Season 8 Episode 1

Four Corners

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2001 on NBC

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  • This episode shows the same scenes from four different perspectives.

    This is an unusual episode where events are viewed by four different characters. Weaver is having difficulty dealing with her alternative life style. She is in the car listening to a radio talk show about gay people and whether they should be in jobs that interact with the public. She then gets trapped in the middle of an argument between a male talk show guest and his "girlfriend" who he just found out is really a man. While Kerry is standing between them, the man calls his girlfriend a freak, obviously upsetting Kerry.

    In an odd twist to the show, the ER is filled with feuding guests from a talk show in Chicago (sound familiar?) The talk show guests include the man and his girlfriend who is male and a young woman who finds out her boyfriend is her half-brother. The drama continues when the young woman discloses she is pregnant and jumps from a fourth story hospital window. Her mother later explains that it was all an act just to get a trip to Chicago to be on the show.