Season 13 Episode 17

From Here to Paternity

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • Cold and troubles

    The episode was not as good as some others.. Cold is right word. Not the acting but the things that happen in story - some more, other less.

    The case with family in blizzard. That little girl was so brave.. wanted to see everything and taking things seriously and I think even played a part of finding that boy.

    But the gang thing. I did not catch that storyline. And Dubenko. I have liked that char but he was so cold and so cruel to Neela. And Gates.. I really like Sarah and hope she is not going away. But Gates is acting cold to Neela and I think she is in the biggest mess.
  • Not the best ER episode, but I liked it anyway.

    Funniest scene: Hope has put two and two togheter finding out about Abby's & Luka's wedding. Abby is telling her off, "If you tell anyone, I'll kill you."
    Saddest scene: Sam leaving Alex at the boarding school. – And it's really sweet that Luka still has a sensitive ear regarding Sam and Alex, and supports Sam's decision.
    Sweetest scene: Abby & Luka discussing their wedding. Luka thinks that Abby should plan the wedding, while he plan the important honeymoon himself.
    Best scene: Charlotte thanking her brother Spencer for saving their family, but it turns out he is saved by the text messages from his sister. The young girl playing Charlotte really impressed me.
    Most annoying: Dubenko excluding Neela from evaluating patients etc, in favour of a new "teacher's pet", Mae Lee Park. More romance in the air? Neela and Ray share a kiss....
  • Great!

    Great episode! Luka and Abby make wedding plans. Hope finds out. Man she likes to tell because she told Morris. Gates doesn't want to lose Sarah but her grandparents want to take her and little do they know Gates is actually the father. OMG next week she finds out and man does she look shocked about it!
  • Secrets are discovered whilst a mother and a father must make a decision!

    So we were blessed with some more Luby scenes,I always enjoy the interaction between Goran and Maura they make it seem so effortless and realistic it's easy to get carried away.But will their secret engagement be shattered by hell in the form of Hope and Morris..?Hope's scenes where she confronted Abby were awesome her giddy school girl laugh was fantastic and she will "dead" if she speaks a word; I have no doubt!

    A family trapped in the snow for numerous days was brought in; the young girl was adorable and so brave and although Spencer saved the families lives she saved his!

    Pratt faced a father who was trying to cover for his son after a gang shooting left a boy dead.Pratt mellowed a bit and it was a shame to see the son go to prison but he was arrogant and selfish and disrespectful to his father.Pratt was evidently hit close to home prompting him to go visit a friend inside.Pratt's reaction in the car afterwards just really added some depth to his character that he seemed to have lost for a while.

    The finale scenes with Sam and Alex were heart-breaking... him pleading with her not to leave him and Sam just crying were really hard to watch and just seeing her walk away was terrible.She did it for him but it was hard.

    Awesome writing and a great performance from Linda!
  • It's about time, Ray and Neela! :)

    I was very happy for the roomies (do we still call them that?) in this episode. We've only been waiting for that kiss for...forever. I'm excited to see where this takes them.

    This was likely just me, but I had a warm fuzzy moment went Luka asked Sam if she was okay and put his hand on her arm (yes, I know, he and Abby are getting married, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming *sigh*)Wow, I'm such a samka-delusional...

    My mom had a hard time getting through the scene at the end where Sam dropped Alex off at the reform school. And seeing as it was such an emotional scene, I was really quite proud of Alex for once. He and Linda had me crying--strong performances all around!

    It was a solid episode, even though there wasn't really much to it.
  • Neela && Ray :-)

    The episode wasn't fantastic, but it had some okay moments and one that I really really loved.
    Neela is given a hard time after her decision last episode and she's not happy with the situation with Tony either. But his absence finally gives Ray another chance. Neela can see how much he cares, he's the one who's always there when Gates isn't. And in the end they finally kissed and I was so happy! I'm just afraid that it doesn't mean the same for her as for him.
    Hope can be so hilarious, her character is really strange. I loved that scene when she figured out Abby and Luka were engaged. Is she gonna tell everyone? She's pretty chatty...
  • Fairly good episode but nothing spectacular.

    The plot with the reformed gang leader who tried to take the blame for his sons crime to protect him was rather good. At least the son died and got what he deserved - considering his attitude towards his father and total lack or remorse for what he did. You could feel bad for the father willing to sacrifice himeself to save his son.

    The plot about the missing child was more predictable, theyve done that sort of thing before. You knew they would find the kid alive and save him.

