Season 8 Episode 1

Four Corners

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2001 on NBC

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  • Four perspectives...

    This episode was a different as the usually make the season premiers. The unique idea to show the action and day of ER staff from four angles - I liked it. And very create name for that kind of episode.

    I most say, most of those four stories I enjoyed Carter's. His family and that spectacle his life looks - it is somehow different and out of the usual stuff they deal and Carter's character is that kind complicate and there is always some improvement and development for his story with that kind of storylines.

    Also Mark's storyline was fascinating as he now has to deal with the aftermaths of his actions and it is not easy for him. But it almost looks like for Elizabeth the truth is out but she does not dear to accept that. And I understand why as she once was a very similar situation.

    Benton's storyline - it was somehow refreshing and finishing up about what happened with his sister but nothing too special. Benton has always somehow been... he has had interesting storylines but..

    And Weaver's one - it was the first but it was weaker than others.
  • Four corners of the ER...

    The episode stars right after Mark lets the guy in "The Rampage". He is called into Romano`s office. Weaver returns from her "trip". Carter is in a suit, he looks good. Luka is looking an apartment for Abby, just as they discıuss that, a young girl falls down from the roof and falls right in front of them.
    The first corner of the four is Weaver. It`s obvious that she`s having problems with being a lesbian and she feels like everybody is looking at her, watching and judging. Haleh breaks the news, Legaspi left the hospital. I`m going to miss Elizabeth Mitchell, she is such a great actress and she was good at portraying Kim Legaspi. Kerry struggles a bit when she hears the news . Chen has been made the Chief Resident, what a mistake. Kerry tries to learn from Luka if there had been any gossip abut her while she was away. Later she asks Romano if he told anyone about her. Apparently he didn`t. The second corner is Benton. He is distracted by Cleo while he works. Benton examines a quiet girl who has learnt that her boyfirend whose baby she was carrying is her half brother. She is devastated. Peter chooses not to get involved and calles a psych consult for her.His niece comes and talks to him about the crappy condition her parents are in. Meanwhile his patient throws herself off the roof and he is called into the trauma. She dies, he feels guilty for not listening. Later that night he visits his sister for some talk, or listening, a better word choice... The third corner is Carter, who is on his way to a funeral with his mother in a limo. ıt`s a neat sevice, it`s his grandfather`s funeral. Again he looks good in that suit.The hospital needs him. He tries to find a bed upstairs for his patient who has been waiting since the day before. Later at the Carter mansion, Abby joins him at the recption, she feels that she owes him because he helped her with her mother. His parents are unbearable, what kind of people are they?! Carter snaps at his father, and tells him to face Eleanor. Carter find Millicent in the garage, sitting in an antique car with a bottle of quality champagne.Thay drink in honor of John Truman Carter, the original, Gamma and he was supposed to drink that on their anniversary, that`s just sad... They drove off with that beautiful antique Jaguar...
    And finally the fourth corner, Greene. He has an MRI and comes back to the ER. Luka wants to have an M&M about "the patient" and Mark to represent. He talks to Romano, he asks him a critical question but before he gets the chance to answer, Romano gets the news about the girl falling of the roof. He finds the right answer to the question and later he represents the case. The mother of the girl tells Mark that it was all a lie, she did not have a half brother. "God gets really angry when you lie." Mark feels bad and tries to tell Elizbaeth the truth, she wants to know the truth but they are both scared of hearing it. Great episode, super season opener. It`s important for me because the episode is all about four original cast member and they all have some caharacter development.
  • A day in the ER from four different perspectives.

    This episode shows the same day as seen through the eyes of four different doctors: Dr. Weaver, Dr. Benton, Dr. Carter and Dr. Greene.

    Dr. Weaver is returning to the hospital after a 3 week absence. She is preoccupied and distracted, wondering if the staff knows about her revelation that she is gay.

    Dr. Benton learns from his family that his sister, Jackie, has been fired from her job due to an extended absence following the death of her son. Jackie's marriage is in trouble, and Peter is trying to lend support.

    Dr. Carter attends the funeral of his grandfather. We see him dealing with various family tensions involving his parents and grandmother. Abby shows up at the funeral to lend some moral support.

    Dr. Greene is doing what he does best - holding down the fort in the ER. He presents the case of Mr. Fossen in an M&M meeting. Mr. Fossen is the shooter in "Rampage" that Dr. Greene allows to die in the elevator. Nobody seems to suspect that anything is wrong, except Elizabeth. However, when Dr. Greene tries to bring up the subject, Elizabeth steers clear of it - visibly disturbed.

    The patient that ties together all four viewpoints is a young girl brought into the ER following a talk show brawl. She was told on-air that her boyfriend is actually her half-brother. After learning in the ER that she is 10 weeks pregnant, she goes upstairs and jumps from a 4th floor window to her death. Later, we learn that the story was fabricated for the talk show. Her boyfriend was not her half-brother. Very sad case.

    The different perspectives of the four doctors make for an interesting viewing experience, in what might have otherwise been an average episode.
  • This episode shows the same scenes from four different perspectives.

    This is an unusual episode where events are viewed by four different characters. Weaver is having difficulty dealing with her alternative life style. She is in the car listening to a radio talk show about gay people and whether they should be in jobs that interact with the public. She then gets trapped in the middle of an argument between a male talk show guest and his "girlfriend" who he just found out is really a man. While Kerry is standing between them, the man calls his girlfriend a freak, obviously upsetting Kerry.

    In an odd twist to the show, the ER is filled with feuding guests from a talk show in Chicago (sound familiar?) The talk show guests include the man and his girlfriend who is male and a young woman who finds out her boyfriend is her half-brother. The drama continues when the young woman discloses she is pregnant and jumps from a fourth story hospital window. Her mother later explains that it was all an act just to get a trip to Chicago to be on the show.
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