Season 4 Episode 3

Friendly Fire

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 1997 on NBC

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  • Who could have believed that they are going to use missile rocket in ER?

    Very contraversal episode. Some things I liked, some not so much.

    I loved the case Carter had. Moving, exciting and new - something that really nailed my eyes on the screen and made me wish to see what comes out and despite the most desperate situation, it came out very well.

    I also loved, some way, that rocket. It was shocking and it is needed there because it is getting little bit too steady and too predictable around there.

    Carla storyline has not been my favorite for long. The actress has somehow the voice I cannot hear and as I am not native speaker and I watch it without subs, it is hard so I mostly miss much in her talking. I am happy that their baby is ok, but this storyline just does not appeal me.

    Doyle, Carter and Bello - that conversation was something I did not expected but there could come out good storyline.

    Also I disliked Cordey in this episode - in last one, she enchanted me, here she just looked .. little silly. Maybe I am just one of those who thinks - let people be together and live happily ever after not try to make their life harder.

    Anyway, with it pluses and minuses quite average episode with some shocking moments.
  • It had its highlights and lowlights

    Well, this episode had good and bad in it, I'll start with the bad. I really hated Carla after this episode, it's wrong the way she went behind Peter's back like that. I guess they had to deal with the issue of infant circumcision at some point, but that wasn't the right way. I also have to say I agree with Peter. The whole thing with Doug and Elizabeth was just dumb, I'm glad it didn't go any further. Jeanie and Al's storyline wasn't my favorite either.

    The episode wasn't all bad, though I liked Mark and Carter's storyline, that was a nice happy storyline. I like the way it turned out, I really didn't expect that when I saw it the first time. It's always a feel good storyline when a patient survives when they weren't expected too. Jerry blowing up the ambulance bay was weird and funny. The highlight of the episode is the end with Carter and Anna at the laundromat, that makes me laugh every time I see it. This isn't my favorite episode, but it did have it's highlights.
  • Friendly Fire?

    This episode was pretty funny....exspeailly when Jerry was pointing the gun thing at Cynthia and she was dogdeing it!And then he shot it!!And haveing Mariska Hargitay play Cynthia Hooper was awesome since she is my rolemodel!!Carter kept getting mad at Maggie for trying to step in his way...he should of slapped her...well not seriously but you get where im going with the flow right?
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