Season 8 Episode 1

Four Corners

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2001 on NBC

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  • A day in the ER from four different perspectives.

    This episode shows the same day as seen through the eyes of four different doctors: Dr. Weaver, Dr. Benton, Dr. Carter and Dr. Greene.

    Dr. Weaver is returning to the hospital after a 3 week absence. She is preoccupied and distracted, wondering if the staff knows about her revelation that she is gay.

    Dr. Benton learns from his family that his sister, Jackie, has been fired from her job due to an extended absence following the death of her son. Jackie's marriage is in trouble, and Peter is trying to lend support.

    Dr. Carter attends the funeral of his grandfather. We see him dealing with various family tensions involving his parents and grandmother. Abby shows up at the funeral to lend some moral support.

    Dr. Greene is doing what he does best - holding down the fort in the ER. He presents the case of Mr. Fossen in an M&M meeting. Mr. Fossen is the shooter in "Rampage" that Dr. Greene allows to die in the elevator. Nobody seems to suspect that anything is wrong, except Elizabeth. However, when Dr. Greene tries to bring up the subject, Elizabeth steers clear of it - visibly disturbed.

    The patient that ties together all four viewpoints is a young girl brought into the ER following a talk show brawl. She was told on-air that her boyfriend is actually her half-brother. After learning in the ER that she is 10 weeks pregnant, she goes upstairs and jumps from a 4th floor window to her death. Later, we learn that the story was fabricated for the talk show. Her boyfriend was not her half-brother. Very sad case.

    The different perspectives of the four doctors make for an interesting viewing experience, in what might have otherwise been an average episode.
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