to a surprising conclusion.Pratt must face the consequences of his actions and Morris leads the ER.

    I liked the dynamic of Abby and Sam's interaction with Simon the dying Comedian.I think his desperation of wanting something so much but being unable to reach it got to both of them.His jokes weren't particularly funny until the end but it was a clever tactic to move the seriousness away from his impending death.

    Pratt had to attend a hearing following a fatal accident as a result of the illegal drug programme.Stubborness came across from Pratt representing his resentment at for once trying to do something worthwhile and having it slap him in the face?Without That priest guy he would of come off with a harsher punishment i'm glad he didn't lose his license he's an awesome doctor with his heart in the right place!

    The final montage was awesome, the music was perfect for the scenes and they were merged together well.Of course i couldn't write this without mentioning Abby and Luka.
    Simon obviously really got to Abby unintentionally;She quoted him with "have you ever wanted something so much but it scares the hell out of you?".The proposal wasn't cheesy it was just right for what their relationship has been moving up to.Abby didn't ask him she asked him to ask her again defining tradition but giving the viewer what they wanted.It truly was perfect!The scenes of Luka kneeling dow truly made my day!
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