Season 10 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2003 on NBC

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  • This is how you should celebrate Thanksgivin1

    I cry when i see this episode, i mean poor Dr. Romano, everybody hate but anyway nobody deserve to die the way he do, it was sooo sad. Ending in the bottom of an helicopter.

    When i was watching, i was thinking that instead of Dr. ROmano dying it sghould be the Chuck guy, but when Chuck star dying i din\\\'t want him to die neither!

    I think that Sam and Dr. Kovac make an interesting couple, more than him and abbby, abby should stay with Carter, but Carter now find another girl, not quite pretty like abby, but anyway he like him. And another thing Carter dosen\\\'t look hot with beard.

  • OMFG! They Killed Robert! Bahhhhh! No more Characters I love to hate now =(

    I'm speachless even to this day a season after This episode Aired, I just cannot believe they Killed My Favorite Bad guy Dr. Robert Romano! God I Loved to hate him alot but now I Miss him Dearly. *Sigh* Romano's gone, Green's Gone, Carter's Gone I've officaly Stoped watching ER as a fan now I just Occasionally watch it while my sister's in the spare room smoking.

    but Still, This Was the Saddess Episode I've ever seen on ER Followed By Mark Green's Death I Miss Dr. Romano, Dr. Greene & Dr. Carter. =(
  • Helicopters and Romano - it never means good

    This was.. oh.. one of those only episodes of that season that I have not seen before. And it was rather shocking.

    I cannot even say my emotions - I adore those motion, fast running episodes, where they have crises and they have to work fast and not in best conditions. Those episodes really bring up something that is not visual on most times.

    This episode was defenetly one of those - all the action, all the craziness going around. It was stunning. And the way Abby handled it - she saved Chuck life.

    It was really great moment, the camera work - when Lewis realized that Chuck is not dead. Beautiful.

    I am so sad about Romano. He was one of those chars - he was never black-white nor stereotype. He was something so different and unique and I do not believe what I will say now but I do will miss him. He is unreplacable and in so many ways, I liked his ending - it is something you won't forget and.. somehow symbolic for him.

    Superb episode!
  • The End of Romano.He doesn't seem to have much luck with helicopters.

    An awesome episode.Excellent action scenes and acting.

    I totally wasn't expecting the helicopter to go down like that but wow thoses scenes were phenomenal.Spelling the end of Romano as a result, but he was the character everyone loved to hate.Ironic being squshed by a helicopter after losing his arm to a propeller but hey classic writing.

    Susan realised her feelings for Chuck after believing he had died on the helicopter.The scenes where she saw him for the first time were emotional and it was good acting on both parts. On some level i think it helped her realise ehat was there all along.

    Another 5 star episode you won't find it anywhere else...!
  • good episode shame about romano

    What can i say i enjoyed watching this episode i think it was well written and it had some good action with that helicopter crashing off the roof and killing poor doctor romano. Loved the part where maris steals a patients drugs and smokes abit of them before getting caught by doctor romano just a few moments before getting crushed by that falling helicopter.
  • One of the saddest ER episodes ever.

    This was one of the saddest episodes on an already gut-wrenching show. Yes, we all loved to hate Dr Romano, he was such an ass, but most of us secretly admired him and his outspokenness. And he was portrayed as a damned fine surgeon, just lonely and bitter.

    His first accident was ghastly enough, and after that we got a better feel for the vulnerability that he fought so hard to hide. Then he lives thru so many setbacks with the arm, coming so close to death several times, obviously fighting depression and maybe even suicidal thoughts.

    But this episode was so shocking in its suddenness and its finality, it had to have brought tears to almost anyone's eyes. Finally, when so few staff even wanted to attend, much less give any sort of eulogy, and we're left with nothing but Corday's wistfulness and Weaver's gentle comment, it was truly painful to witness.
  • strange but still classic

    That is definitely the strangest way I've ever seen anyone killed off. It seemed like they had to get rid of Romano some way because of everything that had happened to him. I think it's suprising how sad they made it that Romano died, considering how hated he was. I think this is the beginning of a turnaround for Pratt, in part because he's maturing and in part because Romano was no longer riding him. If Romano had fired him, he would have had a strong case for a discrimination suit and probably wrongful termination as well. Considering that Romano called him racial slurs on several occasions, racial discrimination would not be out of the question.

    This really was a great episode, it shows the entire ER crew rise to the occasion when crash happens. Abby's patient is another fascinating and sad storyline. The funniest part of the episode is Sam, Alex and Luka's Thanksgiving dinner. This is truly a series classic, it's exciting to watch.
  • Are you kidding me?

    Ok, this is all about Romano. At the beginning of season 9, he gets his arm chopped off by a helicopter propeller. Skip ahead a year and a half, and they kill him off by dropping a helicopter on him!! Classic. Obviously, he must have ticked off a helicopter pilot in a previous life or something.

    Only in a soap can this happen. It's not likely to ever be a realistic event, but you have to love the irony. Out of all of the characters they killed off, this was the best one. It helps that Romano was a character you loved to hate. Yes, he was a great surgeon. But he was an arrogant ass who was mean as hell to everyone else.

    This one gets an A in my book.
  • Romano's Last Episode

    This was a very very sad episode it made me cry like crazy. In this episode Dr Romano Catches Morris smoking..he tells morris to get in admit and wait on him.. On top of the hospital a helicopter is lifting off to transfer a patient suddenly the helicopter starts spinning like crazy and it lands on the roof going out of goes off the side of the Dr Romano starts walking across the Amublance Bay the helicopter explodes taking out a floor of the er that luka and sam were on Dr.Romano lookes up to see a helicopter coming right for him. Without thinking romano gets on the ground screaming and tries to take cover. The Helicopter lands right on him and Crushes him to death. This Was Dr. Romano\'s last episode.This was one of the saddest episodes ever of Er. :(
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