Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 1998 on NBC

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  • Carter the Leader

    With Mark away and Dr weaver debilitated by a hazardous material , Carter takes over when the ER has to be evacuated. Dr Corday performs a dangerous rescue while on EMT ride along. Ross and Hathaway are stranded in an elevator with a girl on dialysis. Overall, a great episode. Perhaps one of the best in the whole series
  • about the episode

    It great got sound editing.
  • An explosion at a chemical plant! Corday on her paramedic ride-along! Contaminated patients turn up at the ER and spread Benzene over the admit area! Weaver has a seizure, Green in San Diego! There is only one person to lead...Dr John Carter.

    Well in my opinion this is one of the best episodes of ER! This highlights Carter's leadership quality and sets him up to take over as lead role in 4 seasons time! When tragedy strikes all senior staff seem unable to co-ordinate with each other putting patient care at risk! No matter how many times I watch this episode I still get goosebumps at the moment where Carter steps in! Noah Wyle is amazing in this episode and creates a role-defining performance! Another aspect of this episode highlights the significance of support staff as Jerry states the ER was severely impaired as the day-shift clerks (Jerry had been on nights after the events of "Friendly Fire" and his destruction of the ambulance bay)! this shows that an ER is not just doctors and nurses! In my opinion an excellent episode well written and superbly performed!
  • This episode is all about leadership theory. TOP 5 of the entire series.

    This episode shines in its details. When the benzene first contaminates the ER, Carter is the quickest to react. This is no accident: he had heard from the elderly patient about benzene being toxic and so he had ONE bit of information more than anybody else. That enabled him to react faster.

    Also, when the ER is being evacuated, Carter takes control even though he's not entitled to give orders. Look at Benton: he shushes everybody else so they can listen. That's the most important scene of the episode. In such a case, what matters is that SOMEONE takes charge and organizes the work. It's a basic principle of leadership theory, and Benton acts accordingly. Sure enough, Benton is himself leadership-oriented, as shown in how he handles things in the cafeteria. Only a leader knows when he has to lead and when he has to follow. Benton shares quite a bit of the merit with Carter.

    Finally, notice the many more small important details throughout the episode. Weaver's commitment to irrelevant details; Doug's poor communication skills with the child's mother causing the mother to become hostile; and the emergency coordinator lady who gives Carter the radio and who criticizes his previous decisions. The latter stresses that Carter didn't do what he was supposed to be doing--but he did SOMETHING, and once again what matters is to do something and organize things in some way, even if it's not technically the best way.

    This episode has great drama and character development and it's perfectly filmed, but its true strengths lie in the writers' careful analysis of leadership theory. It's the best script I've seen on ER and one of the top 5 episodes in the series.
  • The ER have to be evacuated because of benzene is spread all over the floors. Corday help out in a dramatic rescue, when a man is trapped under a building! Doug and Carol are trapped in the elevator with a sick little girl.

    Oh, what a fantastic episode!! Lots of drama from beginning to end!
    The idea was great, it was so dramatic when the ER had to be evacuated!!

    We can see how the chemical workers comes into the ER and spread benzene all over the floors.. You can feel the panic when they undestand whats about to happen, and the drama have just began!!
    Weaver is felled by the poisen, and now Carter have a change to show what he is good for when he have to take over and direct the evacuation!!

    I really like Carter in this episode. How he takes control over the situation, and at the end when he smiles, more consern about getting everybody inside again and happy it’s over, instead of listening to Weaver!!

    Have to say this was a really fantastic episode, full of love, drama and frustration, but where there is all about helping others!!

    I had to take a break after this episode to breath and relax a little!! So much emotions!
  • Oh, THIS IS ER!!!

    Oh boy, what a episode, huh?
    Carter...ops...Noah Wyle is just great, wonderful!
    One of the best actors of Hollywood!
    We can compare to George Clooney, our dear Dr. Doug Ross...
    The episode was very well writing, the whole cast was in a great performance.
    Really a classic!!!
    Episodes as this could win a Academy Award! (just kidding..)
    I would like to see episodes as that nowadays...
    I would also like ER was again as before, as in that fantastic episode...
    Please Carter...Come back and "renew" ER!
    The benzine idea was fantastic...
    Of course, one of the best episode of the best season forever and ever in whole world!
    That's ER! That's THE serie!
  • Carter's moment to shine It might start like quite usual but the way the story gets turns - unbelievable and the emotion this episode gives - super. The pearl of this season.

