Season 13 Episode 19

Family Business

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Harkens to the ER episodes of yore (or at least the 1990's)

    I watched this episode today on DVR and was surprised to find that I hadn't seen it before. It must have run during March Madness last year and I just completely overlooked it. That was a mistake. The storyline with Wayne and Danny was so touching. First in the critical care aspect of the case and the revelation that Danny's underlying medical conditions had gone untreated for so long. Secondly, the scene at his death was one of the most heartfelt this show has had to offer in a long time. Finally, Luka and Gates dealing with the social aspects of the case and having to reveal to Wayne over and over what has happened. When Luka finally gives in and convinces Wayne to go to the nursing home, you empathize with them both. Sadly, in dealing with Alzhimer's and other forms of dementia, this portrayal is very much on the mark. Sometimes it is best to tell the person what he or she wants to hear. However, when he or she does realize what has happened (and that may happen a few times during the day) it's as though the death is mourned all over again for the first time. A heartbreaking event on tv, much less when it's your own loved one. This was a quality episode of a quality show, for sure.
  • Blessed and cursed...

    I loved the father-son storyline and they way Luka treated it. The man loses his son but does not remember it later and I did not even seen it the way until Luka said that he thinks the man is happy that he does not have to remember losing son every day while looking in the eyes of his son. I am sure there were hints to the past of his.

    And cursed... I think Sarah feels like that as I think she was not the only one hoping that Gates is her father. I really like that little girl - her maturity, her responsibility.. Gates' father is totally opposite to that. Somehow they all together on that house reflects it very well.
  • Excellent episode - dramatic, comic and just plain sweet.

    Best scene: Luka, Abby & little Joe in the locker room. So sweet and so lovely! It's been said before but I'll say it once again: Goran and Maura play so well off each other. They are excellent together. And Luka's line about Mr Rutley, the Alzheimer patient: "He's a lucky man. He doesn't have to remember losing his son every day." Just WOW!
    Funniest scene: All scenes with Sam and the self defence instructor. She just couldn't stop hurting the poor guy, could she? Most tragic scene: Old Mr Rutley having witnessed his son's death, and forgetting all about it the next minute.
  • Very touching Father son episode plot line.

    One of my favorite episodes of the year. It was very touching how Wayne an alzeimer's sufferer has to deal with the loss of his son who is his only means of living now that his wife has passed on. I thought it was very interesting how the writers tied wayne's situation in with Luka's past situation when he exclaimed at least wayne won't remember his son dying every day. Luka had lkost his entire family in the fighting in Saryejevo's civil war and hehas flash backs to this time when his family was dying and there wasn't a thing he could do to save them. Well done on this episode.
  • Great!

    Great episode! When father-and-son (guest stars Robert and Andy Prosky) come to the ER, Luka must treat the son’s failing heart while he takes on responsibility for the father. Language presents a challenge when Neela and Abby treat a good Samaritan. Meanwhile, Pratt tries to help Chaz make a new career choice, Gates has troubles with his own father, and Sam’s got her hands full with a seminar on handling aggressive patients. And who’s the John Doe Abby’s treating, and hiding from Luka?
  • Exactly why I *still* watch this series: for the gems like this episode, that make their rare appearances each season.

    A very memorable episode indeed.

    The introduction, with Sam taking out the self-defense instructor/police officer and bruising more than his ego, reminded me of Impulse Control and made me realize that I had missed the fiery, I-can-take-of-myself side of Sam that we haven't seen so much of since her first season on the show (I mean, who could forget her first appearance in Out of Africa, when she administered a needle to a violent patient before anyone even had half a clue who she was, or when she took out the abusive boyfriend and nearly lost her job in Impulse Control)--she was a force to be reckoned with then, and I would love to see that part of her shine a bit more. I was afraid that the instructor would become another potential relationship for Sam...which I don't think she needs right now (it would be a broken record-esque approach on TPTB's part).

