Season 10 Episode 13

Get Carter

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2004 on NBC

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  • And Weaver orders noone to go to Africa anymore..

    Kem in Er and that just cannot be usual day. First she goes to Luka lecture where he tries to make people understand that what first look seems like saving money, isn't one and Luka is not very amazed about that. Then she takes care of a sick people who speak French and asks the whole apartment to come to check up as they all may be infected - and then they are totally full. Oh, and not mentioning that she goes for ride-a-long to get those sick people.

    But on other storylines - Pratt has to overcome the mistake he made in last episode and he has troubles and Sam.. no matter what she says, she ends up kissing Luka on L. mmm.. rather interesting.
  • Making out on the subway is hot.

    I, like all on the ER, coulden't believe what Dr. Weaver make with Dr. Romano money. But anyway if she wasn't gay, thay would totally where made for each other,

    Hahahaha, Kem is soo unpopular that by the end of the day everybody want to kill her, thing that i wish i could have done since like 3 episode ago, but anyway. I mean even Carter want to kill her, and then she was soo smart to buy candies and chocolates so she get more alterate.

    Didn't like very much that it was a Carter/Kem/Dr. Pratt episode, i don't like them very much, but anyway everyone has to have his oportunity to revel there feeling and try to understand why they act like they do.

    Poor Luka the new med studant are sooo stupid and then poor Lulka that is very shy and couldn't talk in public, oh but, Kem was there and because she is very smart she help him with the stupids med students.

    I love what happen between Luka and Sam at the subway, that was totally sweet and better because she was the one to kiss him, not him kissing her, but of course then he like it so he kiss her back.