Season 6 Episode 10

Family Matters

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2000 on NBC

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  • They do not lie about their patient medical conditions.

    A beautiful episode. Maybe the end of the storyline of that bad man - as Cordey is taking quite drastic methods after he fools her as she brought his victims sister to meet him as he promise to told where the body is. Cordey promise him to change his life (what he is tired now) for the position of body. The episode ends with cliffhanger.

    But Cordey is not the only one having hard decisions. Luca is dealing with two boys and tries to hold social worker away but Carry brings her in and it ends with parting the family. And Kovac takes it hard, only to learn out that he has had very hard past by himself.
  • Jing-Mei Chen enters the ER as a resident, a position bought for her by her father. Luka gets involved with a family case and is frustrated when social services get involved.

    A new resident joins half way through the year. Carter knows her from med student days as Deb, she now wants to be known as Jing-Mei, or Dr Chen; her father has bought her place in County. She is clearly very full of herself!
    Elizabeth is still dealing with her murderer patient, trying to find the whereabouts of another body. He is messing with her mind, but she appears to be coping well.
    Mark has to go to San Diego again to sort out his father; he asks him to come and live with him in Chicago.
    Luka treats a young man and his brother. Kerry involves social work and the brother is taken into care. Luka is frustrated, as he and Lucy had arranged for a job interview and a chance for the boys to turn it around.
    Malucci has to tell a young boy that he has cancer around his heart and that he is not going to make it. He can show great compassion in these situations that seem at odds with his jokey persona, but it works. He also repairs Kerry’s car. Maybe he is more versatile than we imagine.
  • Welcome back, Deb Chen.

    This episode brings back former med student Deb Chen, now known as Dr. Jing-Mei Chen. With Greene off to find his runaway father in San Diego, Carter is asked to show her the ropes. During a few episodes in Season One, Deb Chen was once, like Carter, a med student under Dr. Benton. When they were not fighting for procedures, they worked together really well. Deb dropped out of medicine after almost killing a patient while trying to do a central line unsupervised. In this episode, she is able to start a residency at County after her New York program fell through. While working together, Carter and Deb help a girl who ran away from a treatment center for gender identity. Deb still shows up Carter a little bit, but Carter still has a good relationship with his former fellow med student, even though they were never involved romantically. Also, there is a balance now: Deb is the only doctor who calls Carter "John," and Carter is the only one who calls Chen "Deb." Some things never change.