    The portrayal of the ailing grandfather who lost his son was simply beautiful. In all honesty, I believed every moment of his performance (and yes he had me in tears)...I love that the show has turned more of its focus on the patients again, and balancing it more against the usual who's doing who and other personal things...

    Though I was a tad disappointed with Tony not being Sarah's father...maybe it's better that way.
  • ...Of why we love ER. The anticipation from week to week is building again. Something these writers were good at but got away from earlier in the season.

    This is another great production! As the team works to save a son's heart from failing, Luka thinks of his own father and Gates and Sara have some family issues too. It turns out NOT to be his child, as the mother's last words said. But Sara hides the results I believe because she wants Tony to be her father. She wants to stay with him anyway, but I think that Tony should focus on Neela, they were a hot couple, and I couldnt believe it when Neela did 'something' with Ray. I think that Abby and Luka will be wed in Croatia. It was mentioned, and all signs point that way to me.

    Hope is really coming into her own. And I was surprised to see her in last week's episode of Entourage. She is so hot! But what happened to Morris and her getting together? Pratt fixes things with his homo-brother, which I thought should have happened awhile ago, but says that fixing things with their dad will take some working up to. I wish they would soon, because Danny Glover plays a good part and fits well with Pratt.
  • Much better than last week.

    The best part was the alzheimers victim who had to be told over and over than his son was dead until they finally decides to play along with him until he was sent off to the nursing home where professionals who are better equipped to deal with heartbreaking situations like this are. The segment about the floral van crash was also pretty good as the father and son patched up their differences. The scene where Sam jolts the patient faking illness was funny, but in reality if she did that she would probably be fired and or sued for using medical equipment that way.

    The Maury Povich moment where Gates hears "You are ...... NOT the FATHER !!!" was rather predictable (ok, those werent the words used but it would have been funny to have Maury Povich a guest start who would deliver the news to Gates).

    There were still many subplots Im not crazy about overall the episode was much better. The previews where they start shutting down the ER for renovations should make things a little more interesting (reminds me of when St. Elswhere was shutting down, even though here there is still 1 more season to go before the curtain falls)
  • Mom Abby, Dad Gates and baby Joe

    As ussual, ER shows us how society can be hard when you don't have your family anymore. And how Luka does his best to deal with that fact as he helps an old man who's son dies.

    The interaction between Luka and Abby was for me really sweet, Abby being all motherly and worried about Joe while Luka's more laied back but lets her do her thing even though Abby's trying hard not to let Luka know how worried she is. Again the death of Luka's son is mentioned and it shows a little how Luka will never forget that. Pratt seeks contact with his brother, trying to mend their relationship and succeeds a little. It's finally clear that Gates isn't Sarah's father even though Sarah wants to stay with him. He's forced to go against his own father after the man used up money meant for groceries.

    Unfortunately for me, it wasn't a Shane West episode. He wasn't there much and he's still waiting for Neela to make up her mind even though she pointed out it has only been one week. Me thinks she needs to get her head clear and see Barnett has been waiting for her a long time and is in the long haul a good guy to be with. Maybe next episode the whole Barnett/Rasgotra romance will finally be settled.
  • Not the greatest episode but not the worst. Some plot lines I carried more for than others.

    I enjoyed this episode but I thought it felt like a building episode. Foreshadowing things to come. I like Pratt and was glad to see more of him and him reaching out to Chaz was nice. However, he shouldn't have asked Gates for help with the EMT program. Gates was being a little too helpful. I smell trouble. And once again, too much Gates! I'd rather have backstory on Ray or Morris instead of Gates. The arc with his father is tired and I don't think anyone cares. It doesn't make me like Gates anymore. I do like his interaction with Sarah. I wasn't surprised that Sarah wasn't his biological child. I thought Meg was saying she's yours to take care of now, not she's our offspring. It was nice to have the old Sam back. The cop could make a nice suitor for her. I loved when she used the paddles on the patient who was faking it and then zapped Ray. Looked like he enjoyed it! I missed Morris and Hope. And I wish there was more Ray. The father with Altzheimer's was very well done. Luka handled it the best way he could; first telling the father again that his son had died and then telling him his son wanted him to go to the nursing home. This brought up two seperate feelings for Luka; having to relive his son's death every day and missing his own father in Croatia. Loved to see Abby, Luka and Joe together--best part of the episode. Also loved seeing Ken Davitian as the Armenian van driver who helped the two brothers. Davitian was Azamat the producer in Borat!
  • Family; the good, the bad, the sad, the angry and the ugly. The Kovac family is good. Pratt's family dynamics is bad but he is trying to make it better. The altzheimer father and son are sad, the Armenian brothers are angry and the Gates are ugly.

