Season 9 Episode 20

Foreign Affairs

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 01, 2003 on NBC



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    • Susan: I hear divorcees have the best sex.
      Chuck: We're technically annulled, not divorced.
      Susan: Work with me here!
      Chuck: I will...I got a roommate.
      Susan: That's okay, I know a bench in Lincoln Park...

    • Chuck: It's been a pretty good gig being married to you, all in all. No complaints. If you ever need a letter of recommendation...
      Susan: My resume speaks for itself.
      Chuck: Is that split move you do, is that a 'special skill'?

    • Luka: (Chuck is intubating Ante in a helicopter)
      He's about to go into V-tach! Don't miss!
      Chuck: You're a real motivator, did anyone ever tell you that?

    • Carter: You picked a fight with an IV stand?
      Curtis: You a doctor?
      Carter: (puts on sterile gloves to address his wound) Just a hobby, really.

    • Gallant: (Gallant goes to assist Romano with his burned arm)
      I'm not sure why you'd want an 'affirmative action imbecile' fixing you up, but if you're trying to humiliate me-
      Romano: Zip it. You've demonstrated a certain amount of integrity. Now, that won't last long if you keep working here, but for the time being, it suits my purposes. I'd prefer to keep this between us.

    • Jack Carter: Not much of a party, huh?
      Carter: Not much of a funeral.
      Jack Carter: It was certainly memorable.
      Carter: More like embarrassing.

    • Abby: (After Gamma's funeral in which a manic Eric falls into her open grave)
      I'm gonna drop him (Eric) off at the hospital and then I'll come by the house, okay?
      Carter: What for?
      Abby: Because he agreed to be evaluated, maybe go into a locked ward.
      Carter: No. I mean, why come by the house?
      Abby: I know what happened was terrible...unforgivable, really. But my brother is sick and he's struggling. I'm just trying to help him survive.
      Carter: I know. So go do that.

    • Susan: I thought nurses were supposed to be angels of mercy?
      Chuny: Even mercy has a price.

    • Abby: (After Abby's brother Eric escapes from his psychiatric care facility)
      You're a mess.
      Eric: Yeah, I had to jump through a window and scoot through some bushes.
      Abby: It's a voluntary program, you can leave whenever you want.
      Eric: Where's the fun in that?

    • (Luka is asking Elizabeth to do the surgery on the Croatian boy while she's doing surgery in the OR)
      Corday: It's just too far afield for me.
      Luka: Come on! I'll do anything, I'll mow your lawn... I'll babysit Ella.
      Corday: Over my dead body!
      Shirley: Over this guy's, too.

    • (about Eric)
      Abby: He's calm now, I gave him some Depakote.
      Carter: How much?
      Abby: The whole bottle.

    • Susan: Botox party?
      Patient: Your day will come.

    • Chuck: (to Luka) You've got to get low, like you're having sex in a Volkswagen. Know what I mean?

    • Luka: After all the talk we won't save this boy for only one reason--because we don't want to.
      Weaver: It's more complicated than that, Luka.
      Luka: Yeah, you're right. There's also the money.

    • (to Kerry, about the Croatian boy Ante)
      Luka: I thought if I could save him, it would make me feel like maybe I was a doctor again.

    • Abby: Hey.
      Luka: Hey.
      Abby: Have you seen Carter?
      Luka: Uh, he was here before. Everything o.k.?
      Abby: (pause) Hey, I heard about the boy. Congratulations.
      Luka: Thanks. (pause)
      Abby: O.k. See you tomorrow.
      Luka: Actually, you won't see me for a while. I'm going to the Congo.
      Abby: What?
      Luka: The Alliance de Mediciné de Internationale. I'm off tomorrow, and then I'm going for West Africa.
      Abby: I didn't realize that was so soon. (they hug) Take care of your self. I mean it.
      Luka: Yeah. Hold down the fort. (leaves)

    • Dorset: I got a hot date. Hot little brunette in radiology.
      Kovac: Oh, you'll be disappointed. Hey, listen. All you'll have to do is be there as a support surgeon.
      Dorset: Ah, some dying kid's desperate mom snuck him on board a plane, huh? That's almost enough to pluck at my heart strings which, I might add are notoriosly unpluckable. I'll really be disappointed?
      Luka: Trust me.
      Dorset: Will Corday be scrubbing in?

    • Gallant: Dr. Romano, how's it going?
      Romano: How's what going?
      Gallant: Nothing...
      Romano: Get back to work.

    • Luka: What are you doing tonight?
      Chuck: Take it easy cowboy, I'm a married man.

    • Gallant: I'll get Corday.
      Romano: No get Lewis. She's the least annoying of the bunch down here.

    • Baseball Player's Father: He was on his way to be called up to 'The Show'.
      Luka: What show?
      Romano: Ignore him, he's foreign.

    • Romano: Checking out of the loser's lounge. Try not to kill anyone
      Luka: (in a Dracula-like accent) We'll do our best!

    • Carter: You know I came in to find you, right? I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have come.
      Abby: It's okay, things are gonna get better.
      Carter: Can you do me a favor? Can you leave me alone?
      Abby: What?
      Carter: I need some time. Can you just go?

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