Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 1997 on NBC



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    • Benton: (to Dr. Hicks) Six months ago I thought I was invincible. But know... I don't even know.

    • Carol: Doug, I know everyone is worried about me... but I'm fine. I was scared in that store, but I'm okay now.
      Doug: So why did you go ahead and take it?
      Carol: The MCATs? For me. I just wanted to see if I was good enough.
      Doug: You are.

    • Greg: I think we should start sleeping together.
      Jeanie: What?
      Greg: Sex. I think we should have some. In fact, I think we should have a lot.
      Jeanie: Are you sure?
      Greg: Hell, yeah, I'm sure.
      Jeanie: This isn't a joke, Greg.
      Greg: No, it isn't. Jeanie Boulet... would you please sleep with me? (she leans and kisses him)

    • Jeanie: I'm freezing.
      Greg: I thought you liked picnics
      Jeanie: I love picnics. I'm just not used to breathing on my sandwich to try and thaw it out so I can eat it.
      Greg: Where's your sense of spontaneity?
      Jeanie: This isn't what I meant.
      Greg: Your sense of romance?
      Jeanie: The dip is frozen solid.
      Greg: It's a pâté.
      Jeanie: It's a brick.

    • Doug: Today is the 20th, isn't it?
      Carol: I think so.
      Doug: MCATs are this afternoon, aren't they? Are you going?
      Carol: Got to work.
      Doug: All that saved-up vacation time?
      Carol: You know, it was a stupid idea... I mean, four years of med school, if I ever get in. All that debt. I would be about 50 by the time I got out. What's the point?
      Doug: I could bring you coffee in the middle of the night to the med library. And I could teach you how to cheat on the biochem exams.

    • Carter: What did you have for breakfast this morning?
      Mrs. Jarnowski: The usual. Three fried eggs, bacon, glass of buttermilk, toast and jam.
      Carter: Ah, the American Heart Association breakfast.

    • Ross: Fine couple of doctors we are, huh?
      Greene: Remember when we were going to change the world?
      Ross: Naaah, I was always in it for the money.

    • (while looking at pictures of Benton's appendectomy)
      Greene: Ooh, yikes. What is that?
      Carter: That's Benton's appendix in a jar on my mantle.

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