    Robert and Andy Prosky were outstanding as father and son. Robert's portrayel of Wayne, the father with Altzheimers, was stellar, believable and heart-warming. The dynamic between the father and son characters made me think it was reflected in their real lives. ER doesn't usually show grieving as fully as it did here. The father mourning over his dead son was portrayed perfectly-not too over the top but with the right amount of drama to transend the tv realm and put me in his place. I felt so sorry for the man.
    The scene with the Armenian flower van driver and the two brothers was sweet but not nearly so powerful as the above scene. The scene with the Armenian driver and his brother was dear, but again, not nearly as powerful as the Prosky scenes.
    Good to see Pratt trying to reestablish his ties to his family. He's trying to accept his brother's homosexuality and even to help him become an EMT. In fact, he wants to help his brother so much that Pratt even accepts Gate's help in this venture. It seemed as though Gates was using this to his advantage by getting Pratt to let him do a procedure that Pratt may not had otherwise let him do. I also get the impression that Gates will help Pratt's brother to cheat by getting him a copy of the last year's test with answers and telling him ways to influence the chairman. In my mind, Gates is just a sleaze ball who will lie, cheat or steal to get what he wants.
    Gates with his father: Who in their right mind would give an alcoholic $100 and expect him to actually use it to get groceries with? Duh? He would have been better off giving it to Sarah (?Sarah said they only had $90 for the week, how did Gates have the $100? Was the $90 in checking while the $100 was cash on hand? I don't know). Gates is again showing how irresponsible he is by letting bills go late for three months. He should be thankful Sarah is keeping the household together instead of pushing her to enjoy her youth; afterall, someone needs to be the adult and it sure isn't Tony or his father! Sarah wants to be the mature, little adult so much that she is trying to take responsibility for her feminine and sexual health. Boy, am I ever glad Gates isn't her father. She'd end up having to take care of him for the rest of her life!
    Sam- love is in the air! Her new man is quite handsome and manly I like him better than the murse. This cop suits her.
    Ray/Neela/Gates: Did Neela really have to talk to Gates in front of Ray? Is she really that inconsiderate? She needs to stop stringing these men along. Enough is enough already!
    Okay to my favorite couple, Abby and Luka: Their dynamic is awesome as always but add in Joe and the trio just blows me away. Mommy Abby worried and anxious about Joe; Daddy Luka- sensible and calm. We all knew what she was going to do with that urine sample, Luka did too. He knows her enough to know she needs to know Joe is alright. It was wonderful and precious to hear Abby refer to herself as Mommy ("This is where mommy works") and Luka as Daddy ("There's daddy"). Didn't that scene where Luka is carrying Joe and confirming/asking Abby that the urine sample came back negative and Pratt hadn't ordered a CBC. I just loved how he said she was just a concerned "Muter" and only a little crazy. I liked the last Kovac family scene where Luka explains that the Altzheimers father is lucky because he won't have to know his son died while he looks at his own son his lap. Abby is really a mother and Luka is really a daddy. This episode emphasized family very well. I couldn't have enjoyed it more.
  • Who’s the John Doe Abby’s treating, and hiding from Luka?

