Season 2 Episode 20

Fevers of Unknown Origin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 02, 1996 on NBC

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  • Susan's nightmare

    This episode mainly focus of Susan and her struggle. She is Greene's decision to next year chief resident, Kerry has hard time to accept it but for Susan - little Susie is all that matters and she is losing her. I cannot imagine how hard it is for her - as almost a year she has been a mother for that little girl, giving up so much for the baby and now Chloe comes, says she is ok and takes her away. If little Susie is too young to understand and for her it will be the change of environment, but for Susan - it is almost as losing a child. And I know she does know this is the right thing but she cares too much.

    Those flashbacks or whatever they are in the middle of the episode, and in the end, we learning what happened - really cleverly done. Emotional and moving.

    Other storylines - Benton as a resident of the year, Mark and his ex-wife, Doug... not very catching. But Carol and Shep's storyline sounds promising - there is much to come. We will see it
  • This fever needs to break.

    This is not among my favorite episodes. There is a lot going on that is disturbing. The most disturbing of all, is Doug having an affair with a woman that his father also had an affair with. The whole Oedipus thing is a but much for me.

    Shep is having a hard time dealing with the loss of his partner Raul. He loses his temper and throws a kid that's in his way across the room, and he hits his head on a coffee table.

    Mark sleeps with Jennifer one last time, and it seems he does it to get even from when Jennifer cheated on him.

    Kerry spends the whole episode whining about how she won't get resident of the year, but should.

    And the hardest story line of all, Chloe takes little Suzie to Phoenix. I hate that this happened. Chloe has been a loser from day one, and I've never liked her. Granted that Chloe is making the first honest attempt of being straight and clean. But she has not convinced me that she has changed. In my opinion, she is not a fit mother. To make matters worse, she takes Suzie away from the one person that has been stable, and has always been there for little Suzie. In my opinion, this another example of Chloe being selfish, and doing things that's good for her, and bad for everybody else.

    If I were to try to get someone to watch this series, and fall in love with it, I would not show them this episode.