    It might start like quite usual but the way the story gets turns - unbelievable and the emotion this episode gives - super. The pearl of this season.

    First Cordey is out driving with paramedics, end up in big scene where burning and collapsed building hides a patience. She manages to get to him and does not give up to risk her and other paramedic life to get the man behind the ruins. She wants to do everything to save his life and arm. He will survive but his arm most be removed.

    It seemed to be enough for this episode to be good. It does have excitement, extraordinary but if you think it will stop there, you are wrong.

    Two workers of chemical plant is brought in and it makes the ER polluted. They have to evacuate and the same time try to help the patience. It is quite a big mess and panic around. Everyone yelling. And the way Carter is brought in. He is so calm, out of all the action in first clips we see him . on that eye doctor cabinet (?). Then when he goes to the lobby and that patience mentions that smell - the way he tries to do something.. and when they just yell and he makes them all silence and starts to organize.. that is amazing part as he shows - he has the confidence, fast thinking, ability to control things...

    All the action then.. all those events.. gorgeous episode.. one of the best!
  • With Dr. Greene visiting his folks in San Diego, a toxic chemical spill in the ER knocks Weaver out and forces Carter to take charge in this action packed episode.

    This is a great ER episode and probably one of the episodes that sticks out in the exciting 4th season. Now let's start with the basics, in the previous episode there is a clip of Greene telling Carter that "You have some good days and you have some bad days." In this episode of the ER, things seem pretty normal until a patient who get infected in a toxic chemical spill comes. However after the toxic spreads throughout the ER knocking out Weaver, things become chaotic. Especially because of the number of critical patients, at the same time Ross and Hathaway try to protect a sick girl while being trapped in an elevator. Things are completely chaotic until Carter takes charge of the ER, and tries to help treat all the critical and contaminated patients. First off the bat Noah Wyle plays as good as a performance as I've ever seen him give as Dr. Carter in this episode, and really shows how much he grows as a person of being the fresh intern to now becoming the full fledged experienced Doctor. Also George Clooney and Julianna Marguiles pull strong performances and really make you feel the tension inside the elevator. Overall good episode and a good ending with Greene coming back to the ER talking with Carter as they both head back in the ER. Great episode.
  • Carter takes charge of the ER, while others suffer the effects of toxic poisoning, including Weaver.

    What a great episode! Truly a character development episode for Carter as he takes charge of the ER, with Weaver unconscious because of toxic poisoning, and all the other doctors panicing. My favourite part of the episode was when Weaver collapses, and everyone goes into panic mode. The director managed to create a scene that was exciting, while nerve-racking, which is what I really enjoy about ER.
  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    I absolutely loved this episode. Exodus was one of if the best episode of ER that I have seen. I liked that all the characters were in it and played a role. Even Dr. Green came in at the end to make the episode complete. It was gratifying to see Carter take over the way he did. The audience watched John Carter mature from a clumsy med student to one of the best doctors in the hospital. I felt a swell of pride watching Carter operate. Watching from the pilot episode to Exodus makes this episode that much better. Carter however, was not the only hero. Dr. Corday also showed the audience about her. We learned alot about those to characters from this episode. the story line was not the only thing about this episode that was great. The directing, sound, and camera work were all superb. That scene that shows us the empty hospital right before it spring back to life was simply amazing. After watching Carter grow from the very beginning of the show, I think that helped to make this the most satisfying episode of the series up to that point.
  • very good episode! we get to see carter turn into a REAL doctor he takes charge. gotta love carter!!!

    Obviously carter is my favorite but i think he did an amazing thing in this episode and it is the first time you really see how good of a doctor he will be. I was sad about that man that dr. cordai saved and how he had to get his arm amputated anyways. It was sad but i liked once again how carter was in charge. This is definately the best episode of season 4 maybe even on of the best of the whole series (except for maybe hell and high water). Way to go Noah wyle you did amzing!
  • When a chemical plant experiences a spill, the injured go to the ER; and they inadvertently bring the chemical along with them, contaminating the entire ER. Corday goes on a paramedic ride-along, and tries to rescue a man from the rubble of the chemical

    This was a great episode. Let me start with Corday.