    This epi was so good , first of all because it was much Luby in it , also because we got to see little Joe .. He is so cute ,, I notice that Abby ( maura tierney ) had a cold when they made this epi , i heard on her voice .. Joe is bigger and cuter noow .. I can't wait to next epi ,, Lights Out .. It was to little Luka and to much Gates and Sarah in this epi, no one cares about Gates father , or maybe not everyone , but almost.. And I hate that Neela have so much guy problems , she loves Ray , and Gates , and she is still chocked about the whole Dubenko thing , and she misses Gallant so much . omg .. It was all from me this time . byebye! cya
  • Familial relationships of ALL kinds....

    This episode brought us quite a broad sampling of families. We had brothers at odds (Armenian truck driver and his boss), brothers still working out confusion at their needs(Pratt and Chaz), brothers with only one another (asthma patient and his younger sibling), a family bound by affection and not biology after all (Gates and Sarah), the violatile alcoholic dad (Gates and Mike)....and of course, Abby, Luka and Joe. At the heart of the show however was a powerful story of a heart patient that died, leaving his dad in the throes of Alzheimer's and no support system. Who ever expects to not out live their parents? That story seemed to have hit Luka the hardest...a grating reminder of the physical distance between his own father and him. The acting exchange between Goran Visnjic and Robert Prosky (dang...I STILL miss Hill Street Blues!) thoughout was a wonderful example of how a guest star can truly meld with a regular....and does not have to be a 'showcased' stand out. Good stuff. Hearts wrenched a bit with Sarah's revelation that the paternity test didn't turn out the way she wanted it to. Chloe Greenfield is a fabulous actress. Didn't really like the HPV vaccine bit with her though. It was the 'social issue' slap in the face that didn't ring really true.... even if she did manage to score a scene with Neela

    Sam's interactions with the cop trainer guy were a wonderful comic insertion. LOVED loved her dealing with the patient fiddling with his heart monitor. Hee...ten joules shocker? Her character seems to have taken quite a turn recently. She seems to be more 'in charge' and not so much a morose victim. I am liking THIS Sam alot. Not to mention the cutie of cop guy. Hope he finds his way back to the ER soon. And as always...LOVED the scenes with Abby and Luka. It seems like the writers have finally found the balance that we have been wanting. Just enough Luby to keep us satisfied and a wide scope of other intertwined ER stories for the week. Bravo. A nice well rounded episode.
  • Thursday nights back in full force ... at least for however much of the season there is left. Yes, with only a month left in the 06-07 season, your Thursday night favorites have returned to make the barren wasteland once again a night of "Must See TV."

    My Thoughts: ER came back from an insanely long hiatus last week (7 wks, same as "Heroes") with a mediocre episode ... but more than made of for it tonight with a truly moving one. Fantastically emotional episodic storyline involving the man with Alzheimer's, as well as some great story arch development in other areas. But the win of the night? That goes to John Stamos, who by the way, I'm convinced is the best thing to happen to ER since George Clooney called it quits. The storyline involving Stamos' character of Dr. Tony Gates is one filled with unlimited potential, and they definitely succeeded in doing that marvelously tonight. Very moving episode. My Rating: 9.5/10

    Other 10:00 Shows That Were New Tonight: Shark (CBS), October Road (ABC)
  • The best part? Shane West is....

    The best part of this episode? Shane West was clean shaven! How lovely. A mustache was no good on him. Anyway, lets get to the actually episode. Fatherhood and brotherhood were the themes of this episode. Firstly, there was a son who died and a father with Alzheimer’s who had to be reminded of losing his son twice. I thought the acting was incredible and really brought out the tears. So many times we see parents lose babies (which is very sad) but this was a grown man losing his grown son but they way he broke down was extremely painful. Luka dealt with the guilt of leaving his father in Croatia. And Gates had to deal with his drunk father and not being Sarah's father. Even though I don't like Gates, I will give him credit for being a pretty good dad. Pratt made contact with his brother again. And there were a couple Armenian brothers who I thought were fun. No conclusion on the Ray and Neela front. Just some eavesdropping by Ray and slight flirting. Oh, besides Ray's lack of facial hair there was this fabulous scene where Sam zapped him with a defibrillator. That was classic.