Season 10 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2003 on NBC
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A helicopter crashes on the roof, falling into the ambulance bay where it lands on Romano and causes a huge explosion. Pratt and Morris are pretty lucky: Romano had just fired Pratt and caught Morris smoking weed in the ambulance bay. Susan worries that Chuck was onboard, although it turns out he wasn't, even though he does have some internal injuries, which he will recover from. Abby daydreams about what Carter's up to in Africa. Luka enjoys Thanksgiving dinner with Sam and her son Alex.moreless

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  • This is how you should celebrate Thanksgivin1

    I cry when i see this episode, i mean poor Dr. Romano, everybody hate but anyway nobody deserve to die the way he do, it was sooo sad. Ending in the bottom of an helicopter.

    When i was watching, i was thinking that instead of Dr. ROmano dying it sghould be the Chuck guy, but when Chuck star dying i din\\\'t want him to die neither!

    I think that Sam and Dr. Kovac make an interesting couple, more than him and abbby, abby should stay with Carter, but Carter now find another girl, not quite pretty like abby, but anyway he like him. And another thing Carter dosen\\\'t look hot with beard.

  • OMFG! They Killed Robert! Bahhhhh! No more Characters I love to hate now =(

    I'm speachless even to this day a season after This episode Aired, I just cannot believe they Killed My Favorite Bad guy Dr. Robert Romano! God I Loved to hate him alot but now I Miss him Dearly. *Sigh* Romano's gone, Green's Gone, Carter's Gone I've officaly Stoped watching ER as a fan now I just Occasionally watch it while my sister's in the spare room smoking.

    but Still, This Was the Saddess Episode I've ever seen on ER Followed By Mark Green's Death I Miss Dr. Romano, Dr. Greene & Dr. Carter. =(moreless
  • Helicopters and Romano - it never means good

    This was.. oh.. one of those only episodes of that season that I have not seen before. And it was rather shocking.

    I cannot even say my emotions - I adore those motion, fast running episodes, where they have crises and they have to work fast and not in best conditions. Those episodes really bring up something that is not visual on most times.

    This episode was defenetly one of those - all the action, all the craziness going around. It was stunning. And the way Abby handled it - she saved Chuck life.

    It was really great moment, the camera work - when Lewis realized that Chuck is not dead. Beautiful.

    I am so sad about Romano. He was one of those chars - he was never black-white nor stereotype. He was something so different and unique and I do not believe what I will say now but I do will miss him. He is unreplacable and in so many ways, I liked his ending - it is something you won't forget and.. somehow symbolic for him.

    Superb episode!moreless
  • The End of Romano.He doesn't seem to have much luck with helicopters.

    An awesome episode.Excellent action scenes and acting.

    I totally wasn't expecting the helicopter to go down like that but wow thoses scenes were phenomenal.Spelling the end of Romano as a result, but he was the character everyone loved to hate.Ironic being squshed by a helicopter after losing his arm to a propeller but hey classic writing.

    Susan realised her feelings for Chuck after believing he had died on the helicopter.The scenes where she saw him for the first time were emotional and it was good acting on both parts. On some level i think it helped her realise ehat was there all along.

    Another 5 star episode you won't find it anywhere else...!moreless
  • good episode shame about romano

    What can i say i enjoyed watching this episode i think it was well written and it had some good action with that helicopter crashing off the roof and killing poor doctor romano. Loved the part where maris steals a patients drugs and smokes abit of them before getting caught by doctor romano just a few moments before getting crushed by that falling helicopter.
Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston

Dr. Elizabeth Corday

Goran Visnjic

Goran Visnjic

Dr. Luka Kovac

Laura Innes

Laura Innes

Dr. Kerry Weaver

Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini

Nurse Sam Taggart

Maura Tierney

Maura Tierney

Abby Lockhart

Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Phifer

Dr. Greg Pratt

Reiner Schöne

Reiner Schöne

Mr. Garland

Guest Star

Eugene Butler

Eugene Butler

Dr. Hewitt

Guest Star

Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas


Guest Star

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton

Kem Likasu

Recurring Role

Amy Aquino

Amy Aquino

Dr. Janet Coburn

Recurring Role

Scott Grimes

Scott Grimes

Dr. Archie Morris

Recurring Role

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    • Neela: Today was pretty amazing. I've never seen anything like it. I didn't think we could handle it, but we did. We did really well, we saved lives. It was like a roller coaster. I've always hated roller coasters but I sort of can't wait for the next ride.
      Abby: Just as long as it's not in the next twelve hours. You want a coffee?
      Neela: No, I'm not in the 'club'.
      Abby: I got an extra.
      Neela: Thanks.

    • Chuck: After Susan kisses him) I should fake my death more often. I knew it.
      Susan: What?
      Chuck: That we'd end up together tonight.
      Susan: This is your idea of a hot date?
      Chuck: Yeah, yeah. It's dark, all the nurses are busy...
      Susan: You just had your spleen removed.
      Chuck: You know what they say: When you lose an organ, the other ones get stronger.

