Season 1 Episode 24

Everything Old Is New Again

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 18, 1995 on NBC

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  • So sweet and superb ending for season 1.

    It was really amazing... All the storylines, cases and Carter - he is just so sweet. The validation he was giving to Benton and then learns that he got to surgery and tries to change it and learns what Benton said about him - wow... that was unexpected

    And Carol... oh.. it made me cry and Doug.. the way he looked her.. as I know they will end up so, it was somehow.. but it worked so so well. Very beautiful. And all the dancing, Carol's speech and the camera work. Superb.

    I just do not know what to say. It was incredible episode.
  • All the components you wish for in a show wrapped in one episode of one great show.

    This episode is absolutley fantastic and is exactly why I watch ER. This episode starts out as a normal day in the ER with its drama and heart breaking stories, but ends up to be an uplifting hour of television. The writers were able to turn the tragedy of Carol's wedding gone bad into a story that had you laughing. Everyone in the end of the episode singing and dancing to'Tequila' was great. There was a great Carol and Doug scene, but there is also the hospital stuff mixed in. This is one of the best episodes of ER and definitley a strong season closer.
  • Good ending to a groud breaking year.

    It was interesting to see how far Carter has come along. In the pilot, he became sick during a trauma. Here, he maintains his composure. He still has a way to go; however. His evaluation of Benton was fueled by his disappointment in not getting the surgical SI. The evaluation he gave was immature and unprofessional. That being said, you can see a big difference here in comparison to the pilot.

    Carter spoke of his brother before this episode. But we learn a little more about him. Carter is working with a leukemia patient, and we learn that Carter\'s brother also suffered with Leukemia.

    Benton was his usual sentimental self. When he asked Carter if it was his last day, all Benton could say was, turn in your lab coat and ID, and you\'ll get your deposit back. This is typical for Benton. He was wonderful; however, with an end stage aids patient and his partner. He was never judgmental. He even holds the patient\'s hand, when they\'re alone. This shows a rare human side of Benton. It definitely has Peter thinking of his mom\'s recent passing.

    Benton does tell Carter towards the end of the episode that he\'ll make a good doctor. That\'s about the most praise you\'ll get from him.

    Becoming a mother did not change Chloe one bit, as she takes off and leaves little Susie by herself. The big event, of course, is Carol\'s wedding. But she is left at the alter. But ER\'s warped reality turns it into a celebration, as Carol\'s family has the reception anyways. It allows us to end the season on a high note. Not a bad moral. Life has it\'s bad moments, but to find a happy moment, even in despair, is a great strength.

    They start off the year with Carol attempting suicide. They end it with her being left at the alter. When she comes back to work, they throw her a party, and make her make a speech. At the reception, they make her make a speech. But she\'s strong enough to remember the friends that are there for her, and that they love her. And she\'s strong enough to have some fun.

    They end the episode with the ER gang, dancing the night away. A bunch of good friends, that love each other as family, enjoying each other\'s company. Would you have it any other way?