Season 9 Episode 8

First Snowfall

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2002 on NBC

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  • Elizabeth fails Nathan as she promised, but acknowledges that he is the ultimate people person.

    The snowfall has resulted in a quiet day in the ER. Then a mother and her two sons are brought in, victims of a lorry driver who ploughed straight into them as they made a snowman. The father was in the house getting a carrot. One boy is brain dead and the other has a damaged heart and lung. Elizabeth realises that to save the one, then the heart and lungs are needed from the other. The father is too distraught to make the decision, but Nathan talks him through it and the procedure goes ahead. Sadly the mother dies of her injuries. Eliabeth and the father speak and she breaks down and tells him about Mark. They embrace, and then go up to the ER where Nathan starts the boys implanted heart. Elizabeth has failed Nathan, but tells him he has a great gift as a physician.

    Abby dashes off to find where her brother is being held. Gallant goes along to facilitate entry into the base. Carter follows, but not til the snow has been cleared. In the meantime Abby finds that her mother is there already and knew a few months back that Eric was having problems.