    • Abby: (covering a night nursing shift after her all-day med student rotation) I'm gonna need a massive amount of caffeine if I'm gonna to make it to sunrise.

    • Susan: Too bad it takes a disaster to whip this place into shape.

    • Severa: (hurt her hand) I fell to my hand.
      Pratt: You lifted patients like that?
      Severa: Yes, Doctor.
      Pratt: Man, you are one tough muchacha.
      Severa: Yes, Doctor.

    • Coop: (Writing a patient a prescription) This is for painkillers.
      Patient: Keep them. After ten years of marriage, I'm immune to pain.

    • Romano: Ladies, please. Let me settle this cat fight. Abby, you're wrong.
      Abby: We were discussing uterus-sparing procedures.
      Romano: On an HIV-positive woman? Why?
      Coburn: Yeah, thank you, Robert. I can handle this.
      Abby: She wants to have a baby!
      Romano: Well, maybe this is God's way of saying "bad idea".
      Abby: With a low viral load, transmission rate is less than three percent.
      Romano: Uh huh and the kid will be motherless by age ten.

    • Luka: This is ridiculous. We have no beds, no staff, and we're doing the work of the entire hospital.
      Sam: Yep. Welcome to my world.

    • Romano: You and I are meeting with Anspaugh and Weaver at the end of your shift.
      Pratt: On Thanksgiving?
      Romano: That's right.
      Pratt: I guess this saves you from spending it alone.

    • Romano: (Patient Morgan Westbrook) That guy is the biggest real estate developer in Chicago.
      Pratt: Yeah, more like the biggest prick.
      Romano: Now when you get a VIP patient, sometimes-
      Pratt: You treat 'em the same as anybody else! He's not stable.
      Romano: Well, if he has no solid organ injuries, I say he is stable.
      Pratt: Well, then you're making a big mistake. He could have ongoing hemorrhage.
      Romano: My only mistake was continuing to allow you to practice medicine, Pratt.
      Pratt: Wait a minute. You're willing to compromise patient care just so you can suck up to some rich guy?
      Romano: No. We will determine objectively if he's able to be transferred and if he is-
      Pratt: I'm not signing any transfer papers!
      Romano: Well, you don't have to because you're no longer on the case.
      Pratt: Oh, great. Then my name won't be mentioned in your malpractice suit when he bleeds to death.
      Romano: Yeah and as far as I'm concerned, you no longer work here.
      Pratt: Right.
      Romano: No. I'm serious, Pratt. You just pissed me off for the last time.

    • Abby: You're HIV-positive?
      Loren: Yeah, for ten years. Never shared a needle, no blood transfusions, just a loser boyfriend with too many chicks on the side.

    • Frank: (finds an old disposable camera) Couple of shots left. What do you figure's on there?
      Pratt: Might be Romano and Weaver in a compromising position.
      Frank: I'll get double prints, then. Just in case.

    • Luka: So Romano humiliated you?
      Abby: I looked like an idiot.
      Luka: He does that to everyone.

    • Abby: I've seen beta blockers work before.
      Romano: Oh. I'm sorry, I forgot: you have nursing experience which means that you can handle ninety percent of the patients. Unfortunately, it also means you might kill the other ten percent.

    • Mrs. Marshall: The nurse never came with my medicine.
      Abby: That's okay. I'm your nurse now.
      Mrs. Marshall: I thought you were my doctor.
      Abby: That was this morning. Now I'm your nurse.
      Mrs. Marshall: This is a very strange hospital.
      Abby: Tell me about it.

    • (discussing a camera found in the ER)
      Frank: Couple of shots left. What do you figure's on there?
      Pratt: Might be Romano and Weaver in a compromising position.
      Frank: I'll get double prints then, just for kicks.

    • Susan: Can you take one for the team?
      Abby: No.

    • (about Morris)
      Corday: Is he squeamish?
      Pratt: No, just stupid.

    • Anspaugh: Where is Robert?
      Weaver: I thought he was upstairs in the OR with you.
      Anspaugh: I thought he was down here with you!

    • (referring to the marijuana, which only Morris knows about)
      Patient: What about this other stuff?
      Morris: You don't need it. Just say no.
      Gallant: To what?
      Morris: Altar boys.

    • Luka: What's that?
      Frank: Turducken; chicken stuffed inside of a duck stuffed inside the turkey. Want a taste?
      Neela: Maybe later...

    • Frank: Hey, chow line's open.
      Romano: I think you forgot something.
      Frank: What's that?
      Romano: Emesis basins.

    • Chuny: Abby, Mrs. Marshall is praying to the porcelain God again.

    • Susan: I thought that you were on that chopper.
      Chuck: God, no. They brought their own nurse, and that bitch wouldn't let me fly.
      Susan: That bitch saved your life!

    • Susan: He's intubated with a central line. Who did this?
      Abby: If you sign here we can say you did.

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