Season 2 Episode 19

Fire in the Belly

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 1996 on NBC

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  • And I did not even understand it ended...

    Weird episode for me. When the end game, I was like - wow.. Have I really already watched it 45 minutes. It seemed to be slow but in the same time, the end got interesting.

    I think mostly this one was to get some thing going. Benton finally mad ep his mind and decided to follow the call of his heart - do the right thing.

    Green got the courage to think out of the box and see. And that video thing.. I think they can forever make fun of him and recording.

    Also in Carter case, the fatal move was made. And I am sorry for him as he only wanted to care more about his patiences and I think she treated him quite badly. He did not deserve it.

    And Carol - I think there will be some troubles ahead for her as she seems to see things about Shep she haven't seen so far.

    Who else? Doug? What is going on with him? I think we will find out later.

    Anyway, many new things and questions unanswered with chars. Much more to wait. Much more to see.