    Then there is Neela, the show skank who sleeps with just about everybody. I know people like her but I find her character repulsive - especially after last season.

    Then there was the subplot involving Sams nutbag son - probably genetic as the boys father was nuts too. Nothing much there, I wonder if theyll ever mention the kid again after she dumped him at some school for "special" kids?

    Theres a fairly long break before the end of season run, cant say Ill miss ER all that much. Im pretty much watching it just to find out how it ends after all these years.
  • 9.6
    It was a good episode i thought on various levels - i felt for Sam for the first time in a long time, Pratt becoming a bit more rounded as a character, Morris continues to make me chuckle, Abby and Hope were amusing, and although i thought the blizzard story was gona be a bit more than it actually was, it was still heart-felt. But i'll be honest, this episode will always be special and stick in my mind for one and only thing - the episode where Neela and Ray shared their first sweet tender kiss - what a beauty! ;-) Listen up ER writers and producers (Wells are you listening?!) don't wreck this relationship, there are too many fans of this pairing.
  • Outstanding storylines, with some character development; notably Sam and Pratt.

    The storylines in this episode were downright fantastic. First, I greatly enjoyed the interaction between Pratt and the patient who had been shot along with his son. From what unfolded, Pratt really took a look at his recent life decisions, along with his imprisoned friend, his friend's son, KJ, and brother Chaz. Another great thing to take note of in this episode was Sam, finally making the painful, but necissary decision to put a stop to Alex's criminal ways. As bad as I felt, seeing her leaving Alex, pleading to go back home, I applaud Sam for staying firm with her decision and not giving in to him with yet another possibly failed second chance. The Abby-Hope conversation was a bit of comic relief to the episode. I found it refreshingly funny to see Hope prying at Abby just to find out if there were wedding plans in the future. And then there's Morris. He has possibly grown through the last few years to become one of the most unexpected heroes of the ER. He has matured and given a much more professional presence in the ER while still retaining his class-clown-like personality. It was also refreshing to see the Neela-Ray kiss, a kiss that many "Reela" fans had been yearning for. Lastly, there is Gates. At this point, I really don't care much for what happens to him or Sarah. I do think that Sarah is much better off just going to live with her grandparents, elsewhere, without Tony around -- now that he has to take care of his alcaholic father. All around, fabulous episode.
  • ER co-opted from the headlines and all too easily turned real-life tragedy into fiction.

    while the show itself was typically fast paced and contained ongoing story lines of love, race, honesty, and dysfunction - the main story line of the show was obviously stolen from the real event that the Kim family experienced in Oregon this winter. It's too easy for the writers of the show to make a happy ending and I guess that is partly what pisses me off. I was waiting for a memorial at the end to mention the real events that they stole from - it never came. ER - please stick to fiction or at least have the decency to wait a little before adapting from the headlines...

    yes, I worked with James and Kati Kim. I wish the best for Kati and her family. If anyone out there wants to help - please consider to support their foundation.
  • I hoped, I prayed, I love February sweeps!!

    Overall, a pretty mild episode which was slightly refreshing after so many pressure packed episodes. This allowed for some cute moments. Such as those between Hope and Abby who revealed Abby and Kovac's engagement. And Pratt and Morris had this really awkward hug that was priceless. The more dramatic stuff came with Pratt and some inner city characters. Their bit wasn't too important to overall arcs of the show. There was also a storyline with a family who was trapped in there cars for two days. Although they found all the members of the family, the story wasn't entirely resolved. Did the dad live? And they never discussed with the parents that whole cheating thing. The last bit of drama came from Gates whose dad mysteriously appeared. I can't believe how deeply they've forced Gates' character down our throats. He's not that compelling no matter how many story lines they make up for him. However, this episode earns big points because...(wait for it)...Neela and Ray kissed!! Yay for Reela!! I really want this to stick, I have high hopes for them. Did you notice Neela is exactly like Elizabeth. She's speaks with a British accent, she's morally untouchable (at least in the beginning), and everyone is in love with her. Which is why I was surprised she was so freezed out by Dubenko. That's ok, Ray will comfort her.
  • Neela and Ray Forever!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes!!!!! Congratulations to all you NeeRay fans. It finally happened. I for one think that Neela and Ray will make a great couple. That scence between them in car was so sweet!!! Anyway, I think this episode overall was great. Much better than the past two weeks. I really enjoyed Pratt's role in this episode. I think that it was very touching. I was especially touched the way he spoke to his friend in jail. I also found the Alex/Sam ending quite heartbreaking. It was real emotional. Well anyway, see you guys on April 12.