Season 4 Episode 7

Fathers and Sons

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 1997 on NBC

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  • Weaker, but still interesting...

    The out of the ER episodes are, in my opinion, often some of the weakest of the series. That said, this episode may be one of the best of that type. A few interesting tidbits:

    - In this episode it is stated that Mark is originally from CA and Doug spent part of his childhood in KY. This is a direct reflection of the actors' own backgrounds, as Anthony Edwards (Mark) is from CA and George Clooney (Doug) is from KY.

    - This episode reveals that Dr. Greene is an occasional smoker. This is kind of surprising, yet oh so believable. I can't count how many times I have seen doctors (hypocritically) standing outside of a hospital and smoking. It's definitely a stress relieving mechanism that is, sadly, an understandable vice for an ER doc. (I'm glad that this is never a prominent vice, though, as watching people smoke grosses me out).
  • Doug and Mark go to BARSTOW, California to deal with Doug's father who passed away in a car accident. A very well written episode which ends with Doug, Mark, and Carol sending the ashes into the desert. Doug tells Mark he's from Ozzie and Harriet land.

    In an episode where we learn more and more about the reality of Doug Ross and Mark Greene, the setting is in the desert in Barstow, California. Doug's dad has been killed in a bad accident. His father, drunk at the wheel plowed into a truck that killed his wife and a father of 6. They then go to San Diego where we meet Mark's parents. His dad, a retired Naval Captain is smoking like a chimney. Doug dressed down Mark when Mark complains about his upbringing. In a touching moment, Carol shows up to be there for Doug.
  • A look into Doug's and Mark's past

    We learn more about of Doug and dr. Greene as they travel to California to gain Doug's father's body after an accident where he was killed. Instead of action in ER, cases, we have moving and deep episode about character's inner world. And somehow it really gives a new picture, new direction how to see them two, little better idea to understand their friendship and themselves.

    The tempo of this episode is not comparable of usual episodes and there is nothing what could be compared with usual ER. This episodes seems to stand totally alone, but that is not a bad thing as the emotion, revealing look into past can give us much. And in the end, Carol joins them, and the interesting episode gets worthy ending.
  • I need some sort of ER action!

    This episode was entirely based outside of the ER, and I hate, I repeat, hate those episodes! Africa, middle of nowhere, whatever. I just don't like them. So this episode was no different. However, it wasn't all doom and gloom. I did enjoy seeing Mark's family, and some excellent acting from George Clooney. Hope wasn't entirely lost.
  • Good Episode away from the hospital.

    This was a good episode that really gave a insite into Doug and Marks personal side because it is away from the hospital.

    It help Doug to come to terms with his fathers death as he is unsure of how to deal with it and what his feelings are.

    I am glad that Mark went along because I don't really like the grumpy Mark. We meet his parents and learn about his issues with his father.
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