Season 1 Episode 8

ER Confidential

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 1994 on NBC

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  • Too much pain.. and sorrow

    It was beautiful episode and moving. Very moving. Carol is treating one of three young teenagers who are critical. He tells Carol what happened as he is sure he will die but he survives, only one of them. And he cannot tell the truth later even if Carol tries to make him do that. So, she takes up her courage and tells truth for the doctor he is living together only to make him so mad and angry and she looks like - it was very beautiful scene.

    Carter is treating patient who has changed her sex. She is sad and down and talks about maybe she has done wrong. In the end, she ends in roof, trying to jump. Carter tries to help her but when psychologists comes, she jumps, leaving Carter... he cannot bare it but Benton shows some humanity and takes him to Thankgiving dinner with him.

    And Susan.. dealing with her doctor as he is having all the symptoms of deep desperation. And the end scene proves it..