Season 10 Episode 16

Forgive and Forget

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2004 on NBC

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  • They are people, also...

    I loved this episode as the storylines were really well written - specially the Frank heart attack one. He has always been there but never had we known much of him. I would say we did not know nothing about him until now and the way he opened him us, showed that even if he looks cranky fat man sitting on the desk and making cruel jokes, there are so much humane and so much care in him.. we have just not seen it. For that, this episode was super.

    On the other hand - Sam and Luka. Please, I have enough of it, already. She cannot make up her mind, he cannot.. a pointless game..
  • This had to be the best episode of ER I have ever watched.

    I loved the action in this episode thats why my rating is at a perfect 10.0. I liked the part when the guy in the tank started shooting at the ER and it was like a War zone down their but I haven't watched this episode so long but I remember "bits n, pieces" of this episode. It's just to bad their not out with season ten yet the only seasons they have out now is seasons 1-7. I've always loved this show ER and this episode I loved the storyline and the storyboard and my complements to the creators of ER for a job Well Done.
  • We know more about Frank

    I couldn't watch the first 20 minutes, but anyway it was a very good episode. I like that the story wasn't only center in the main character or the doctors and nurses but one to is "behind the escenes" to put it that way.

    I didn't know that much about Frank, i know he was before a police because he had said it before, but now we see him as a loving husband and father and not just the sarcastic idiot.

    Luka and all the staff in the ER, like to huck up together, i mean... well you know what i mean... first with Abby and then another relaticion with other nurses, and we can't forget about Carter.

    The only thing i didn't like is that Abby, always have to blame herself for something that happen, it was not her fault it was Morris and the others Dr. who saw the guy and didn't want to admit him to psychrics