    On her ride-along, her partner said it's always quiet when the doctors are with them. How wrong he was.

    Corday wound up at a chemical plant, where a chemical spill and explosion had left the plant in shambles. She had to rescue a man who was trapped underneath it, while putting her own life at risk. As they couldn't get the man out, they lifted the rubble on top of him, causing massive repercussions. They rescued him, though sacrificing his arm. This storyline kept me at the edge of my seat! I was worried to death over Corday, and wanted her to be safe! It was nice to see her working so hard to save this man's life.

    Back at the hospital, Kerry inhaled the fumes, rendering her unconscious, and causing her to have grand mal seizures. With Kerry incapacitated, Carter takes over. He effectively evacuates the ER, sending those who are uncontaminated to the cafeteria, and those who are contaminated outside. Oh, and of course, the doctors save lives. This was also a great storyline, and if you combine the whole episode, it was just fantastic.
  • With Weaver being sick, Carter takes it over as dr. Corday tries to save a man who was stuck under a building. In the meantime Doug and Carol were stuck in an elevator! Drama ensues in the ER!

    An exciting episode, dr. Corday takes a ride on the ambulance and tries to save a man. She was being quite stubborn when she wanted to lift those rocks some higher, even though a man told her not to... But in the end she managed to save the guy, and next stop OR!

    In the meantime Carter spends a week taking eye check ups but when going to the ER and treating a patient who smells a poisonous acid, he takes over the ER and evacuates to the restaurant. Excellent character development for Carter as we see that the ER is definately his thing and that he might make it as ER resident.

    Kerry is sick from the acid as she wants to know what happened and talks with a patient.

    In the meantime Benton treats the patients in the ER as Doug and Carol are stuck in the elevator while being low on oxygen. In the end they get the oxygen in time and everything turns out to be fine.

    Action filled, well not with action, but hectic and stuff like that. It was a good episode and showed that even in the ER an epidemic can strike and not only outside the ER!!!
  • One of the best ever

    This is one of the most unforgettable episodes in ER history. It is a rare episode that keeps three great storylines going for an entire episode. Carter becomes a hero when he must take charge of the ER when a toxic spill creates chaos and incapacitates Dr Weaver. There is a great scene where the ER is in total chaos, and Carter is forced to make a quick decision. In case that isn't enough Dr. Corday is on a paramedic ride along and must be involved in a dramatic rescue when a man is trapped under a building. Possibly the most dramatic storyline is Doug and Carol stuck in an elavator with a sick girl. It becomes a race against time to save get out of the elavator before she dies or runs out of oxygen. This was possibly the most dramatic episode ever.
  • Toxic spill= carter takes over

    This is my FAVORITE episode! It's the best episodes. Some of my favorite seasons are the part where carter takes over after benton, lizzy and everyone else intersect in the hall, and when the guy passes out in the cafeteria and they have to "drown" him in ice water. Overall my favorite season is the end. Where they want to do more drills with him, but he can't because he's "only an intern"!
  • An episode you have to see, even if the only reason is that you hav nothing better to do.

    “Exodus”. The title already implies it’s a good episode. In every series worth mentioning there is an episode called “exodus” and it is usually one of the good ones. ER is no exception.
    Or maybe a little because it is not a good episode. But a great one.

    Nothing like a disaster to bring out the best and worst in people. It is the way to have people gain respect and to show the weaknesses of the people who was though highly of. That’s what happens here. And it is done in a genius way. By taking Weaver out of the equation there is room for the other characters to do, or discover, what they do best.

    Doug Ross does what he thinks is best for a child. He risks her life, only to give her a bigger chance on living. His frustrations and anger when the elevator stops, show how much he cares. And Corday risks her life to save a man’s arm, only to have him lose his arm during surgery.

    At last, but certainly not least, we he have the chemical spill. When the whole ER is in panic and screaming, it is Dr. Carter who saves the day. Maybe not to unexpected, but it was very impressive. I especially liked the end with the fireman. Maybe is that one of the starting factors of his dream to become the leader of the ER pack.