Season 11 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2004 on NBC

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    One of the best episodes of season 11. The only downfall is the exit of Elizabeth Corday. She was my favourite character out of the whole series and if there was anything I was disappointed during the 15 years of ER, it was the demise of this wonderful character. The writers had nowhere left to go with Corday and we found ourselves watching her slowly drift into the background. BIG MISTAKE.

    There was loads of potential storylines for Corday... Like going back to ER basics and watching Corday teach Abby Lockhart (Documentary style) the stress of working in a demanding theatre and being the person in charge. We could have seen her struggles and fears brought about in season 10, but the writers didn't seem interested and for that, I was hugely devastated by the demise of her character. And I also think it was part of the demise of the show not being as good in later seasons. But at least they brought her back for a few episodes in the final season.
  • Not good good-byes...

    This was very emotional, shocking and moving episode. First the main case with the family. It was so clear story at the first but how the real story starts to make a sense and truth come out. And it was so shocking - they tried all to help those kids but no - nothing helped. And when the story was shown again, like it really happened - it was terrible.

    And the storyline with Elizabeth. Somehow I understand her writing her out as she had not had many point after Mark but.. it was still somehow sad and the last words with Carter . it was beautiful.
  • Good bye, Dr. Corday

    This episode have more importance to the mother who threw her kids out of the window instead of Dr. Corday.

    It was the last episode she was gone to be and instead, i don't know give more importance to here, they just pull her aside yo try to save the girls, and at the end one die was very useless.

    Don't like Susan new heard cut she look more heavy and round maybe a little bit more long and she would look alright. I was thinking in what Dr. Weaver would say when she found out that Susan hire back to Neela, i tought nothing can be done because she wasn't doing the thing that she have to do in Chicago or where ever.
  • Very powerful episode!

    The best I have seen! This episode was by far the best I have seen in a long while. I personally know the actress who played the mother (Deidrie Henry). She is my sister in laws best friend, so we already knew that this episode was going to be a good one. At the end of the show when the mother revealed that she was hallucinating, it was a total shocker. I had no idea that was coming! This episode was in true ER form. I, of course, cried like a baby watching it. It definitely scores a 10/10.

    Also, with Corday leaving, that was also powerful in itself. Elizabeth was never one to make a big deal over anything, so her farewell seemed to suit her fine. I hated it that no one was able to tell her bye, but the more that I thought about it, the way her ‘send-off’ was written, was exactly how Elizabeth would have wanted it. Great episode!

  • One of the first episodes in a long time to have a shocking twist with a patient, its after the last episode for Alex Kingston after playing Dr. Corday for 7 years.

    Atleast since season 9, there have been few episodes that were so powerful, shocking, and dramatic. The only episode before this that I can remember that was powerful, was season's 10 episode, "Where There's Smoke," when Sandy dies and Weaver gets her baby taken away by Sandy's family.

    In this episode, Dr. Corday has a huge problem on her hands, she did an organ transplant of an HIV infected patient to another HIV infected patient. Apparently, thats against the law (After this episode aired, I asked some of my friends, who parents were doctors, and they said that they were told that no doctor in their right mind would ever do that... that they would lose their license). Well, Elizabeth Corday broke the law. She is not only endagered of getting fired but also losing her license. To be honest, the only problem that I found with this episode, actually the episode before, is why she did it. Its true, no doctor in their right mind would do something like that and risk getting their license taken away (Dr. Dubenko even said that), I think the writers wanted to find a quick way to get rid of Elizabeth and didnt do so well, but I think I can ignore that.

    By the end of the episode, Corday ends up leaving because she doesnt want to accept a lower position. The only person that she really says goodbye to is Carter, and looking back, it makes sense. Her husband, Mark Greene, was a doctor there, but he died, Carol is gone, Doug is gone, Peter is gone, Romano died, all the people she was friends with already moved on, and she really didnt have anything left at County General. So I guess it was really time to see her go.

    In the other story line for this episode, to sum things up; a woman had 3 kids, two little girls and a young boy, she was taking anti-depressants since her abusive husband died, but she ran out of money, and had to stop taking the anti-depressants (now, to just all of a sudden stop taking anti-depressants can have a serious affect on someone). Since she stopped taking the medicine, she hallucinated that her dead ex husband was trying to kill her and her children. So to escape him, she wanted to save her children, and the only way out she saw was her window, so she made her two little girls jump out of the 3rd story of an apartment building. Both of them died.

    In the beginning of the episode, it tried to make it seem like it was the father who did it, but after the mother talks to Carter and the social worker, the truth comes out.

    This episode was great, I guess my only complaint would be that I wish we would have seen more Corday in the episode of if they gave her one more episode to properly say goodbye to everyone.
    But all in all, this episode deserves a 9/10, it probably being in atleast the top 15 best episodes of the entire series (which is good considering there have been over 230 episodes)

    Note: Dr. Chen (Ming Na) would leave the ER 4 episodes later, and Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) would exit in the season finale, making this season have the most characters to exit the show since season 8, when Dr. Malucci, Dr. Greene, Dr. Finch, and Dr. Benton all exited.
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